WHAT LOVE DID TO HIM … (18+) … Part 1

It was popularly called green house because of the magnificent green colour of the house, in the whole of Pipeline street, it happens to be the most beautiful house. It is protected first by a gate, though it depicts the house of an high classed man but there wasn’t any form of security cameras.

It has a garden with beautifully decorated flowers and small trees where birds will come to rest in the evening and listen to the sweet lyrics of the flute being played by what the bird seem to call the bird boy because of his sweet, sonorous voice, but nevertheless they will still fly off when ever he stands up, you know, they can’t trust humans. But this evening, the bird boy dont seem to be coming to the garden, the birds have gathered on the trees again but for the first time they didn’t hear the sweet lyrics of the flute or the sweet voice of the bird boy. One by one, they soon began to fly away.
• Sitting on white, big comfortable bed is Gabriel but popularly known as the bird boy by the birds, his room could be seen surrounded with clothes of different kinds, they were all scattered. His wardrobe seem not be hold his cloth again as the content in it could be seen on the floor, to him, the room was neatly arranged. He wasn’t the only one in the room, his mom, Mrs Helen was with him, so also his flute, Tende the flute as he calls it was also with him. ” How won’t you fall sick? ” his Mom asked standing akimbo, ” Look how dirty your room is” She continued as she flung one of his cloth into the wardrobe. ” You better learn to take care of your things, you father has finally worked the admission for you in Uniben, no one will look after you there” She concluded and turned to go. ” I ain’t going to Uniben, I am am going to university of Ibadan” He shouted stretching his hand to pick his flute, Tende the flute. ” Gabriel, I know you want to go there because of that girl you call your girlfriend, for Christ sake, your books should be your number one priority now, not a girl” His mom shouted back.

”Mom, am 18 years of age, I have the right to fall in love” he countered staring intensely at his mom. ” Imagine yourself, look at the so called girl, hasn’t she left you? Isn’t she the reason you are sick?” His mom laughed clapping her hands like a local gossiper. ” She left me because I couldn’t show love, I don’t know how to love, I am too withdrawn, this is the life style you and dad embedded in me ” Gabriel shouted as he made to put his flute in his mouth, ” Gabriel, no girl will leave you because you can’t love, rather, she will teach you how to love. Get ready, your dad has done connections for you in Uniben” She made to walk out. ” connections, connections, connections. Dont I have to pass through the struggles other students pass through? Can’t I struggle for myself, you guys are just …” His mom interrupted him. ” Gabriel, you are going to Uniben” She said calmly and walked out before he would say anything else. He took a long stare at the door after she was gone and started to fill the day with the beautiful sound produced from Tende the flute.
• Gabriel had met his first love right in secondary school, precisely in the sss 3 class. Unlike other guys, Gabriel isn’t a fair description of a lover boy. He was just plumb and withdrawn. Yes , how did he manage to get his first girlfriend? Tende the flute saved him, the girl, Nkechi had actually been attracted by the sonorous sound produced by the flute which Gabriel played in the music room during break hours. The whole school actually happens to be attracted towards the sweet, sonorous sound produced by Tende the flute but only Nkechi had been bold enough to come to him. Though , Gabriel might not be so romantic, loving as girls would want, but he wasn’t bad looking, he happens to be actually very handsome. For a boy like Gabriel, one can’t tell if he is in love because he had never showed of he was. But in Nkechi’s case, it was visible Gabriel had something for her but for one reason or the other, he can’t just bring himself to stand face or face with her. So that day when Nkechi walked into the music room where Gabriel was alone playing the flute, he stopped immediately and dropped Tende on the table. ” Why did you stop?” She had asked him, ” I was done with the song” he simply replied without looking up at her. ” You can just play another one” She sat down beside him. ” No, I had planned to go back to class after the song I just concluded” he explained and made to stand up, ” How long are you going to continue hurting your feelings?” She suddenly asked and Gabriel stared in shock, yes he has feelings for Nkechi but he never thought she would look at his direction. He adjusted himself and patted Tende the flute. ” Feelings? Which feelings?” He found himself asking, to him, this wasn’t what he wanted to say but he just found the words coming out, he doesn’t know what is controlling him. ” I will surely kill myself if she leaves me because of this” he thought to himself as he stared awkwardly at Nkechi who was also staring at him but with a smile on her face. ” I know you love me” She blurted out while Tende the flute slipped off his hand, he was lucky to have caught it before it reached the ground. ” Do you love me ? Yes or No” She inquired staring intensely at Gabriel. No one might have noticed it because he was putting on the school Cardigan, but deep down his shirt, he was sweating profusely. ” I have brought myself low, I have waited for the day you will come to me and say you love me, but I know such day won’t come. I do love you, if you can’t tell me you love me, then I will have to forget about you” Nkechi stood up to go out, ” I l..ovve y..ouu” came the cracked voice of Gabriel, beads of sweat could now be visibly seen on his fore head. ” You say what?” Nkechi asked as she suddenly turned to face Gabriel who now has Tende the flute in his mouth and about to fill the music room with the sweet sound of Tende the flute.


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