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We all headed to our various seats and took our seats as we all waited for the results,

I saw miss ade smiling at me in a happy way, Ignored her as the principal took th mic,

Principal. Good afternoon students,

All. Good afternoon sir,

Principal .to be sincere, I am very happy to see the seeds we sow on you all growing very richly, I counted My self to be one of the luckiest person witness this today, right now I feel like sending you all to the university this minute,, it is not easy to stand in front of the crowds and be this bold to speak, you all really surprises me everyday,, I am very proud of you all my students,
Today is the first day of the fifteenth edition of this debating competition,, and I must say todays own is the best I have ever witnessed, yes it is and am very happy,,
You see when this young intelligent students were challenging each others here, I saw our future leaders, I saw the future leaders of our government, I saw the future of Nigeria,, people who will rules is with truth, peoples who will stand bravely and fight for our dear country Nigeria, I am very happy I have to once called a principal of a president,,

All. Laughs.

Principal. Yes ofcos, I am happy to have trained you all very well,, you all really did well,, its now left for the judges to decides who leave and who stands,, and I hope they know the best for you all,, because If i were given the opportunity to make that decision,, I will say that the two classes passed,, because this is what we call tragedy,, I am so happy thank you all.

All. Thank you sir,,

Time started counting and everywhere was calm,, the judges were talking to each other in a silent way looking at one paper. On the table infront of them,, the student was very calm,, everybody was just waiting for the result to come,,

A bunch of fear stroked me, that I immediately started feeling a running stomach,, as I look the judges one of them were pointing at the ss2 ,, many things started Running on my mind, the ss2 has won us again,, they are giving the ss2 class all the marks,, I looked at Amina she was looking worried,, even the prefect face isn’t encouraging, chuks was normal,, infact it seems as if he has been smiling,, its seems as of he don’t care wether we win or not,,
I looked at the ss2 side everyone of them were looking ok,, accept ivie who looked really worried , maybe its because of the hard challenge Amina gave her today, or maybe because of the result,

The principal and the teachers were also talking to each other,, even the student,, i was still in thought when one of the judges. Took the mic

Judge. Good afternoon to you all once again,, we are also very happy of what we receive here today,, its has also been hard to decide the winning class of todays debate competition, its hard because all the debators representing both classes has really word hard,, it was all fifty fifty according to my chief judge here,, but we really have to also work hard to bring out one winners and it has been done,,

So right about now,, I will call up my chief judge to give us the Long awaited result thank you.


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