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The whole of you💦 wants me👅 but your lips👄 doesn’t…


“Make sure you scream when I go into you”he warned his girlfriend as he relaxed all her weight into himself.

She smirked,
“Scream? “She asked crossing her arms around his neck,

“Yeah, you will scream so loud that I think your cries will be painted in the sky and you will have to claw my back with these long nails of yours”he said climbing the stairs with her in his arms.

She was confused, scream? Was he that good?
Well, she didn’t know until she found herself lying on the bed with her face upward and him caging her down to the bed.

His veins all stood out as he relaxed his two hands to the soft bed,

She smiled, she wanted to see the best of him, he should prepare to give her the best, now or never!

He smirked, got hold of the loose ends of her dress and then loosened her dress up,

She giggled as her body came in view for him, he didn’t care about how she looked like.

He have seen many women’s bodies,
So what’s there to be so excited about?

He crashed his lips into hers, he wanted to bite off her tongue, she struggled to get over him but his huge body was too strong for her.

She was overpowered into sinking deeper into the soft bed with her legs wide spread with moans, hums escaping her lips at intervals.

He slid into her, he didn’t have to waste time with this, his girlfriend Tanie will be coming over in the night to sleep over and she’s going to be here anytime soon,

And he doesn’t want her to meet a disappointment,

He can’t let her break up with him when he haven’t touched her for once either,

He had spent quite a fortune on her, clothes, bags, jewelries were all billed on him alone,

He’s gonna be foolish if he can’t get a payback from the legs she’s going to offer to him.

He grunted.
He pushed in an inch of himself into her and grinned,

He pushed in slowly but steadily increasing his pace at each thrust until he was super fast.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, she rubbed his huge muscular body with her hands… From his head down to his hard bums which pushed in and out as he went into her.

The room was hot, super hot till the next one hour when they both reached their orgasms.

He fell into the bed with sweat clothing his body, he panted for breath while she cuddled to his side to hear his sweet words,

Those words that every girl needed to hear after a wonderful time with their man,

She rubbed his chest as he breathed in and out,
“Was I that good? “She asked him and he smirked turning to look at her,

“You screamed so much, you were more than good my obedient bi*ch! “He winked grabbing hold of her left tit and squeezing it .

She let out a groan and smiled resting her head on his chest once more,

“Want me to finger fuvk that tight pu$$y of yours? It needs to widen a bit,
My big divk couldn’t almost get in”he said feeling sleepy already.

She giggled, his hands came to her hair,
She smiled… No doubt, this man really liked him.

She’s so happy she went against her rules just to please her man, she did the right thing.

This is the best thing she ever had, his divk all over her made her scream out,

She’s so sure that her screams reached the heavens, her last boyfriend wasn’t as good as this.

She placed her leg ontop of his laps,
He smiled looking at what she did before he grabbed the duvet and covered their nudity.

He had just gotten what he wanted and its high time he dumped her and root for Tanie who’s going to come to his house this evening.

He had to rest first, have a good sleep and then see this girl off from his house and maybe out of his life.

He’s done with her!
He smiled, he kissed her hair and then whispered into her ear ;
“I love you”… Words that she wanted to hear.

And as dumb as she was, she giggled hugging him with her body so pressed into his…..

Next day,

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzzz… Buzzz…

Woke him up from sleep, he opened his eyes to feel a light weight resting on his chest,

He wondered whom it was until he recalled yesternight, Tanie… He smirked. Last night was so great.

Never knew she was a virgin, but how can she be running after guys like him if she’s this precious?

He didn’t want to think as he reached for his phone,
His dad was calling;
He sat up and that got Tanie into waking up from sleep.

“Hey babe”he winked at her and she smiled yawning,
She tried to speak but he hushed her concentrating on his phone call.

📲Dad… Okay… I’m really going to come over when I’m ready…. But…. You told me you went to Italy…. Fine!…. Remember mom’s memorial service is in two days….

He hung up tossing his phone to one side of his bed.

“Who was that? “She asked as he got his feet on the floor like he wanted to leave the room or something.

He turned to look at her and gave her a warm smile and then a kiss,

“Hey, you slept like a baby last night,
I’m so sorry about… I mean what happened, I never knew you were a virgin”he apologized talking so softly into her ears,

What she wanted to hear…. She shoot out her lips like a gun trying to act babyish to him but he didn’t mind.

He cupped his face,
“Okay now? “He asked and she nodded slightly,
“I’m a little bit… But… It… It was so painful”

He drew her closer to himself,
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were a virgin, it didn’t cross my mind that a big girl like you can be a virgin,

Forgive me this once okay? I’m gonna send some money into your account later,
Okay by you? ”

“Awwwwwwwn”she hugged him tighter placing her head on his chest,

“So sweet of you! “She kissed his nose,
That solved the case and she was discharged out of the house.

He dressed for work to be in time before his daddy comes in nagging at him for being so late to work.

Soon, he was in the office looking so flashy, hot and breathtaking in his blue suit and a very dark shiny shoes made from Italy.

His black briefcase in his hand and his black sunshade in his eyes, his dyed and curled up black blonded hair added to his attire making him appear sexy.

Everyone will have to look at him twice as he passed ,
Soon, he was in his office and seated… His female and male secretary rushed to his side immediately.

“Hey angel Daniel “the man/woman-male secretary called winking at him.

He’s always in for praise singing him the office, he loved it so much, he admired him and sometimes Daniel always mistook him for a girl cuz he can pass for one with his girly looks and structure.

Even his pose, standing with one knee pointed and toe digging into the ground. His hair is always taken care of like he was a girl afterall.

He’s always struggling for lip balms with the female one most times in the restrooms.

“I made some coffee for you”he said dropping a little ceramic whitish tray infront of him,

“Thanks…. “He turned to the female secretary, “what am I schedules for the day? “He asked referring to her and she got busy with her i-pad to read out his schedules,

“Have a meeting with the managing director of Solcax… ”
“Drop that one! My dad has to do it himself “he interrupted when Solcax was mentioned.

“Okay, “she nodded deleting that one and starting up with the second on the list,

“You have a meeting with the idol singer Ambrey, its her birthday and… ”

He beamed at that schedule, it got him all excited… A nice catch….



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