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WITCHES LUST – Episode 7




Written ✍ #Sadiq_Infinity



#Christen 🌸

Seeing Riley come to class lookout distorted made me feel sorry for the guy.. I could tell he was disturbed about what happened last night, and must be battling weather it was real or not.. Why didn’t I erase his memory about that..

I watched him as he took his seat, The glazed look in his eyes made me realize he wasn’t in the right vibe today… Just then he turned towards my direction, I quickly shifted my gaze… Though I didn’t turn back.. I felt his eyes still looking at me… Why was he still staring at me… Unless he might have saw me save him last night but how… He was out cold when I teleported him home…
I hope he forgets about the whole thing… After class I decided to scram before he starts asking me questions because I don’t like to lie..
I quickly went out of the class so he wouldn’t find me.. So as I was out of sight I summoned a demon friend of mine… Ovarkt.. He was a mind possessing demon 👹, He loves possessing human body to enjoy the pleasures of human live… Such as sex despite his waywardness, he’s pretty useful on getting information and stealing things… He and I bonded and made a contract to serve me for all eternity after I had saved him from a terrible demise…


Ovarkt ➡ Christen… Wetin dey happen?

Christen ➡ Will you stop speaking that pidgin English and help me out?

Ovarkt ➡ Okay what it is?

Christen ➡ There’s a guy named Riley and I’m sure he’s after me.. Help me keep an eye on him and keep me informed about his movements..

Ovarkt ➡ If you want me to kill her just say the word…

Christen ➡ Just do as I tell you…

Ovarkt ➡ For a which you’re so boring…


Ovarkt did as I told him, he told me which way Riley took and I took the other way to avoid him…. Just when I thought I was safe.. I saw him far behind me coming towards me.. I instantly teleported back to class… A huge mistake I made.. As I soon as I popped into the class, Everyone saw me, staring at me in shock… Before they could react.. I casted a spell wiping their memories about what they had witnessed I replaced their memories with a different one thinking I was in the class all along….
Soon everything went back to normal.. The students went on their normal business without knowing I had tempered with their memories…
As I sat in the class, I began to wonder, Why was I running from Riley… It’s not like he’s going to harm me or anything.. So why all this fuss? I decided to stop running and face him head on. As I was about to leave the hall, I noticed his note on the desk, so I decided to return the favor.. Ovarkt informed me Riley was in the Cafeteria so I went there…

As I entered the Cafeteria, I saw Riley eating quietly, he still had that same look on his face.. So I went to him and stood in front of him… He was shocked and surprised to see me… He kindly offered me a seat and asked if i wanted anything but I said no…
Soon we began to chat and talk about some things.. While we were doing that, I saw hearing through his thoughts and as I predicted, He was curious about what happened last night.. If only I could wipe his memory clean and make him forget about this whole charade..
Just then as we were talking.. His Annoying girlfriend Rukky came and interrupted us.. She began pouring insults and she even went far to call me a w—e… Riley stood up for me but despite that Rukky refused to back down… Then suddenly Riley broke up with her, right in front of everyone, it was humiliating but she deserved it… Rukky who wouldn’t go down quietly wanted to humiliate me as well…
So I decided to give her a little something..
I waved my hands under the table summoning a huge gust of wind into the Cafeteria..
I watched as the wind scatter everyone and everything to different places hurting them…After a while, I stopped the spell and left the Cafeteria on seeing Riley’s face… He was looking at me as if he knew I was the one responsible for the disaster…
As soon as I got outside the Cafeteria, I disappeared completely out of sight…

Hours later after lecture as I was going home.. Ovarkt who was with me.. Saw Riley following me.. What on earth does this guy want? He was lucky he was dealing with me else if it was any witch they would have killed him without hesitation. So I increased my pace so I could get rid of him bur the guy kept chasing after me… Finally I had reached my location as I entered the Forest, I teleported back home..

As I reached Home, my brother and My sister were busy talking about something and it seemed rather disturbing.


Christen ➡ Afternoon.. What’s the problem?

Rose ➡ Lucas had escaped from his prison..

Christen ➡ What? How?

Rose ➡ Nobody knows but what we know is he’s dangerous and must be found!


For those of you who don’t know.. Lucas is a very powerful dark wizard, who like Rose derives pleasure in killing humans… His own killing is way too much, he kills any living human he sees including children and babies..
He had the belief of witches taking over the world but he was quickly captured and imprisoned.. Many witches shared his view like my Sister Rose.. But no one wants to be punished like Lucas.. His punishment was very cruel and unbearable.., his powers were sealed and he was locked in a tight box then shot down hundreds of miles down into the earth, no air, no food, no water.. To be technical he was buried alive and you all know how long we witches live..


Christen ➡ Lucifer’s horn… I hope he’s caught.. Cause if he’s escaped those human are in trouble.

Rose ➡ And so what if he harms them? Are you harboring feelings for them?

Christen ➡ No.. But their lives…

Rose ➡ Their lives means nothing! Don’t forgot what those miserable bastards did to mom!

Christen ➡ Don’t you dare bring that up!

