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WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) … Part 2


Nora looked at Freddie strangely and they both made eye contact which they immediately removed.. That was weird* Freddie thought but faced his book while Nora continued staring at him.. She immediately removed her eyes as a male teacher (Mr Hart) walked in,
“good morning students please bring out your maths note and let us begin” Mr hart said with his thick masculine voice, everyone did as they were told and immediately Mr Hart made eye contact with Nora and notice she’s a new student, Nora smiled in a way it made mr hart kept staring and smiling at her, as Freddie raised his head up he traced Mr Hart’s eyes and it ended at Nora’s face who was smiling brightly.. Freddie watched as Nora whispered something to herself still staring at mr hart, “what is going on here” Freddie thought and immediately he intentionally dropped his books making nora to look at him and behold mr hart got a hold of himself and continued teaching, Freddie instincts kept telling him that’s something’s weird about Nora, but he ignored that and payed attention to mr hart, who began teaching and who occasionally glance at Nora, .. Nobody noticed except Freddie who suddenly became suspicious..
During break time as Freddie packed his book inside his bag to get ready to go to the cafeteria with Chad, Nora suddenly turned to him and said “heÿ” her voice was cool, sweet, sensational,tempting and most of all seductive..
Freddie glanced at her and said “what”…”um I was wondering if you’d please show me around the school since am new ” Nora replied firmly, Freddie sighed, he clearly didn’t want to say yes but he’ll be rude, before Freddie could forcefully say yes, Chad popped out of nowhere and said “yes I’ll like to take you around the school”

“I didn’t ask u chad” Nora said and immediately Chad and Freddie looked at her weirdly “how did you know his name” freddie asked while Nora smiled and said “lucky guess” Freddie looked at her strangely and dropped his bag.”okay why can’t Chad show you around” Fred said while Nora replied “cause I don’t want him to I asked you first” . Chad wanted to say something but Nora looked at him in a way she whispered something to herself and immediately Chad moved back and sat down.. “dude why are you suddenly like this,wont u like to show nora around anymore” Freddie said looking at Chad who looked like he was being controlled ..”no” Chad firmly said “okay” fred said and turned to Nora “looks like I won ” he said sarcastically and smiled forcefully, Nora and Freddie Walked around the school premises looking like couples ,one could see as Nora’s black hair and face shown in the sun, her bright blue crystal eyes sparkled that everyone around them both males and females stopped just to glance at her (Nora) , they both came across the library where they met Josh, the school’s scariest bully, Freddie stopped seeing him and he swallowed.. Josh approached them and his flashed with a smile seeing Nora..”hey baby doll are you new here”josh said while Nora rolled her eyes, Freddie wanted to say something but Josh prevented him by giving him a glare, “look can you get out of the way this guy is giving me a tour around the school and yes I’m a new student” Josh laughed hysterically and got closer to Nora, “I’m not going anywhere baby doll, cause I love pretty things and you’re part of them. “Josh said and held Nora’s hand “let go of me you dweeb” Nora said trying to remove her soft hands from his muscly grip, Freddie tried to help but Josh pushed him and he fell down, Nora turned and said “OMG Fred are you okay”..”yes I am and how did u know my na.. Freddie hasn’t complete his words when Josh turned nora’s face to his and said “look pretty doll I like you and you’re going to do what I say, I am Josh Hutcherson and I get whatever i want got it and you’re going to be my girlfriend ”
“over my dead body, ” Nora said ,smiled devilishly and moved closer to Josh a lot closer making her b**bs touch his chest.. She looked him in the eyes and said this to him almost in a whisper “Josh Hutcherson you’re going to walk away from me now and never return,understood!!” .. Like a robot Josh nodded his head and walked away.. Freddie who has been currently watching the scene became shocked by Nora’s command and Josh obeying.. “did she cast A spell on him or what” Freddie thought, Nora turned and smiled. “don’t worry everthings okay now take my hand let me help you up” she said and sprout out her hand and Freddie nervously placed his palm on hers and immediately the both of them removed their hands from the touch because they felt a spark Like electric shock which felt painful..


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