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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Nineteen ?

Beauty didn’t know what to say about the wedding ring. If she doesn’t talk about the ring, they’ll make up story again. She turned and showed the ring.

“I’m married” she said and walked away. Sally shot her eyes wide open. She didn’t know beauty would say the truth. Bruno blocked the reporters from getting close to Beauty and Sally.

“Why did you tell them you’re married?” Sally asked, almost in a whisper.

“My husband told me to act natural and here I am” she said. Sally shook her head. They got into the building and head to the CEOs office.

The cameras and other important members of the board were there.
“Miss Beauty is here” someone announced. They quickly adjusted and waited for her to come in. Beauty majestically walked into the office, wearing a broad smile.

“Hello” she bowed.

“Oh, miss Beauty. Welcome to Royal Model Industry. Please, have your seat” he said to her. She nodded and walked towards her.

“Okay! We’ll be live in three, two.. one!”

“Hello and welcome to… ”
Beauty was tired of hearing all the event. They sounded like bla bla bla in her ear. She just wanted to sign quickly and get out of the industry. She knew she wouldn’t be given any contract for shooting commercials or magazines but she could go on interviews. She was she on the list for the most beautiful model in the world and she knew it was because of Dylan.

“Please sign here Miss Beauty”
Beauty heard. She snapped out of her thoughts and grabbed a pen. She signed it and smiled. They took pictures with her.

“Welcome into the industry” the CEO said.

“Thank you” she replied. The live video was over.
Beauty didn’t know why the CEO asked her to wait behind. He walked into the office.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting miss Beauty”

“It’s okay” she replied. She watched as he walked to his seat.

He was just a young man in his late 30s. He seemed pretty attractive also.

“You know Beauty, I’ve always admired you”

“I’m just knowing that sir” she said.

“You don’t need to act proper with me. Just call me Jack. You are the model I’ve always wanted into my industry and no matter what, I’ll still want you. And look, I got you” he said. Beauty gave a silly chuckle and adjusted her hair.

Sally walked into the office.
“My lady, your husband seeks your presence. He’s outside, waiting for you” Beauty enjoyed the way Sally said that outloud.
She stood up.


That was when a model walked into the office without even knocking.

“I have talk to you Jack and it’s important” she said.

“Hold on, I have to.. I never knew you were married miss Beauty” Jack said.

“Well, now you know. Excuse me please” she said and left. The model rolled her eyes and stared at Jack.

“How can you sign her in? If she’s coming in, I’m going out” the model said.

“Twinkle, you don’t have to do that”

“My name is Star! Not twinkle!” She said, almost yelling.

“Whatever, just leave” he said, pondering on what Beauty just said.
Star saw that Jack wasn’t answering him, she stormed out of the office.
“So, what was his reply?” The other models asked.

“He said nothing” Star said.

“I can’t believe we’ll have to work with that ugly thing”

“But, she said something while I was at the office. She’s married” Star said. There was silent in the room for five seconds before everyone burst into laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked.

“No man in his right sense can ever get married to Ugly Beauty. Come on, think of it. She’s making it up”

“I think Star is right. Look at this video” one of them said and showed them a clip from earlier.

“Can you explain the wedding ring?… I’m married” Everyone heard that and stared at each other.

“I don’t still believe that. She’s making it all up, confusing the media. I’m gonna make a post and tell them that she’s a bloody lier!” She said and left.

“Maybe Beauty is right about her marriage. No one can just wear an expensive ring”

“Whatever, I’m leaving” Star said and left also.
As Beauty was walking towards the car, she heard her name from distance. She looked round to see where it was coming from, till she saw the MD is her former industry, Class Model Industry. She stopped by the car and waited for him. He stood in front of her and started panting hard.

“Please help me. We need you back miss Beauty. I apologise for signing you out”

Beauty stared at him from head to toe. She brought out her handkerchief and gave it to him.

“Clean your sweat and talk to Sally. But just in case, I’m never coming back to your closed industry” she said and went into the car. Sally waved and went to the car behind. She didn’t know why she was always with Leo. She rolled her eyes.
The car moved and they all drove away.
“The news of you being married has hit the roof. Like, woah” Dylan said.

“Why are you excited?” She asked.

“Because you are” he said, staring at her. Beauty smiled and lowered her gaze.

“Well, it wouldn’t have been possible without you” she said. He smiled in reply.

“You know, you told me something today also. And I want you to say it to me again” he said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“Think of it” he replied. Beauty lowered her gaze, trying to think but she didn’t remember anything. She was just too excited that she was going to be transported by an helicopter.

“I don’t remember” she said.

“Okay, I’m not gonna give you a clue but when you remember. Let me know” he said.

She nodded. They got to Granny’s house and spent time with her. They drove back home when it was evening.
“Everyone wants to know who your husband is” Dylan said, staring at his phone.

“Well, they don’t need to know” she replied. He gave a silent chuckle. The car was silent till Beauty’s phone rang. She saw it was Jason. She rolled her eyes and ignored the call.

“Why don’t you want to answer it?” She asked.

“Why should I? He’s just gonna laugh at me and mock me” she murmured. Just answer it.

She sighed and answered the call.
“What do you want Jason?” She asked.

“I saw the news that you’re married. Who’s that fool that would even get married to you?” He asked. She stared at Dylan and put the phone on loud speaker so that Dylan could listen to everything.

“Why would you say such nasty things about my husband? Huh? How dare you?” She replied.

“Relax Beauty. You know, if you’d actually gotten married to me and slept with me, you wouldn’t have turned ugly. But I can still give you a chance, once I get myself inside of you, your beauty will be restored” he said. She disconnected the call and groaned.

“Jason had always been a fool” Dylan chuckled.

“I hate him” she murmured.

“Everyone does” he said.

“I’m starving” she murmured. He placed her hands behind her and leaned back on the chair.

“You have a meeting tomorrow with my sister” he said.

“You mean, my number one fan” she asked.

“Yeah. I can’t wait for a month already. I want to tell her my secret. She’s my only relative that I can trust” he said.

“That’s a good idea” Beauty said.
Jason was staring at his phone as he bumped into Tara.

“Watch it jerk!” Tara yelled. Jason wanted to hit his sister before he heard his mother’s voice.

“Stop it Jason!” She said. Tara groaned and walked away.

“She’s just so annoying mom” he said.

“You weren’t watching your path. Next time, stare less on your phone while walking down the stairs” she said and walked away.

“I hate this family!” He groaned also an walked away.
Tara got into her room and slammed the door. She walked to her bed and stared at her phone.

“I can’t believe she’s married. So cool” she said to herself.
Tara was coming out from school the next day. She waved at her friends and walked with the others.

“I hate Star. She’s f*cking annoying” Tara said to her friends.

“Well, I hate Beauty. She’s f*cking ugly” her friend said in reply.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes. Tara saw the limo that was in front of the whole school. Everyone has been watching it. Tara saw it and stopped in front of the school.

The bodyguards walked towards her.
“Tara? You have a meeting” he said in a thick voice.

“I don’t know who you are and what meeting you are talking about but if I’m driving in that limo, then take me with you. But first, I need to take pictures” she said and took a lot of pictures.
Tbc ?


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