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WITCHES LUST – Episode 4



The news of Isaac’s humiliation spread through out the entire campus.. Some felt sorry for him, some didn’t.. The new girl became a celebrity over night and everyone began to call her sorceress since nobody knew her name.
Most of the guy did their best to avoid her completely, but there was one who wasn’t ready to let her go.. His name was Aaron olamide, a theater arts student, the best one in the department.. The guy is so talented and is sure to get an audition after he graduates, so while we were in the Cafeteria, The guy walked in with his buddies, they all went to where the new girl sat and moved his move.


Aaron ➡ Hey baby girl sup?

Christen ➡…………

Aaron ➡ I’m talking to you, sweet face!

Christen ➡…………..

Aaron ➡ Are you listening to me?… Are you deaf or something…

Christen ➡……………

Aaron ➡ Look just who do you think you are? Just because every guy approaches you, and you snub them, doesn’t give you the right to feel high and mighty.. Besides who needs you, there are plenty girls out there who are most beautiful than you… Don’t think just because you snub guys makes you special… You’re not but a trash… No a tramp.. A lonely b*tch that will be alone for the rest of her life… Nobody will ever love you.. Ashawo…


As I saw the girl’s face, I knew the words had hit her deep, sadness was written all over her face but she tried not to show it.. This guy had no right to talk to her like that.. He had no d–n right… Without wasting any time, I walked up to the guy and gave him a slap across the face… Surprising everyone..


Aaron ➡ You… you slapped me? Do you know who I am?


Riley ➡ Yes, a fool no… a big fool who thinks its fun disgracing and humiliating an innocent lady… What’s wrong with all of you? Why can’t you leave her alone.. Yes she snubs people, so what? At least she didn’t humiliate them… You all know silent is also an answer.. If she doesn’t want to be anyone’s girl, just leave her alone… Don’t force yourselves on her.. She has the right to be left alone… So just stay out of her way, if you don’t want to be snubbed… Why can’t you guys learn to leave someone alone… Is it by force….


Aaron ➡ You dog… What is she to you? You think what you did is going to make her like you?

Riley ➡ No.. I’m not doing this to get her attention, I’m just trying to help friend who’s being bullied. That’s all.

Aaron was angry and embarrassed, he and his buddies tried to regain their groove back by trying to rough me up, but they forgot i had friends as well, before they could do anything stupid, my buddies were behind me backing me up, Aaron seeing this could get messy told his friends to back off, and retreat… But as me and my guys turned around Aaron tried to throw a punch at me while I laid my guard down but suddenly, Aaron shouted clutching his stomach in pain, he fell on the ground rolling in pain… Sorceress got up and left the place as Aaron started that, his friends picked him up and took him to the medical facility in the campus..
As soon as everything was back to normal, I noticed Sorceress had forgotten one of her books, I picked it up and went after her, I was surprised how far she had gotten in such a short time, she must be really fast.. I ran and caught up to her giving her back her book.


Riley ➡ Excuse me.. You forgot your book..


She stood looking at me in a blank expression , it took a while before she collected the book from my hands.. After that I turned around to go, besides it’s not like I was going to get any thanks since she doesn’t talk to anyone..
But what happened next, made my heart jump.


Christen ➡ You’re Riley right?

Riley ➡ Uhm.. Yes..

Christen ➡ Thank you 😊.

After that she left, I stood with mouth agape looking at her as she went.. She talked to me? She actually talked to me? Impossible… And her voice.. Oh my God.. I must be dreaming..
As it turns out, Khalid and Tina were behind me and they saw everything.

Khalid ➡ Guy, wetin you do to the girl?

Tina ➡ I can’t believe it… She actually talked to you..

Khalid ➡ She even smiled… Riley.. You have it the jackpot..

Riley ➡ Abeg shut up, not everyone is like you.

After that, we all went back to the class, to receive lectures, throughout that day, I felt a happy feeling that I’ve never felt before.. This bewitching beauty actually talked to me.. God why I’m I so happy about it.. It’s just a normal thank you, that’s all.
After lectures was over, I decided to go over to Rukky’s place and apologize to her..
As I got there, I knocked at the door waiting for her to open, it took 5 mins before she came and open the door, and as she did, I was surprised to see how she looked.
She wore a loose T-shirt and from the looks of it, she wore nothing under that cause I could see her nipples pointing out on the shirt, and then she wore a sexy g string pant, her hair was unbraided and she looked at me as if I was a stranger.


