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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Eighteen ?

Beauty turned and stared at Dylan. There was a little bit of fear on her eyes but she calmed herself down.
She sat up and placed her hands on his shoulders.

“I’m not going to act sexy and romantic because I’m not beautiful” she murmured.

“Who told you that my lady? I’m married to the most beautiful lady in the whole world” Dylan replied.

“That reminds me. We have less than two months for the show and…”

Dylan placed his fingers on her lips.
“Don’t you think you are spoiling the mood my lady?”

“I’m purposely doing it master!”she replied slowly.

Dylan smiled and held her face.
“Just give me the permission to take over”

Beauty bit her lower lips and nodded.
“Okay” she whispered.

She was going to lose it tonight. Her virginity will be list today. She was happy that she was disflowered by her husband. She has finally fulfilled her mother’s wish.

“I promise. I won’t hurt you” he whispered and slowly took off her panties.

She sat in the tub, staring at him as he threw it out of the water.
He raised his head and kissed her lips passionately. He locked lips with her as their tongues touched each other.

Dylan slipped a finger into her, making her moan loudly. She shot her eyes wide open and panted really fast.

“Calm down baby, I’ll take it easy” he said in a whisper.

She nodded and continued kissing him.
Dylan slowly slipped the finger in and out of her, pumping her slowly.

Beauty broke the kiss and raised her head up.
She was feeling a little pain but more pleasure.

Dylan stared at her as she sighed deeply. He added a finger making it two.
He slipped two fingers into her.

Beauty suddenly screamed and covered her mouth.

Dylan smirked.
“Are you alright?” She nodded and pushed her lips to his.
That was the only way to prevent her from shouting.

Dylan won’t let her suck him. He believes that she doesn’t have any idea on how it’s done.

“Beauty?” He called out as he broke the kiss.

“Huh?” She replied breathy hard.

“I’m going in now. But you have to sit on it” he said.

“What do you mean?” She replied.

Dylan held her waist high and made her sit on him.
He slowly penetrated her tiny whole making her open her mouth wide, also her eyes.

Dylan went up and down, fucking her slowly.
They both stared at the water as it turned red.

“I think it’s time we go to the bed” he said and carried her with her legs wrapped around his waist.
He didn’t break any connection between them.

He opened the door and left the bathroom.
He went to the bed and gently laid her on the bed with him on top of her.

“What are you thinking about my lady?” He asked teasing her.

“You” she replied.

“Hmmm, what did I do this time?” He replied.

“Nothing. I’m glad I got married to a caring husband” she said shyly.
She covered her face and peeped through her fingers to stare at him.

“You are very pure my lady. I think I owe you something. I almost doubted that you were a virgin but now, I do”

Beauty smiled and pulled his face closer to hers.
She kissed him with all her strength but seems like he was too strong for her.

Dylan raised her legs and still went into her. This time, a little deeper.
Beauty hugged him tight as she continued moaning.

Beauty was already tired. She couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. She just closed her eyes and dozed off as he continued pumping her.

Dylan stared at Beauty and smirked.
He stood up after he had released in her.

He went to the closet and wore some clothes. He took some clothes to her also.
He wore her a gown.

He placed her on the bed nicely and covered her with the duvet.
He pecked her cheek and also laid beside her.

“Good night my lady” he murmured and switches off the light.

He couldn’t sleep. Anytime he close his eyes, he would see Beauty.
He wondered how he fell in love with her. They quarrelled a lot while at Granny’s house.

Granny? He thought about granny. He hoped she was doing well.
“Once Beauty is off to the industry, I’ll go see granny” he murmured.
Dylan woke up the next morning sipping hot tea and staring at the newspaper.
He saw some pictures of Beauty.
Her pictures when she was beautiful and when ugly.

He heard a knock on the door.
“Come in”

Two maids walked into the room and bowed.
Dylan saw them from distance and frowned.

“You can go ahead and clean the bathroom” Dylan said to them.

They nodded and went into the bathroom.
Their eyes widened as the saw the pool of blood.

“What’s this?”

“Shh, be quiet. Do you think someone injured anyone or he killed her and just made her lie on the bed to pretend that she was sleeping”

“No, I think master’s wife is a virgin and she got disflowered last night but master. Isn’t that romantic?”

“Ohh, I knew something would happen when Elisa announced that master said he was going to bath her”

“Well, I wish I just have a better relationship just like master and lady”

“That’s enough, let’s clean and get out of this place”
Beauty slowly woke up and stood up. She felt a sharp pain under her gown.
She turned her neck and stared at Dylan.

“Good morning Dylan” she said.

“Good morning my lady. How was your night?” He asked sipping from his hot tea.

“It was strange and stressful” she replied.

Dylan laughed and handed her a cup of tea.

She grabbed them and sat there flinging her leg down the bed.
She saw the maids as they walked out of the bathroom.
They left the room quickly.

“Who are they?” She asked.

“They just came to clean the bathroom. They need time to clean the bedroom, come on, let’s go have our breakfast”

Beauty watched him stood up. She slowly stood up and stared at him.
“Let’s go already. I’m starving” she murmured.
After having breakfast, beauty had her bath and was looking for her dress to wear. She was headed to RMI but was really confused.

Dylan entered the closet and stared at her.
“You didn’t bath me my lady”

Beauty didn’t stare at him. She just continued scattering the clothes.
“You have to bath yourself today, I promise to bath you later tonight”

“Okay but what are you busy looking for?” He asked

“Dylan I’m confused. The show is in two hours but I haven’t gotten ready at all” sje wanted to cry.

“Don’t worry my lady, I’ll make sure you get there fast. Just get dressed quickly a s come out and yes… Check the other wardrobe”

“Is it also mine?” She asked as Dylan left the closet.
She checked it and saw a lot of beautiful dress. She didn’t know which one to pick.

She finally picked a black sparkling gown with silver on it.
There was no need to do any makeup. She only did a little and left the room with her heels.

As she walked out of the mansion, her eyes shot wide open. What she saw was beyond shock. She left her mouth hanging.

“If you keep on staring at the helicopter, you will be late” she turned and saw Dylan walking towards her.

She hugged him, placing her head on his chest.
She raised her head again and kissed him.
“Thanks master, I’ll make you proud” she said and wore the jacket.

“Just act yourself, that’s the only way to kill them”
He said to her.

She nodded and left with Bruno.
They walked her into the helicopter and wore her the jacket.

She sat in the helicopter and waved at her husband.
“I love you Dylan” she murmured.

Few minutes later, the helicopter landed in RMI.
People saw the helicopter and ran away from there.

“I wonder who is in the helicopter”

“Hmmm, why is there a helicopter here?”

Beauty calmed down before stepping out of the helicopter with Bruno.
She took off the jacket and ran out of there.

The helicopter flew back to the mansion.

People were staring at Beauty in surprise. They wanted to be sure she was the one before interviewing her.

“Miss Beauty, over here. How did you get the helicopter?”

“How did you turn ugly his Beauty?”

“What was your reaction miss Beauty when you turned ugly?”
Some of the reporters laughed.

Beauty smiled at them and entered the building. She was really tired of their endless questions.
The reporters were the annoying set of people she hated the most.

She increased her pace as she walked into the building.

“Can you explain a ring miss Beauty?”
Beauty suddenly stop when she heard that question.
She stared at her hand and saw that she was wearing the wedding ring.

“Oh no!”

What will she say bayi???


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.