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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Seventeen ?

Dylan lowered his gaze and swallowed hard.
He didn’t understand what Beauty was doing.

“Slowly? What are your stats talking about?” He asked.

She heard that question when she was unbuttoning the last button. She raised her head and stared at Dylan.
“I’m trying to impress you and you can’t even see it” she said and fall back on the bed.

Dylan smiled and stared at her.
“Why are you trying to impress me?” He asked staring at her.

Beauty breast was still visible as her nipples were pushing the shirt.
Dylan eyes were on them. He just wanted to grab them and squeezed them into his mouth but he can’t. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her because she’s a novice.

“I want to ask you a question Beauty” he said finally taking his eyes off her.

“Sure, tell me” she said happily as she turned, staring at Dylan.

Dylan stared at her ugly face and touched her pimples.
“Do you love me?” He asked.

Beauty felt her blood rushing fast, her heart just stopped beating for a second.
She couldn’t answer, instead she put the pressure on her toes.

“Why are you asking me that?” She whispered.

“I just need an answer my lady” he replied in a whisper.

“I don’t know. I mean, I feel drawn to you but I don’t know if I should call it love” she replied lowering her gaze.

Dylan smirked and placed his hands on her back.
“Hmm, if you say so my lady”

Beauty wanted to ask him the same question but she was too scared to hear the answer.
She really felt close to him and wanted to just let him have her.

She could see his dick standing already after she sat on it.
“Should we go for a swim later tonight?” She asked.

“It’s cold outside. I don’t want you to catch a cold. We can do anything you want in the bathroom. It’s huge” he replied.

“Okay then, but I…”

Her phone rang. She frowned and picked the phone.

“Mom’s calling” she murmured.

“I think you should answer it” Dylan said to her.

She nodded and picked the call.
“Hey Mom”

“Oh my goodness, Beauty? Is that you?” She heard her mother’s voice. It was so sad.

“Yes, it’s me mom” she replied.

“Where have you been? I’m sorry for the way I spoke to you that night. Please come back. I won’t find any suitor for you anymore” she said.

Beauty stared at Dylan. She knew the phone was loud enough for him to hear her mother’s voice.
He shook his head.

“I can’t mom. I just need a break. You saw that I got signed out of the industry. I just need time to think” she said.

She heard her mother sigh through the other end of the phone.
“Fine Beauty. Just don’t stress yourself too much. At least, just tell me where you are. I’m really worried that you are not taking care of yourself”

“Don’t worry too much mom, Sally is here with me. We are both fine, okay?”

“Whatever you say. Just take care of yourself” her mother said and ended the call.

Beauty placed the phone on the table and lay her head on Dylan’s chest.

“I know you really want to tell your mom that you are married” Dylan spoke, touching her hair.

“Not really” she replied.

“Okay then. You should take a nap now” he said patting her back like a baby.

Beauty smiled and slept off.
Few hours later, she shot her eyes wide open and saw Elisa and Hana standing meters away from the bed.

She slowly sat up and noticed Dylan’s absence.
“Where’s he?”

“He’s waiting for you at the dinning table” Elisa replied.

Beauty threw her leg out of the bed and wore her slippers.
“Let’s go” she said and catwalked out of the room.

Beauty was still wearing her light shirt and a short.
She sat opposite Dylan and stared at him.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” she murmured.

“No problem, it’s just two hours” he replied and clapped his hands.

Beauty furrowed her eyebrows and watched as the chefs walked into the dinning room and started serving the meal.

Beauty was starving.
She stared at Sally who was smiling at her.

“Hey Sally, come sit with me” she said.

Sally shook her head. Ever since she knew that she was in Dylan’s house, she was scared to do anything or even talk to Beauty.

“Are you scared? Come-on, come sit with me” she tried to persuade her but she still refused.

“Sally, are you being disobedient to Beauty?”

As Sally heard Dylan’s voice, she quickly sat beside Beauty as her chest kept pumping up and down.

