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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Twenty One?

Tara rolled her eyes and dropped the towel she was using to wipe her hair.

“I trusted you Jason, I knew you would tell mom” she frowned.

“I had to. The news was so shocking” he said

“Tara, so, it’s true huh?” She asked again.

“Mom, it’s not true” she said.

“Then you’re calling him a lier” she asked.

“Yes, he is lying mom. I didn’t go anywhere” Tara said.

“What about the limo?” She asked.

“It was a friend’s car. So, I had to take a ride with her” she lied again.

“It’s a lie mom. She said she went somewhere with a guy, a rich guy”

“Who could possibly be rich? You two should leave already, I’m tired” she said and went into her closet.

Her mother stared at Jason.

“Don’t stare at me mom. She’s lying to you” Jason said and left.
Beauty woke up the next morning. The rays of the sun splashed on her face. She turned and shot her eyes wide open.

Her eyes scanned the whole room and a wow escaped her lips.

“Good morning sweetheart” she heard Dylan’s voice. He walked into the room with a tray.

“Good morning Dylan” she replied. He sat beside her and kissed her.

“I brought you this” he said.

“You don’t have to. Why is there so much decoration?” She asked.

“You wanted them to know about your husband. So, I’m making it easy for you” he said.

“What the… Are you for real?”

“I brought some matching dress. It’s photo time” he said.
Beauty did a live video, showing the breakfast Dylan made her.
She also showed the room and his body but not his face.

“Thanks baby” she said.

“Anything for you” he said and kissed her again, she showed everything but not his face.
They also took some photo in the room. She was hugging him, facing the mirror, while he faced the other side.
The media was all about Beauty that morning. People couldn’t believe until she showed them their rings.
When it was afternoon, Sally knocked their door.
“The door is unlocked” Beauty yelled. The door went open as Sally walked in. Dylan wasn’t in the room. He was in his office, downstairs.

“Hey Sally” Beauty said.

“You have a big interview tomorrow” she said quickly.

“Relax, Dylan isn’t here. Come sit with me” she said. Sally heaved a breath of relief and sat beside Beauty.

“Everyone’s crazy about your post. They are pleading to see Dylan’s face” she said.

“I know. They can’t see him now. Even if they do, no one knows who he is except his family members which he doesn’t want them to know who he is” she said. Beauty was also excited.

“Should I accept the interview?” Sally asked.

“Of course you should. Everyone’s wanna know who Dylan is but I can’t let them know” she said.

“Sure, we have to also go to the company tomorrow after the interview”

“Okay” Beauty said and diverted her gaze to her phone. She was slowly building some fans back and also new ones. She can’t wait to gain he Beauty back, she was getting used to being ugly.

The door went open as Dylan walked in. Sally shot her eyes wide open.

“Tomorrow by 9am. Bye!” She said and quickly left. She passed by Dylan, hiding her face.

“Hey Sally” he said. Her heart started beating fast. She hurriedly left and slammed the door hard. She leaned on the wall and took a deep breath.

“What happened?” Leo’s voice frightened her.

“Oh f*ck! Leo!” She grunt and walked away. Leo paused and furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what he did.
“Hey baby” she said. Dylan smiled at her as he took off his shirt.

“I had a lot of things to do” he complained as he laid beside Beauty.

“Running a company is hard, but for one person to run a multi company, that person deserves a kiss” she said and kissed his cheek.

“Naughty girl. I have no idea why your assistant is so scared of me. While we were in Granny’s house, she wasn’t like that”

“She’s still shocked. She’ll be fine” she said.

“I hope so. The award is in two months time. Then, everyone will know who your husband is”

“I can’t wait to see the shock on their faces. Even if I don’t win, I’m happy that you’ll be there to see me”

“You are born a winner, you’ll win” he said. Beauty git emotional and wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Have granny cursed anyone before?” She asked.

“Yes, her children” he said. Beauty shot her eyes wide open and stared at him.

“Why?” She had to ask the obvious question.

“She was sick one day and they didn’t care. I was just eight then. I tried taking care of her and the house. Her children never cared for their mother. They even stole her money sometimes and blamed it on me but she knew they did it. She got angry one day and cursed them”

“And did the curse undo?”

“Granny’s curse never undo whenever she curses someone when she’s angry”

“I guess she wasn’t mad at me when she cursed me” Beauty said, thinking if granny was angry that night.

“How did she curse you?” He asked.

“She… I mean, I bumped into her and I didn’t apologise. I insulted her and walked away and she cursed me..I woke up the next morning to see this on my face. I wish I didn’t insult her, I wish I wasn’t arrogant” she said.

“Well, I’m happy she cursed you” he said and gar a soft chuckle.

“Are you seriously kidding me?” She asked, staring at him.

“If she didn’t curse you, I wouldn’t have to be with you” he said. Beauty sucked in her lower lips, not wanting to blush. She leaned her head on his chest again and had to let it out.
“I have an interview tomorrow. Sally said it’s a big one” she said.

“You should go for it. Let everyone know my wife isn’t shy of her ugly face”

“Yeah, I’m going. If they ask me questions like, who’s your husband? What’s he like, what’s his name? What do I say?” She asked, waiting for a reply.

“Just smile and shake your head” he said. Beauty giggled.

“You told me to answer everything honestly”

“But not that. If my secret get exposed, it would be a little bit hard for me” he said.

“How’s that?”

“I’ve lived a secret life for so many years, it’s gonna be hard for me to live it open”

“I understand baby. I’m with you” she replied.
Beauty was on her way to the studio for her interview. She was still busy checking her yesterday’s post. It was even made as topics in different gossip TV.

“We are here” Sally said.

“Are there paparazzi out there?” She asked.
Sally stared out there and saw how empty the street was.

“No” she said.

“That’s all Dylan” she muttered and alight from the car. They head into the building.

“Hello” the director walked towards Beauty and shook hands with her. Beauty raised her glasses up and stared at the director. She wanted them to see her ugly face well.

He wasn’t moved by it at all.
“This way miss Beauty” he said. Beauty stared at Sally. Everyone wasn’t interested in looking at her ugly face.

“Good morning miss Beauty”

“Hello miss Beauty”
They greeted her as she walked pass them.

They took her to a private dressing room. She did a little make up and got ready for the shoot.

“Be ready in five minutes, we’ll be going live soon” the sound man came.

“Are you sure you can do this? You haven’t been on TV since… I can’t tell” Sally said in a low tone.

“Of course I’m fine, you don’t need to worry too much” she said, smiling.

Instead of her to be feeling nervous, Sally was the one feeling nervous.
They walked out of the dressing room to set.

“Are you ready Mrs Beauty?” The sound man asked her, as he put a hidden speaker behind her hair.

Beauty nodded.

“Good luck and congratulations. I saw your post. Your husband must be very rich, who is he?” He asked. Beauty laughed.

“You’ll get to know him sooner” she said.

They took her to the set. She sat down beside the host.

“Hello, I’m Kitty” she said. Beauty stared at Kitty. She was so beautiful, she reminded her of her own beauty.

“Hi, I’m…”

“I know who you are. Mrs Beauty. It’s nice to finally meet you in person, I’ll love to meet your husband next” she said.

“Sure, you will” she replied.
“Okay! We’ll be going live in three, two, one…”

“Hello and welcome to EmTv, it’s me your wonderful host Kitty and we have a special person in the studio today. Give it all for …. Mrs Beauty!”


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.