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WITCHES LUST – Episode 2


#Witches_Lust 🔞


Written by Sadiq_Ace_Infinity



Some people believe that witches are myths or fairy tales, that we don’t exist some think we exist and live to terrorize and cause harm to people…. Well they’re all right….

My name is Christen… And I’m a witch.. Spooky right.. Well don’t be.. I live with my family and the other witches in a place far way from the humans, in fact no human can get there… Impossible.. We use our magic to hide our existence from the human but we sometimes enter into the human world and blend in.. We may engage or communicate with the human but we’re not allowed to mate or show them our true self… If any human knows of our existence, he’s killed or drained of his life force…

The human life force serves as a nourishment to us.. Of course we do eat normal food like the human but the life force sustains us for a long time that we don’t bother to eat…. In addition to that, we live ten times longer than humans… A human can live up to a hundred years but we witches and others like us live for centuries or millennium…..
While the other witches love terrorizing humans and draining their life force, I do not… In fact I hate it… That’s murder if you ask me.. Though the human might be deceitful and cruel… I still don’t believe in taking someone’s life even the life of a tiniest ant… Its wrong.. Everyone has the right to live..

In our world, we have different categories of witches like the way human have tribes or different races of people … In the witch world there are different clans of witches such as , The wind witches, the sea or water witches, earth witches and the fire witches.. Every one of these clans magic is based on their insignia.. But due to inter marriage relations between them, new form of witches are born, you might say Hybrids.. Like me for example, I’m a wind – earth based witches, I can create wind storms and natural disasters like earth quakes and other stuff.. As a result the hybrid witches are more powerful than the pure blooded witches..

Also time works differently in our world.. Like for example.. 10years in the human world is like a year to us witches.. And 10 years in the witch world is like a hundred years in the human world… Crazy right.. That’s why I said we live for centuries…
And today being my birthday, I’m 20 years old.. Which means I’m 200 years old in the human world.. And today is the day I get to be free to roam about in the world..
But I don’t like moving around much, I love to stay at a particular Iroko tree, it is a place where I come to sit and enjoy a quiet time, I’ve been coming there since I was 10years old (100years) , The place is lovely and it has such a nice view.
Since I was now an adult.. My family thought the best way to get to know the humans was to enroll in a university.. So they made preparations casting a spell on the school Authorities to allow me in..without any hesitation and also There are witches in the school Authorities and board so.. They took care of everything..
So one evening , I decided to visit my usual place and hang around for a while..
I sat on the tree branch staring into the beautiful black sky, flipping my necklace with my late mom, gave me as a gift..
But unfortunately for me, a human came to where I was starling me, I quickly stood up and wanted to strike him dead to cover everything up but I couldn’t… I couldn’t take his life and besides scaring him was the best thing to do.. So I disappeared, teleporting from the place but in my haste.. I dropped the necklace…

As I arrived home, I touched my neck and discovered it was gone… But how.. I wanted to go back but fearing I might collide with the human again made me stop..
I went into the house only to discover my brother, Oliver draining a girl’s life force from her body…


Oliver ➡ Ohh, yes… Yes… Keep feeding me.. Yes…

Christen ➡ Bloody hell… What’s gotten into you? Can’t you do this outside..


Oliver ➡ Watch your mouth sister, Lucifer has provided me with a delicious treat..


Christen ➡ That’s all you know.. Draining life force it another.. Useless ape..


Oliver ➡ you no dey hear word abi? Remember I’m fifty years older than you..


Christen ➡ Heh, heh heh, Senior man… I salute you (laughs)

As my brother and I were having our little biffs.. My sister, Rose walked in laughing cynically, Whenever she laughs like that, she must have done something evil or terrible to some poor human.
Rose is the oldest of us three, she’s 50 years old (500 yrs) , she’s what you called a plague or an evil incarnate… She derives pleasure by harming and causing trouble to humans, whom she regard as worms.. She’s very powerful and a force to reckon with, most of the high class wizards and witches are afraid of her… But despite her cruel nature, she’s very understanding and she’s very fond of me.

Rose ➡ Evening everyone…. What a day! Mephistoph you’re to be praised.


Christen ➡ Welcome back sister… What mischief have you caused today? Car accidents, separating marriages, burning houses or causing deaths..


Rose ➡ Oh my little sister, you know me too well, Well, its something else.. I caused the wipe out of an entire family in a fire out break…. Isn’t it wonderful… (laughs)

Christen ➡ Isn’t that too much.. I mean it’s cruel if you ask me…

Rose ➡ Cruel? Don’t be silly… Causing havoc is a witches main aim of living… You know that right?

Oliver ➡ Don’t mind her Rose… She’s always been different..

Rose ➡ And who asked you? When you’re done s—–g that human dry throw her out.. Or maybe in the Bermuda triangle where her corpse won’t be found… As for you Christen, I heard you’ve started going to the university…


Christen ➡ Yes… I have..


Rose ➡ Have you caused any mayhem lately,? You can cast a spell and make all the students fail their exams, you know… You can ruin their chances of getting into the next level..


Christen ➡ Yeah.. I’ll think about it..


Oliver ➡ and also don’t hang around those human males, cause I heard all they think about is sex.. Don’t go spreading your legs..


Before oliver could finish, Rose struck a lightning blast at him which sent him flying out of the house.. I heard as he yelled in pain… Poor guy…


Rose ➡ Don’t mind Oliver… You can have sex with anyone you want only don’t get too attached… You know falling in love with a human or marrying one is forbidden..


Christen ➡ don’t worry, I’m not even talking to anyone… I like staying the way I am… Alone..


