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The whole of you💦 wants me👅 but your lips👄 doesn’t…


She looked at her reflection in the mirror and then smiled, she got hold of her lip gloss and lined her lips with it.

She smacked it repeatedly and beamed… Her lips… Her object of seduction, no man, whether married or unmarried escapes her whenever she bites it seductively towards them.

Every man’s dream is to have a taste of her gorgeous lips,
Her full curvaceous heart shaped full lips,

The pink color alone can make anyone die for it, even if her face is bad, her lips will always speak up for her.

Sometimes, girls do ask her if she got a surgery for her lips while some do envy her cuz of her lip curve especially when she flash a smile at their man.

They haul at her, shout at her, call her a whre, call her a slt but she won’t mind.
All she needs is their man’s money and nothing else.

She won’t even need the divk, just a peck on their cheeks will get them doling out their money for her alone.

Its not her fault tho, she’s not a bad person, she needs that money to survive, to take care of her sick father,

She needs it for her upkeep in school, without it, she don’t think she can survive cuz first, she don’t even have her own job to live on.

She can’t even speak about her own personal savings, her sugar daddies and boyfriends will do all that for her.

Just a kiss and they will go mad, her lips is just so precious and a look at it alone will make you want to have them into yours and got it bitten off.

It seemed like the gloss wasn’t enough to entice her new sugar daddy tonight so she added more,

She smacked her lips once again and beamed;
“Wow! “She exclaimed drawing at the slim hands of her dress,

She wanted her cleavages to be more visible, she wanted her shoulders to be visible and sexy too.

Her new sugar daddy will love to see the best in her, she stood up turning around towards the mirror and smiled at what stared back at her.

She must really look her best, her sugar daddy which she had been dating on her Instagram who happens to be in Italy is happen to come back today.

Yes! She’s so excited cuz he’s going to spray some cash on her, being beautiful is not easy at all,

Look at her, everything is in its place, how can everyone not like her? Huh! Even her lips alone can make you worship her.

She giggled showing her perfect dentition and showing off her dimples which appeared on her cheeks each time she smiled.

She got her red heels and wore it on, she looked taller now, she flung her long hair to and fro and then packed it up with her ribbon.

Wow! Her neck looked so sexy coupled with how long her neck was.

She was satisfied with herself, she grabbed her red handbag and catwalked out of the room and straight downstairs to the living room where her dad sat watching some movies.

“Hey daddy”she said giving him two pecks on his cheeks, she back hugged him since he was on a wheel chair,

“Where are you off to? “Her dad asked smiling at his only surviving child and she beamed,

“I’m on a date “she whispered and his father gave a loud laugh,
If she should have a Bestie… Her daddy happened to be one.

Her dad is her everything, all her secrets is locked up with her dad, her daddy knows her every move, her every tears and every smiles.

And one funny thing about the whole thing is that they are bird of the same feather…
“Or another scam for the guy? “He asked after a loud laugh and she frowned.

“Hey dad! I kinda like this one, “she defended but the old man won’t hear that,
“Hmmmm, what you told me when Gabriel was dating you”he teased and she began to laugh.

They know each other, her father knows so well that she won’t even keep this man too, she’s going to dump him sooner or later.

Even herself wasn’t sure if she’s going to stay up to three months with this new man,
After spending on her…. She will let him go,

She laughed kissing her dad forehead,
“I have to go dad, I love you so much dad”she said as she kissed his forehead.

He beamed waving at her as she walked out of the door,
“Have fun! Daddy loves you so much!!! ”

She cackled and catwalked to the road, she stood by the road side and then dialed her sugar daddy’s number,

A gentle breeze blew and it sent cold shivers down her spine,
She rubbed her arms with her palms as she felt the cold and then dialed his number.

It went through,
📲Hey baby,
She called in her softest voice and the husky-voiced man replied really thrilled to hear her voice.

📲My darling, are you done preparing?
He asked and she heaved,
📲Don’t tell me you made me dress up for nothing!

She said sounding irritated and he gulped as he grabbed his coat leaving a full conference meeting he was having with his staffs,

Before everyone could understand what was happening, he was already outside,

📲Na na…
He called her name,
She shoot out her lips like a baby as she heard her name being called by him.

📲I’m on my way now,
Give me your address and I will be there,
He said and she beamed biting her lips.

She didn’t hesitate giving out her address and not upto five minutes of standing,
His Rolls Royce pulled up infront of him.

Even his guard wasn’t even driving the car, he was the one doing it by himself, he asked them to stay behind.

He came out and was stunned at the beauty he had been chatting for quite sometime now,

She smiled…. That smile that make many men kill for her,
He wasn’t sure if she was really the girl he was chatting all these time until she called his name.

“Rino”she called and he gulped.
She was shocked too, she thought she was going to meet a man who’s quite aged even at 50 but here, he’s meeting a man who can be mistaken to be in his thirties when he’s clearly more than 50 years old.

So muscular… Maybe the gym and exercise he’s doing to himself helps him not to get older.
“You’re Na na? “He asked and she nodded her head twice,

He drooled at her,
“You’re so beautiful! “He exclaimed as his gaze dropped on her lips,
That amazing lips got his eyes glued to it….


It is starting oo😊😊

I said that it is starting oo


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