from the last Episode??
Oh God,, so shade is actually coming over,, I quickly get up,, sweep and arrange the whole house,, apply some airfreshner to me room,,
Went to the sitting room,, switched on the air-conditioner,
Went to the fridge bring out bread, make some tea,, was about to start eating when the bell distracted me….
Who could it be,, ???

Shade must have not gotten here by now

I quickly take my phone switched it off and put it back to mask,
incase it’s my uncle or anty,,

Went to the door,, and lo and behold it’s shade, I was so surprised,, she was wearing a black legins and a short sleeve white shirt,,
her boobs has more huge, I was lost that I forgot to ask her in,, until her beautiful voice brought me back to life,

shade. are u ok??

me. yea , I don’t know you are this serious about coming over,

shade. ok so was that why you couldn’t let me in,,

me. oh am sorry please come in,

she entered and I locked the door, I turned to see another suprise package waiting for me, the most curves and hugest backyard I have ever seen with a girl of her age,, mehn this girl have really grown more than I expected,more beautiful and more curvy, , and I was lost again

shade. what again,

me. I couldn’t believe you are actually the one,, you really changed alot,

shade. really?? where actually??

me. never mind please let’s go in,, once again welcome,

we climb the stares to the seating room, oh I already forgot I made a tea and my bread was also waiting for Me on the dining table to devour,

me. so how did you know your way to our main apartment

shade. you gave me the address nah,, and when I got here I discribe you to the gate man, and he showed me the way to your own entrance,

me.ok, please make your self comfortable, ,

shade. thank you

me. what can I offer you??

Shade. are you not the owner of that food on the table??

me. oh that. I was about eating it before your came,,

shade. then let’s eat together,, cus I have not eaten this morning,,

me. ok, then let’s go to the dining, ,

after eating, she helped clean the table while I take the dishes to the kitchen,, it took me like 5 minutes to watch the dishes and I came back to the seating room only to see her watching a cartoon from the dstv,, I joined her,, comfortably without a word,

shade. are u a cartoon fan? ?

me. not really,, but I do watch sometimes, ,

shade. so are you staying alone with your uncle and wife,,?

Me. yea,

shade. they had no kid yet??

me. yea,

shade. no wonder you don’t watch cartoon, so what kind of movies do you watch,, ??

omo see me see question ooo,, wetin I wan talk now,

me. I don’t really watch much of movies, my studies are more important to me than all this movies,, I do read in my room whenever sometimes, whenever am free, and whenever am bored I come around this seating room and watch what ever movie or program I saw showing,,

shade. professor, take it easy with reading ooo,, I want to see your room, can you take me??

gbege, wetin be all this one nah,, thank God I arrange am oo,, I for fall hand now,,

me. sure,

I took her through the passage to my room, I opened the door and the sweet fresh aroma of the airfreshner, first welcomed us, I let her in and gently close the door,

shade. wow your room is so beautiful,
and the painting was owesome, my favourite colour, I wish this is my room, I love pink but my dad got mine painted with blue, and your pink bedspread too,

me. thank you,

I turned back for us to leave, but she held me back and planted a kiss on my lip,, I quickly withdraw my self from her and my heart started racing like I don’t know what she was doing,maybe because I have never done this here before , lets go back to the seating room , I said with my voice shaking,,
she hold me again and planted another hot kiss on my lips, this was very hot that I started getting the real taste of her banana lips, I didn’t know when I started kissing back,, and it became more intense

the kiss lasted for like 10 minutes, before she breaks it and we sat on the bed looking at each other,

shade. are you a virgin??

me. no,

shade. I love you tony, please make love to me.

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