Rose ➡ You dare talk to me like that… Better watch your mouth and let me warn you.. If you get too attached with any of those miserable humans.. Trust me.. I’ll make you watch and as I brutalise them and then kill them right in front of you understand!?


If there’s anything I fear about my sister is her threat because when she days she’s going to do something, you better believe she will…
Hearing her mention our mom, made me remember that most painful day of my life and the reason why I despise humans from the beginning.

It was in the year 1910, I was ten years old at the time.. My mom was then Alive, among all the other witches, only she loved the humans, she didn’t hate them like the way others did and it was because of that she formed bonds with them… There was one particular lady that she was very friendly with, The lady’s name was Temitope..
They were like sisters and they helped and shared their secrets with each other… My mom never told Temitope about her being a witch, she was afraid, her friend would freak out… One day, Temitope got sick and her situation got worse… No medicine could work on her, her relatives tried everything, from the medical to the herbal one nothing seem to work… My mom feeling sorry for her friend decided to help not knowing that help was going to be the last thing she was going to do in this damned world.
My mom visited the hospital and went into the room where her friend was, She got into the room and casted a healing spell on Temitope healing her from her disease.. Unfortunately for mom, Her friend’s husband saw what she did and raised an alarm.. They all gathered on mom calling her a witch and blamed her for Temitope’s illness… Instead of Temitope to defend my mom, she also joined her people… They brutally beat my mom..humiliating her, she did nothing to them… Not because they over powered her, she could have killed them instantly if she wanted.. But she didn’t… She was heartbroken about what her friend did.. They kept beating her until she was dead..

My mom’s body was later found… Everyone mourned about her death, it was a sad day for us witches.. But my sister Rose took my mom’s death pretty hard… So after my mom’s burial… She went and sought vengeance… She went and killed Temitope and her husband and those responsible for Mom’s death but Rose didn’t stop there.. She went on ahead and killed off the entire family of Temitope and her husband, every last single one of them… No body was spared alive.. Not even the children.. She wiped out an entire family’s bloodline off the face of the earth.. But that didn’t ease Rose or brought her peace.. Instead she got worse.. She wasn’t the same ever since.. From that day forward.. She began to bring pain and misery to the humans, The only time she was happy was when she was inflicting pain on them..
So seeing how my sister turned out to be.. I swore never to kill or harm ant human except on certain or desperate occasions..
Later that day, when the sky was covered in darkness, I went to the Iroko tree to have a moment of peace and solitude.. I began to okay with my magic at the moment.. Well nobody was there to see me..
As I was caught up in what I was doing.. I didn’t know when Riley showed up behind me.. I wouldn’t have known if not for the strong presence of the necklace that was with him.. I quickly turned around and saw him.. Staring at me in shock.. He had seen who I was and what I was doing.. In that moment.. I felt hatred towards him… Was he stalking me this whole time and how did he know I was here?

He began to smile at me but I gave him a cold reception, seeing how vicious I was, he took off and ran with lightening speed! I knew if he escaped, he would expose my secret, so the only option left was to kill him…
I casted a spell on the trees making them block Riley’s path, seeing how trapped he was, Riley gave up hope of escape.. And leaned to his fate…


Christen ➡ No personal Riley.. But I can’t let you off since you know who I am.. I’m sorry… “Memos_fere_eme_demaconta”


I said some magic words and made the trees branches hurl straight towards Riley… Seeing how the poor guy had embraced his fate and how cruel it would be to kill an innocent guy filled my heart with guilt.. I wanted to stop the branches from descending towards Riley but he knew my secret, what was I supposed to do? In that moment.. My Mom’s necklace which was in his hands formed a barrier around him protecting him from my attack… I was surprised and shocked, why would my Mom’s necklace protect Riley.. Why?

I immediately called off the spell and fell to the grounds crying hard.. As I saw my mom’s spirit close to Riley.. Why would she protect him? Even in death.. She was still protecting a human! Why? I don’t understand why?


#Riley ☺

I didn’t know what happened next but a white light or glow protected me from Christen’s attack.. Then all of a sudden, the tree branches stopped moving and Christen began to cry.. She was crying really loud.. I could feel the pain and sorrow in her voice.. Why was she crying… Any person would have ran away after being free but I didn’t..
I’m not sure but The Christen I knew and talked with at the Cafeteria wouldn’t kill me.. She saved my life the other night so why would she kill me now just like that? There has to be an explanation..
Seeing how broken up she was I approached her with caution, as I got close to her I tried to touch her but she quickly slapped my hand away and moved back into a corner..
Christen was sad about something but what.. I can’t leave her like this.. I checked the time and saw there was still time for me to get back home.
I went to where Christen was and stood over her, She looked at me again but this time with a frown.

Christen ➡ Do you want to die so badly? Get away from me before I change my mind?


Riley ➡ No… I won’t.. Not until you tell me why you are crying?


Christen ➡ Are you crazy? Didn’t you heard what I just said?


Riley ➡ Yeah,… I know you can’t… I can tell you don’t like hurting people.. You could have killed me numerous times before but why didn’t you?


Christen ➡ I will tell you but after that.. I. Will kill you this time.


