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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Five?

Dylan stood up and frowned his face.
“No granny, I can’t get married to an ugly looking lady. What do you think people will say? Besides, I don’t love her”

The old woman stood up from the creaky bed and walked towards Dylan.
“Dylan. Even if you aren’t my son. I still take you as my own”

“But granny…” He turned to face her.

“Stop! When the time is right, I’ll tell you when to approach her. For now, you have to protect her. You should go back home now. Since you came back, you haven’t gone to see your family” she said and slowly walked out of the room.

“Granny, is there another option?” He asked.

“Marry her or become a cripple?” She turned and asked him.

Dylan gave a weird smile and nodded his head.
“I’ll marry her”

“Good boy” she said and left the room.
The next morning, Dylan’s personal assistant, Leo came to the old cottage and picked Dylan.

Leo stuffed the luggage into the booth of the black Jeep and waited for Dylan to come out of the house.

He came out after some time with the old woman.
“Take good care of yourself Dylan” she said waving at him.

Dylan walked towards her and hugged her.
“Thanks granny”

“Hmmm, don’t forget what I told you”

“Sure, I won’t” he replied and walked into the car.

Leo closed the door and drove off.

“Where are we going master?” He asked

“Home” he replied.

“Yes master” Leo replied and started the engine.

Dylan closed his eyes and thought about what his granny told him.
“How on Earth am I gonna marry that ugly thing?” He thought and hissed loudly.

Leo stared at him through the front mirror and focused on the road.
Beauty and Sally sat in the car opposite the supermarket all day waiting for the old woman to come.
“I’m already losing hope” Beauty said slowly as she lowered her gaze.

“No, don’t loose hope. We will find her” Sally said and focused her gaze in the supermarket.
Leo pulled over in front of Dylan’s family mansion.
Dylan stepped out of the car and headed inside the house.
He knew how much he is not wanted here but he just need to check on them. They are part of his family.

As he stepped his feet into the house, everyone diverted his gaze to him.
They threw their face away from him except his younger step sister, Tara.

She stood up and walked towards Dylan.
“Hey big brother” she said.

Dylan removed his right hand from his pocket and ruffled 16 year old Tara’s hair.

“I missed you Tara” he wrapped his hands round her.

Tara smiled at him.
“I missed you too. I’m glad you’re back”
“Tara, get back here!” Her mother yelled.

Tara frowned and stared at him.
“Let me run away with you” she whispered to him.

“Your mom is gonna kill me” he whispered in reply.

She gently laughed and waved at him.
“Bye!” She went to sit beside her mom.

Dylan stared at his step mother, step brother and younger step sister, Tara.
His dad wasn’t home. He decided to wait for him.

His step mother never invited him in, that’s her behavior.
Anytime he came for a visit, he was never welcomed except his father arrive from work.

Dylan stood for almost an hour before he heard his father’s footsteps.
He swiftly turned his neck and saw his father walking towards to him.

“My son is here” he said and hugged Dylan.

“Hey Dad” he greeted.

He waited and had dinner with them.
“So, where have you been Dylan?”

“I went for a job hunt in Africa” he replied.

“Job hunt? You are my son. Why going to look for job when you can get a job in my company”

“Oh thanks dad. I just want to be independent on myself. When I need help, I’ll come meet you” he replied.

“No problem Dylan. I know you are capable and not lazy like some other people” he replied indirectly referring to his other son.

Dylan left the house after eating, he didn’t wait for anyone. He could have bid Tara goodbye if her mother didn’t send her to her room.

He entered his car and closed the door.
“Let’s go home already. This place sucks” he said to Leo.

Leo nodded and hit the road.
Dylan was happy that he has arrived in his beautiful mansion.
His secret mansion!

He went in and clapped his hands twice. The lights suddenly came on. He walked to his room as Leo followed him behind with his luggage.

“Home sweet home” he said and threw himself on the bed.

“I’ll be going now master” Leo said.

“Yeah yeah. We are going to the company tomorrow. Don’t forget” he said to Leo.

“Yes master”

“You can leave” Dylan waved his hand towards the door.