They all ate in silence till Dylan broke it.
“I’m filled. I’ll be in the room now, excuse me” he said and left. He just wanted the two friends to talk to each other.

Beauty shot Sally a glare.
“Are you seriously scared of him?”

Sally peeped to check if he left already. She faced Beauty and nodded her head.

“Yes I am, didn’t you see the fear that surround him. His dark shady eyes and lips. I fear him a lot. I don’t know why he can do to me, if I make any mistake”

Beauty laughed.
“That’s funny Sally. I don’t think he is scary to me. He is sweet and kind”

“He is your husband, what do you expect? I see the way he treats you like a queen but we are the servants”

“Shh, you are nobody’s servant. You are my friend so act like one. Besides, mom called. If she calls you in any way, don’t tell her about me being married and our location”

Sally nodded and continued eating.

“Good night Sally” Beauty said and left.

“G-good night!” Sally wanted to yell but her mouth was full.
She watched as the maid excorted her to her luxurious room.

She turned her neck and saw Leo standing opposite her, glaring at her.
“Why are you staring at me?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m staring at my gluttonous co-worker” he replied.

Sally rolled her eyes.
“I’m a human, I need to eat” she replied still filling her mouth with food.

Leo shook his head and left her.
As Beauty walked to her door, she stopped and turned to face her followers.

“You can all go take a rest”

“Thank you my lady!” They chorused and left.

Beauty threw the door open and entered the room.
She locked it behind her and started taking off her shirt as she walked towards the bathroom.
She opened the door and saw Dylan from distance, laying in the tub.

Beauty slowly walked towards him throwing her shirt to the floor.
She took off her short and entered the tub that was filled with warm water.

“You can do this Beauty” she thought as she stared at Dylan who leaned his head on the tub with his eyes closed.
She didn’t know if he knew that she was present.

“I’ve been waiting for you, you know?”

She shook in fear as she heard his voice.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. But were you waiting for me or my body?” She asked naughtily.

“Both” he replied.

Beauty chuckled and covered her face. She felt her hard pimples and sighed.

“So, what’s up for me?”

Dylan raised his head and stared at her for the first time that she arrived there.

“I should ask you that my lady. What’s up for me?” Dylan asked staring at her breast that was halfway cover by the water.

Beauty traced his gaze and noticed that he was staring at her.
“You’ve seen them before and also touched it so why can’t your eyes just let go of it?”

“Yes. I have seen them and touched it but I haven’t fondled and suck them”

Beauty heard them and felt her head go crazy.
She felt her nipples getting hard but don’t know why.

She turned away from him and stared at the door.
Dylan floated towards her and wrapped his arms around waist, pulling her closer to himself.

“Are you shy my lady?” He whispered into her ears.
It tickled her making her tilt her head.

Dylan slipped his hands up and cupped her breasts.

Beauty gasped for air and started panting.
She couldn’t bear the teasing anymore as he pinched her hard nipples.

She wished that it could stop but the other mind wished for it to go on and on.

Beauty was sitting on Dylan’s hard rod.
She was feeling uncomfortable but somehow wants to touch it.

“Can I?” She asked, wondering if he knows what she was talking about.

“Hmm mm” he answered. That is a yes.

She dipped her hand into the water and touched his huge, fat, long rod.

“I hope this doesn’t enter me” she thought as she danced her hand round it.

Dylan bit her ears softly, tickling her.
He loved the way Beauty just handled him.

It was giving him great pleasure even if she wasn’t good at it.

He didn’t know what came over her when she started stroking it hard.
He continued to touch her breast as kiss her neck repeatedly.

Beauty hoped what she was doing was right.
She had watched in erotic movies where the female have to stroke like this and also sucked it.
She thought about that and decided that she wasn’t doing that. She wondered how ladies will sucked their man’s dick like it was a lollipop.

“That’s disgusting” she thought.
That’s not my handwriting oo?


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