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We were all seated in the dinner hall, which is booming with diffrent kind of noise, me and my roommates were seated in one table, cus its a table for 4 and needed one more person to complete, but it seems no one want to seat with us, we were busy discussing and debating on the kind of food the might serve us tonight, when suddenly form master came and commanded the noise to disapear, and everywere was once cool, then he brought out a piece of peper and started calling some student names,
I was so suprise when I heard my name, and I stepped out to were he directed us to stand,I was still standing and wondering what we must have done,when I heard him call out, AMINA OLADIPUPO, I saw her stepping out and was coming to my direction, I look as she, smiles at me, and I kept face as if we had a fight, not that I developed hatret for her, bcus of what chuks said about her, but bcus I don’t want to be insulted,or be seen as a simple guy,form master finished, and he announced to the students *we are serving beans for dinner tonight, and this are peoples that don’t eat beans, so we will be serving them another meal tonight,while you guys eat beans and plantain** he directed us to the other side of the hall,
I know you will be wondering how they got to know that we don’t eat beans,, when you register for the school, you will list out the kind of food you eat and the kind you don’t , so I guest its from the registration form,

I was heading for the nearest seat and amina was following me bumper to bumper, we reach to were we found another table sets, and this time its a table for 2, I seated and she seated facing me,
Amina. Hi tony,
Me. Hi how are you,
Amina, fine, am done with your novel, but I will return it tommorrow for another one,
Me. Ok, no problem, and also bring some of your own so I can read,
Amina. But you will not like the kind of novel I have,
Me. Why??
Amina.They are +18 and so corupt, an ex semilerian like you will not like them, though I like reading them,
Me. And how old are you,
Me. Why do you like such books,
she was about answering when one of the cook brought two plate of well ganished noodle to our front,
And immiediatly, she left we started eating,
Amina. I was waving at you today at the field, but you didn’t respond, why,
Me. I didn’t know it was me you was waving at, you know there is too many students there,
Amina. And after school today I waited to give you back your novel, at the road leading to your louge,but I didn’t see you, atlast I saw you with miss adebanjo, walking to boys louge,
Me. Oh am sorry, I went to answer the eco teacher,
Amina. Ok you went to tell him the story,
Amina. I know you will also tell me mine,
me. Maybe but not now,
Amina. Ok,
We ate and we disapeared to our various rooms, to rest, and play room games,
I meet my room mate, immidiatly I open the door,
Chuks. Guy wetin una chop,
Me. Indomie,
Dan and chuks. Wow
Chuks, I am going to change my profile next year, I must remove that beans, am begining to hate it,,
Dan. Too I hate that beans that always look like rock,, how I wish its agonyi beans,
Me. But beans is a good food, even 70% better than noodle,
Chuks. And why are you not eating it, onye nkuzi,
Me. Lol, its from my childhood,
Chuks. Mine wile be from my teenhood,
We all laughs,


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