Leo bowed and left.
Beauty and Sally arrived home late. They tiredlessly walked into the mansion.

“We will go back tomorrow. We won’t rest till you get the woman that did this to your face” Sally said as she followed Beauty to her room.

“I wish Sally, I wish” she muttered slowly.

“You can go and rest now. I can take care of myself” she added.

Sally nodded and went to her room.

Beauty entered into her room and closed the door.
She walked towards her bed and threw herself to the bed.

“I hate my life. Why me? Why?!!” She yelled into her pillow.

She received a message that she needed to be present at the head office tomorrow morning.

“Oh no, why?!!” She yelled again.

“I can’t go like this” she added.

She started crying again till she slept off.
Dylan woke up early and started getting ready to go to the company.
It’s been a long time.
He has been living a secret life since God knows when.

He stared at his reflection on the mirror, admiring himself.
Dylan was just 28 years old. His mother died when he was five. A mystery death!

His step mother threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave the mansion.
Poor Dylan left the house when he was five.

That was when he met that old granny. She took care of him and supported him financially. He completed his education with the help of the old granny.

He won a a scholarship and went to study abroad. That was when he gathered some money and became who he is today.

No one knew who he was, not even his employees.
Well, except Leo.

Leo walked into Dylan’s room.
“Good morning master”

“Let’s go!” Dylan said and sprayed some perfume on his body before leaving the mansion.

Beauty and Sally was also heading to the head office.
Beauty was trying her best to cover her face very well but it’s just still visible.

“They are going to mock me Sally” she said and threw the scarf on the chair.

Sally concentrated on the road.
“Calm down Beauty. When we get there, I’ll help you with it”

Beauty exhaled deeply and leaned on the chair.
Sally increased her speed and finally arrived at the head office.
She pulled over and helped Beauty with her scarf.

Beauty wore her nose mask and huge glasses again.
“It’s better” she said and adjusted it a little.

“Quick, go in before anyone sees you” Sally said.

“Yeah” she said and quickly went out of the car.

She catwalked into the head office and went straight to the MD’s office.

She opened the door and stepped into the office.

“Good morning” she greeted.

The MD adjusted his glass and stared at Beauty.
“Who are you? Why didn’t they stop you at the reception?”

Beauty walked towards him and took off her glasses.
“It’s me Beauty”

His eyes shot wide open as he slowly stood up.
“Miss Beauty. It’s really true”

“Yes, it’s true” she replied.

The MD pointed at the chair opposite him.
“Come have a seat”

Beauty slowly walked towards him and sat down.
“What really happened?”

“I don’t know. I just woke up and found my face like this” she replied almost crying.

“Oh my, that’s really bad” He shook his head.

He brought out the file that she signed.
“You’ve been nominated for the most beautiful model in the world. What do we do now that you’ve changed?”

“Please, don’t do anything. My face will be back to normal soon. Just give me a little time”

“It’s not me Beauty. It’s concerned with the whole world. Just wish you win. I don’t know how you will win with all these”

Beauty sighed and stood up.
“Thanks. I’ll try my best to have my face back” she said and left.

The MD shook his head.
“Beautiful Beauty is now ugly”

Beauty walked out of the office and stood behind the door.
She saw people staring at her and murmuring.

She then remembered that she left her glasses in the MD’S office.
She swiftly opened the door and went to pick the glass from the table.

She left the office and started walking towards the exit.
“Look who we have here, ugly beauty”

She stopped and turned to see a lady behind her.
It was the same one that saw her the last time.

“Just who are you?” Beauty mustered the courage and asked.

“Your worst nightmare. Take the pictures!”

Her friends and other people behind her started to take pictures of her. Some people went live and started laughing at her.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she lowered her gaze.
He wished the ground should open mouth and swallowed her up.

“Awwn, look how she’s crying. So sad. You deserve it bullshit!!”

Suddenly, Beauty felt someone cover her.
She couldn’t look up to stare at the person but she knew that she was now protected.

“Leo, make sure that lady is blacklisted in the modelling industry, both national and international”

“Yes master!”
Hmmmm… Dylan?


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