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The whole of you💦 wants me👅 but your lips👄 doesn’t…


“So… “He began as they settled down in an expensive restaurant,
She looked up from her plate and directed her gaze to him.

“What? “She asked him and he beamed looking at her lips once again,
“What you doing? ”
“Schooling”she snapped still enjoying her sumptuous meal.

A meal she never had before, a rich one at that… Even though she was taking her time not to disgrace her self,

She was really eating big, what she had hoped on doing was to stop eating half into her plate but she happened to be eating more than that.

She can’t help it, the food is just so delicious,
“School? “He asked meaning that he wanted to hear more of what she wanted to say.

She cleared her throat and took a glass of water before explaining to him,

“Yeah, I mean campus, I’m still a student and erm… I think this is actually my last year in school… And erm… I have a sick father to take care of”she explained in the softest manner as she could afford.

He nodded,
“You’re pretty hardworking then”
“Yeah but… “She frowned her face, that pitiful face which gets men rushing to help her.

Trying to be a good guy towards her not knowing that she’s a big time heartbreaker,
She shoot out her lips like a gun pouting and that got Rino mad.

Her lips… He wanted to kiss them, he wanted to feel the moisture of her lips,
She’s extra beautiful!
She flapped her lashes seductively before continuing in her speech;

“Everything isn’t smiling on me, even relationships… Isn’t… “She seized talking pretentiously feigning a cry as she reached for the napkins to blow her nose.

“Its okay”he said coming to her side to pat her back and maybe calm her down from crying,
“You don’t understand Rino”she pressed further while he helped her clean up her face.

“You have me or don’t you?Anything you want… Anything you need… Just tell me… Say it to me and its going to be done to you in a fleet of seconds”he boasted and that got her face creased up in a smile.

That smile… Was all he wanted to see on her beautiful face,
“Really? ”

“Exactly my angel”he replied bringing his face closer to kiss her lips and she didn’t object since money is involved now.

She let him kiss her, that got him all riled up the moment his lips was pressed against hers,
Few seconds, she removed her lips from his.

And then smiled, he gulped, he can’t believe he just kissed those pretty lips of hers,
She knew that moment that he just walked into her trap.

Trap?? Yes, her trap of men exactly.
She smiled into his face letting her right palm rest on his right cheek,

She stroke his beards gently still keeping up with her cheerful smile,
“Never met a man as handsome as you’re “she said and that made him fall deeper in love with her.

He blinked his eyes twice feeling young once again,
Handsome?? No one had ever said that to him in many years now.

She smiled to herself… He’s getting himself deeper into her,
“I love you so much Rino… I know it might sound stupid buh I know what I feel for you, I feel love for you”she lied into his eyes.

He almost cried cuz his eyes have already became teary, it seemed like he was under a spell,

To him, her eyes were saying the whole truth that he needed to know.

He didn’t need any soothsayer to tell him again that he must marry her,
She’s been the person that he had been searching for many years now after the demise of his first wife.

She’s the one again for him,
“Na na, want a date with me tomorrow? “He asked her and she frowned,

She didn’t mean that frown tho but she wanted all her plans to be in place.

“You don’t love me? You want a date with me tomorrow… Don’t you love me? “She mumbled in a sober voice which sunk him deep into her.

“Of course I do! So much! I’m the happiest man to have you around me,
I love you my Na na and I want to marry you that’s why I need a date with you”

Marry?? Rang in her ears?… She shifted it aside, she shouldn’t worry about that… Every man says that in the eve of love.

They don’t always mean it, she smirked and got into a hug with him,
A hug that was like a life long dream to him.

He never knew he could feel his youth once more until he met her,
She’s making him feel so young,
Now time to play game… She thought smirking.

They disengaged from the hug and she ;
“Honey, I want to change my wardrobe tommorow “she mentioned and he laughed it off.

“And you’re just telling me? Send me your account number or you prefer the both of us going together? ”
“Yes!! I will love to show you off to my friends!!! “She yelled excitedly.

She had won!! She got this one in her palms now! Its high time she breaks up with all her sugar daddies and boyfriends to face this one alone!

This one is super rich and willing to spend on her,
“You just made me a happy man tonight Na na”he said as he hugged her once again,

She gave him a peck on his cheeks and that got him giggling like a baby.

At last, it was time for home and he dropped her off in her house before driving off to his own house where his son paced about the leaving room waiting for him to come home.

The moment the door opened, his son heaved a sigh of relief,
“Where have you been? What made you walk out of your conference meeting like that?

You got me so worried that I thought something happened to you…. Why are you smiling “he changed the topic as he saw his father smiling unending at him.

He smirked touching his lips and trying to get that actual softness of Na na’s lips on his,
“Why are you smiling? “He asked again as his father was acting weird.

He patted his son’s shoulder,
“Don’t worry too much Daniel, your dad is fine”he said laughing taking the elevator to his room leaving the young man speechless…..



Na na is a scam😒😒😒
Take note sugar daddy before she use you do pepper soup like Chidinma o😁😁😁

No say I no warn you o🙄🙄

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