The next day, I woke up early got dressed, and took my bag and my headphone and teleported to school, i could fly since I could control the wind but I didn’t… Teleporting is more easier, I arrived at the campus earlier than anyone, I went to the lecture halls to read my book.
Later, as the hours went by the campus was full, with annoying students.. They were too noisy and so full of themselves… Humans are so annoying.. They feel all high and mighty, thinking they’re better and superior to everyone, they’re lucky that, there’s a law about harming humans if not they would have been wiped out by the likes of my sister Rose..

Though I minded my business, it didn’t take long before the students in the campus took notice of me.. Some tried to talk to me or try to be friends with me but I gave no reply, I always kept a blank face to let them know i wasn’t interested in anything else..
Everywhere I went, I would hear whispers about me, I could even hear what they said in their minds… We witches have the ability to see or read someone’s thought…. It’s not right to see through some one but it comes in handy in case of any danger…
That day after lecture, I went into the Cafeteria to get something to eat, as I entered, everyone inside turned towards my direction.. What’s with this people can’t they leave me alone… I wish Altros could come and s–k the life out of them… Some of you may be wondering what the Altros are.. They’re creatures or rather death rippers that take away souls when humans are at the end of their journey in life… If a human sees one physically .. Its automatic instant death.. But for us.. We don’t die.. We see them clearly as we see humans.. Believe me, they’re very ugly and horrifying.
As I ordered for my snack, I heard the whispers of the people inside… I paid them no attention, it’s their problem not mine… As I was about to leave, I felt a strong presence of my necklace… Could it be the person that saw me last night was here? Impossible.. I didn’t wait to see his face, I just took my snack and went out with haste…
I kept wondering about the necklace, Whoever that person is, he’s going to give me back the necklace or else.. I’ll brutalize him in more ways than one..
As I sat at a corridor to eat my snack, I heard moans coming from a nearby storage room, and from the sound of it, whoever that was in there was having sex.. I minded my business and ate my snack in peace… As soon as I was done, The sex maniacs came out both sweating… And I recognized them both.. They were from my department…


Tina ➡ Jesus where you hear the whole time? Did you hear anything else?

Christen ➡………..

Khalid ➡ Can’t you talk?

Tina ➡ Hello! We’re talking to you…

Khalid ➡ Let’s just leave maybe she’s deaf..

Tina ➡ Yes I can see that..

They both left looking back at me…. I didn’t give them a reply, besides what’s the point of even replying them? I didn’t sneak on them to check what they were doing, if they had just walked on without even paying attention to me, it would have been better.

After I sat there for a while, I decided to head back to the lecture hall, as I was on my way, Some guys whistled as I passed by calling me names.. Like baby, darling, sweet heart… Hmm this guys are fools, they’re even lucky I wasn’t as vicious as my sister Rose if not ehn… But before I could get into the hall one of the guys started following me, he was determined to approach me or rather toast me as the humans would say..


Lionel ➡ Fine babe, how far?

Christen ➡………..

Lionel ➡ Come on baby… Let me show you a good time.. You’ll love it..

Christen ➡…………

Lionel ➡ Come on.. Talk to me nah..

He tried everything human possible to get my attention but I ignored him… I didn’t even know he was still following me, after a while, he gave up and went back… What a d–k..

Hours later, school was over and I decided to go home… and relax.. Spending hours with these human can be a burden.. As I was about to vanish, I noticed a girl who was being bullied by some guys.. And if care is not taken, they might actually do something terrible to her, and I couldn’t just walk away leaving her standing… So I looked around to see if nobody was around and then quickly whispered some words casting a paralyzing spell on the guys.. Immediately after that, all of them fell on the ground, crying in pain that they couldn’t move.. I quickly left the place so I wouldn’t be seen by anyone..
Soon I reached home and went straight into my room, Rose was inside the house trying on her dresses, as for Oliver, he was tending to his wounds..


Rose ➡ My dear little sister is back.. So any luck bringing bad luck to someone..


Christen ➡ No but I casted a paralyzing spell on some guys who were assaulting a girl..


Rose ➡ You helped the girl? For what?


Christen ➡ But she was in trouble..


Rose ➡ Shut up! We witches don’t help humans , we don’t do for them… We do to them.. You get me.. Do to them..


Knowing Rose, she’ll keep talking about this all day so I went into my room and locked the door.. By Hades throne, I wished my mom was alive, she’s the only one who understood me and encouraged me when I did something like this and speaking of Mom… I remembered the necklace which she had given me… I could still its presence… I must get it back.
So later in the evening, I went to the Iroko tree and placed my hands on the ground letting my magic surge through, this technique of mine allows me to find anything or anyone around the world.. Even if they hide hundreds of miles into the ground.. Within seconds I discovered the place where the necklace was, so I casted a spell on where I stood and the place rose up floating into the air and transported myself to where the necklace was… As I arrived I discovered there was a house there and everywhere was quiet… This time I felt the presence of the necklace getting stronger and stronger so I waved my hand summoning a heavy gust of wind into the vicinity, Within seconds, the winds came like a wave passing through with a monstrous howl.. I didn’t care if the house fell apart just as long as I got my necklace.. The windows of the house began to open wildly as the wind became strong… And in that moment.. I saw the guy with the necklace in hand staring at me.. I wanted to kill him right there and then but I couldn’t.. He just kept staring at me with an innocent stare and there was no panic within him.. Then something else followed, a smile.. Yes.. I saw a smile on his face and as I got a clear loom of his face, I recognized him… He was the top student in our department… So it was him who came to the tree last night… So to avoid any raising any alarm, I disappeared away into the night…
Was this coincidence or was he expecting me?



Note:➡ Here are some words to take notice.

Altros ➡ Death reapers or soul takers.

Mephistoph ➡ A devil in the Germany folklore

Lucifer ➡ Devil




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