Mama: My son, I called you here because there is something I want to talk to you about.

Ikedi: What is it Mama?

Mama: When are you going to get married and give me my own grandchild to carry before I die? You are forty years of age and still, you do not want to settle down? Is it not your mate that their children are in the universities by now? What is wrong and why is it that you don’t want to settle down?

Ikedi: Mama, is that why you called me all the way from Lagos down to Enugu for? I told you I will get married but now is not the time because I have not seen the woman of my choice.

Mama: For how long are you going to keep selecting? Don’t you know that age is no longer by your side? Look at you, at forty, you are rich, have landed properties and filling stations everywhere yet you do not want to settle down. Or did you do rituals that warrant you not to?

Ikedi: Haba Mama! How can you say a thing like that? My money is not ill gotten money and I am not a ritualist. I got all my money through hard work.

Mama: Then settle down and bear me grandchildren.

Ikedi: Mama I will but not now as, I haven’t seen the woman of my choice

Mama: At forty, you are still looking for the woman of your choice? Won’t you pick one of this small small girls you are gallivanting in Lagos with and wife her?

Ikedi: No Mama, they are not wife material
Mama: and you think you are a husband material to them?

Ikedi: Of course I am Mama, I am rich, handsome and I have businesses all over the place.

Mama: Stay there and be deceiving yourself you hear! Stay there. Look at you, you are sharing babe with your nieces and nephews, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Ikedi: What do you mean Mama, I am sharing no one with anybody ooo, sometimes, I do not like the way you talk to me about these marriage thing.

Mama: Okay na, when it done on you, don’t say I did not warn you. Your nieces and nephews who are teenagers and in their twenties are going clubbing, you an old man is going clubbing, acting like a child. Stay there oooo, don’t get married. You think all this girls you are busy roaming the street with will want to look at you in the next ten years? Your eyes go open by then. I don talk my own.

Ikedi: If I had known that this was your reason for asking me to come home Mama, I wouldn’t have bothered. I wasted my flight ticket for nothing.

Mama: I called you here to tell you the bitter truth. I know the money you used in coming here, you would have used it on one of those girls in Lagos. By the way, why can’t you just pregnant any of these girls and take responsibility for the child?

Ikedi: Tukiakwa Mama! Isi Gini? That I should pregnant a woman out of wedlock? I can’t do that ooo. please don’t even suggest it to me because no child of mine will be born out of wedlock.

Mama: Ikedi! Ikedi! Ikedi! How many times did I call you?

Ikedi: Three times Mama.

Mama: Mark this day and time, I warned you and I am still warning you and will continue to warn you till I join my ancestors. Get married before it will be too late for you oooo. Get married.

Ikedi: Mama, it will not be any too late ooo. I am a man and not a woman. Men like us don’t reach Menopause.

Mama: I have said my own ooo. Get married and bear children or better still, pregnant one of these ladies you go out with and bear children if you do not want to settle down.

Ikedi: Don’t worry Mama, I will but now is not the time. When I get married, you will be there.

Mama: I hope and pray that I be there to see that day. I am more interested in you bearing kids.

Ikedi: Don’t stress yourself Mama. I will.

Mama: What an elder sees, even if you climb the highest mountains, you will not see. Get married and bear children oooo, it is for your own good.

Ikedi: I said I will na. change the topic Mama let us talk about something else.

Mama: Okay! God will bear me witness that I have tried my best.


Ikedi is a very rich and educated business man who is forty years of age and has refused to get married because he has not seen a girl of his choice. Because of his rich status, he is well known as the rich cassanova in Anambra state. All efforts to get him married proved to be going nowhere and it is believed that his money which a lot of people felt was ill-gotten may be the reason why he cannot wife a woman but little did they know that he is very picky when it comes to selecting a woman who will share his dream and wealth with.

At forty, Ikedi still lives a life of extravagance. He clubs, parties and have any woman he wants at his beck and call but in all these, no woman has been able to capture his heart. All he does is sleep with them and when they are of no use to him, he pays them a huge amount of money and discards them. Money isn’t his problem and women too aren’t his problem because to him, they are disposable, anytime and any day.

Ugochukuwu: ‘Ikedi, aren’t you tired of these kind of life you are living’ he asked when he came visiting his junior brother who is living large but without a wife to call his own.

Ikedi: Which kind of life am I living?

Ugochukwu: A life of extravagance with no child of your own.

Ikedi: Forget it bro, I still have a long way to go.

Ugochukwu: At forty you still have a long way to go?

Ikedi: Forty is the new Twenty Bro.

Ugochukwu: Hahahaha. Be deceiving yourself there. Hahahaha. Forty is the new Twenty abi?

Ikedi: I don talk my own, I am not ready to settle down now. All the women I am seeing are gold diggers.

Ugochuwu: Then get one of them pregnant and have a child.

Ikedi: Mama suggested it but I am not in for it.

Ugochuckwu: You are just wasting your time and I am really worried about you.

Ikedi: There is no need to be worried for I am here to stay for a very long time.

Ugochukwu: I know you won’t take my advice but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ikedi: Thanks bro, I appreciate.

Question: What can you predict about this interesting Story?


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