I didn’t talk to amina or asked what her problem was, through out our stay in class,
School dismissed at 5.30 pm as usual, I was still going to the lounge with my dan and chuks, when I suddenly remembered that miss ade asked me to see her in her office at break time, I nearly shouted, but with my brain because I doesn’t want to notify my friend about it, I kept it to my self to avoid suspicions, immediately we got to the room I quickly change my uniform, and clad on my red trackers and my red man united jersey, went off to miss ade house to apologize and to take my phone to be, I got their at 6pm, knocked on her door, she asked who, and I answered tony, within 30 seconds she opened the door and asked me to enter quickly, I was shocked with what I saw, she was putting on only a red pant and a red bra,, I stair at her huge b..bs and managed to look away,
She asked me to seat down which I did,

Miss ade. Tony why didn’t you come to the office today,

Me. Sorry ma, I forgot,

Miss ade,And I guest that’s why you are here right,?

Me. Yes ma, I came to apologize for failing you,

Miss ade. I waited for you, anyway apology accepted,

Me. Thanks ma,

She stood up, went inside her room, it took her 2minutes to call me from the room, asking me to come inside the room, when I went inside she was seating on the bed, with my phone to be on her hand,

Miss ade, come and seat beside me tony, let me teach you about this phone,

I did, then she started teaching me how to enter the menu of the phone, how to answer a call, how to call somebody, how to add a number to the contacts list, this time I was feeling uncomfortable, because her left breast were resting on my shoulder,,then entered the video part and was showing me all the videos inside, and how to play, forward, rewind, and stop them, then she opened whatsapp and it me more than 5minutes to understand what it , then she taught me how to chat on it, and said that she will not me calling me, that when ever I came back from school I should check them, to see if she left any massage for me, and I will reply from It, she added her number and we started chatting right there,

Her first chat came in,

hi tony, then I replied ma, then the second chat came in, you will pay me with a kiss for teaching you all this, I read it and was silent, she saw my mood and asked me what the matter was, and before I could say a word, she has already started kissing me as if her life depend on it, I liked it and I started kissing back, I was really enjoying it, then she took my hands and placed it on her b..bs, then I started squeezing it, then she started moaning gently, her hand located my junior and she started rubbing it, before I know a bit of it, my junior has already stand to attention, I was really loving it, she pulled down my trackers and started rubbing my junior with no mercy, wow, that was great, she took my junior and put it in her mouth, then she started giving me a b.j, the sensation was too much, I can’t help it but moan very hard, within 5mins I started felling my akamu build, I think she noticed it and left it, then she pulled off her pant and bra, climb the bed and asked me to come on, she asked me lie down which I did, then she lie ontop of me and asked me to take my junior and put it inside her p—y, wow, it felt very hot, then she started moving up and down, we were really mourning hard, I was enjoying it, she started moving faster and the sensation was getting more interesting,

She was ontop of me for like 10mins and then she came down, and asked me to climb ontop of her like she did, then I did and she use her hand take my junior and directed it to her p—y then I started moving up and down, I wad doing it and she was moaning as if she was crying, I wanted to stop, then she asked me not to stop, that I was doing it good, and that she will soon c-m, I didn’t understand what’s she meant by that, but I started moving in and out more faster, then i started feeling my akamu build again, it gave me more encourage to kept on moving, soon she started moaning as if her body wanted to tear apart, then she started saying many thing, oh baby you are the best, you are great, don’t stop baby, you are my husband, please do more, more more, more, more, aaaaahhhhhhh, then we both came together, I came inside her and was exhausted,

Miss ade. Oh baby you are the best, I enjoyed you, hope you enjoyed it ,

Me. Yes ma,


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