I didn’t know if she was bluffing or not but I didn’t mind.. I sat down close to her listening to what she was about to say.. She told me about her mothers terrible demise and seeing the look on her face, I could tell she was feeling hurt trying to tell me about her mother.


Christen ➡ The reason why I allowed you to live was because I swore to myself never to hurt your kind.. You’re a nice guy Riley but I can’t trust you… You humans are nothing but traitorous scum.. You’re never grateful for what you have, and because of that you people destroy yourselves and others… You’re the infection that affects this world.. Just because you’re allowed to roam about in the world, doesn’t mean you’re the most superior being.. The only reason why you bastards live this long is because God loves you and you’re weak compared to beings like us.. We always watch you humans go about fooling yourselves like you’re unstoppable… You think the weapons you create and destroying lives make you tough.. You idiots need weapons as for us, all we need is a spell and with that we could wipe you all out of existence instantly at the same time..
But we didn’t, we sit back in the shadows and watch, minding our own business… But someway some how you humans always find a way to get in our way..

Riley ➡ You’re right about us human, we’re never grateful for what we have that that’s what’s killing us and I also apologize for your mother’s death… I really am..
But not all of us are that way.. Not all humans are deceitful and untrustworthy.. I don’t mind if you don’t trust me.. Its fine… But I want to let you know something.. I would have exposed you earlier, cause I’ve seen many miraculous things but I didn’t.. Even if I did, people wouldn’t believe me… I know you think i’m trying to gain something by exposing you but I’m not that type of guy… Seeing you today has confirmed my beliefs.. And I don’t mind if I got killed because of it… Dying to know the truth about something you’ve believed for a long time was a risk worth taking.. People have called me crazy over the years saying I was losing my mind but I didn’t care… I kept hanging on and Finally my patience paid off and I’ve finally seen what I had fantasized about all these years.

Christen ➡ And what’s the point of you seeing all this?

Riley ➡ Seeing this has proves that I’m not as crazy as people think.. I don’t expect you to understand. But this means a lot to me.. Thank you…


Christen ➡ So what now?


Riley ➡ You were going to kill me after this?


Christen flinched and stood up abruptly standing in front of me… She pointed a finger at me and I saw her hands glow bright white..
Seeing how she was hesitating, I decided to make it easier for her, I stood up and went close to her, she began to pull back slowly and I came towards her.. Finally her back touch a tree and I came at her grabbing her hand and putting it on my chest…
If she was going to kill me.. She had better do it.. But she didn’t, she dropped her hands and her body began to tremble and lose her composure, I could see tears coming down from her eyes again…
I raised her face up wiping the tears off her eyes, Christen’s eyes looked at mine, it was beautiful… She is really beautiful.
We stood like that for seconds without saying or doing anything.. The only sound that could be heard was the cricking sound of crickets and a gentle howl of wind…
There was this heat between Christen and I, I don’t know what it was but it was getting intense, slowly, I rubbed my smallest thumb on her cheeks looking at her… Christen said nothing but kept staring at me as well, Then my hands reached out, rubbing her beautiful silk hair then slowly reaching down her waist… I didn’t know what came over me it was like body was moving on its own will.
Then suddenly, I did something I was expecting to do, I reached out and kissed Christen on her lips.. What surprised me was, She didn’t resist, We kissed silently and gently, latching onto each other’s mouth as our tongue combined.
I grabbed Christen’s waist pulling her close to me, her body gummed together with mine, I could feel the soft m—-s of her breasts leaning on my chest… Christen wrapped her hands around my neck enjoying the moment with me…. Nothing else mattered at that time, we were in our own world of Bliss.

But our happy moment came to a short end, because of all a sudden, Christen pushed me back and slapped me..
I wasn’t shocked or surprised after all, she almost tried to kill me earlier…


Christen ➡ No.. No.. No… This is bad..


Riley ➡ What’s bad?


Christen ➡ Shut up… Just what did you do to me?…


Riley ➡ Nothing except maybe we were kissing.. Is something wrong?


Christen ➡ Don’t come near me ever again… And don’t tell anyone about my secret else….. Consider this gesture a warning…


Riley ➡ Wait… Your necklace…


Christen ➡ Keep it.. And don’t lost it…


After that she disappeared just like that… I couldn’t see her.. I couldn’t still believe I kissed Christen a witch for that matter! God.. Her mouth was delicious 😋..
No one would believe me if I told them about me kissing her… Well, she may not want to see me again… But I would really like to know her better… I can’t believe this still… I kissed a witch…. YAHOOOO!!!!

I ran back home and entered my room, My mom and brother were worried about me but I assured them everything was fine.


Lio ➡ Guy where you dey since!?


Riley ➡ You wont believe me if I told you.


Lio ➡ Wait… No even tell me… Later you go say you kiss mammy water or something… You head needs functioning.. Abeg me I dey go sleep jor.


Well, I tried to tell him but like I said no one would believe me… As I laid down on my bed still imagining what I had experienced with Christen… Better days sure lie ahead..


Are you sure Riley?



🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

Please guys discuss… Riley and Christen shared a kiss? Christen knows the outcome but will she obey the rule or follow her heart… And as for Riley did he make the right decision?


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