Rukky ➡ Yes?

Riley ➡ Look Rukky, I came to apologize to you, for what happened today.. I didn’t mean to kick you out, I’m sorry..

Rukky ➡ Ehn later, you’ll be barking at me, I’m your girlfriend, you shouldn’t be treating me like that In front of people, besides I have a reputation to maintain..

Riley ➡ I’m sorry that won’t happen again but next time.. Try to do this nice and quiet.. Okay?

Rukky ➡ Sure baby, besides come on in, I really need you to make me feel loved..

Rukky dragged me in closing the door, after that, she reached out and grabbed me, planting a sweet kiss on my lips, I grabbed her ass fondling it hard and good, we kept kissing, touching each other’s body, I groped her breasts massaging it softly, Rukky let out a sweet moan as she felt my hands on her milk factory, I felt Rukky’s hand unzip my trouser as her hands reached down for my d–k, she grabbed my balls squeezing them softly, my d–k reacted to her touch and it was hard and ready to go..
I picked up Rukky and took her to her bedroom, as we reached there, I dropped her on her mattress, and quickly removed my clothes, I climbed on her bed reaching out to her, we continued kissing and touching each other, Rukky stroked my d–k with her two hands while I finger banged her c–t… She was really wet.. I leaned down and s—-d on her breasts softly biting her nipples, Rukky shouted hard, grabbing on to me, she stretched her legs wide open, and slowly inserted my d–k into her warm c–t.
I let out a moan, as I felt the warmness of her p—y on my d–k, her c–t was loose but it gripped my d–k tightly, I began to pound her, pushing my d–k deep into her c–t.. Rukky raised her legs high balancing it on my shoulders as I f—-d her, she moaned harder holding on to my ass, as my d–k penetrated her.
I twisted my waist pushing my d–k in a fast rhythm into her c–t, her p—y was squashing the life out of my d–k and it was sweetening me.. I f—-d her harder and faster pumping in and out of her p—y, her body jerked with every t—-t of my d–k, her breasts bounced wildly, roaming all over, I latched onto them with my mouth s—–g on them, Rukky began to shout louder and harder, grabbing onto her pillows, she was sweating from her head to her stomach area, I continued banging her, stroking and thrusting my d–k deep into her.
We kept f—–g for minutes in the missionary style, her room was filled with our moans and smacking sounds of sex, I kept hammering her c–t as hard as I could..
My d–k was tingling me and I felt like I was about to c-m, but before I could do that, Rukky switched position, I laid down while she mounted on top of me, riding me as hard as she could, she twerked her hips and waist grinding her p—y on my d–k, God… She was good at this, she rode and bounced hard on my d–k, Her breast flapped and bounced wildly as she rode me, I grabbed on them massaging them and then pinching her nipples, Rukky shouted hard and she continued riding me faster and faster until she finally came hard squirting all over, she shouted and her body shook as she did that, as for I after she came, I kept pounding my d–k into her, my d–k was tingling out of control and I was about to c-m but before I could pull out, I had already released my c-m inside her.. God it felt good!

I pulled out my d–k from her p—y, and watched as my c-m drip out of her p—y, Rukky laid down on my body gasping for breath.. I couldn’t remember when I last came like this… This sex was awesome.. After that, my mind went back to Sorceress.. and remember what happened between us… Who knows, maybe we could become friends but you can never know…
After I had rested I wore my clothes and left Rukky’s hostel room and went back home.. By the time I came out, it was already evening.. So I hastened back to the house but before I could reach home, I saw something in front of me and I couldn’t see it’s face but it was certainly human, but what happened next felt strange, the trees around the area began to look like monsters, the branches reached out grabbing me tight, I shouted hard in pain trying to break loose but it won’t budge, the branches stretched me out like the way goats are stretched out of dry after being slaughtered, then the creature, came in front of me, it was a woman, her eyes were red and her nails were long and sharp, her tongue was that of snakes, she pricked her nails in my neck and blood came out of it, she licked it and shouted in delight then she looked back at me, licking her lips….

Witch 😈 ➡ Oh Mephistoph, you’ve granted me a meal tonight, Satan you’re to be praised. Boy, you taste wonderful, I hope you’ve had a good life cause I’m going to devour you clean, inside out (laughs)






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