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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Twelve ?

Beauty diverted her gaze to Dylan and back to the house.
“Home? Do you live here?” She asked.

Dylan didn’t reply. He alighted from the car.

Beauty also came down from the came with her eyes fixed on the mansion.
It was ten time larger than hers.

She swallowed hard and looked back seeing his cars.
She saw Sally also looking around, admiring the house.

“Do you mean that Dylan lives here?” Sally asked again for the third time.

Leo nodded and went to meet Dylan.

“Okay. I don’t understand any of this shit! You own this place so what are you doing in granny’s place?” Beauty asked giving his a questioning look. She was confused and a little bit angry.

“I just love to stay with her. I’ll tell you the story later but for now, you need to take a shower and eat something” he said walking towards the house.

“Who are you?” She suddenly asked.

Dylan stopped and turned to face her. He didn’t say a word. He winked and went back into the house.

He sighed and increased his pace.
Leo ran after him and finally caught up with him.

Sally stood beside Beauty and shook her head repeatedly.
“This is super strange. I thought he was just a poor man”

“It’s really shocking! Let’s go in Sally” she said and went into the house.

She saw maids standing at a roll. They stood in order wearing a very beautiful uniform.

Beauty slowly walked pass them. They all bowed.

“Welcome my lady!” They all chorused.

Beauty bit her lower lips. Everything was getting her confused.
She closed her eyes hoping she wasn’t dreaming.

“Pick two of them who will help you in your daily activities”
She turned and saw Dylan standing by the large beautiful staircase.

The mansion is more like a palace.

“Do I have to?” She asked.

He nodded.

Beauty stared at them one after another.
“Please introduce yourself”

They mentioned their name to her one after the other.
She found favour in two of them.

“Elisa and Hana!” She selected them.

“Good. You know your duties. Make sure to serve her all the time and very well. Any mistake, you will get your ass kicked out of here!”

“Yes master!” They all chorused.

“Come Beauty”

Beauty walked towards Dylan as Elisa and Hana followed her behind. The rest of maids reported back to their duties.

She walked towards him and saw hefty men in black suit and dark shades.
She stared at Dylan giving him a questioning look.

“Select a bodyguard”

Beauty bit her lower lips as she walked into them.
Their chest were so huge and strong.

She danced her hand on their chest one after the other and finally stepped back.

“I’m Bruno! I promise to always protect you my lady!” He said with his deep and masculine voice.

Beauty stared at them.
You can all meet me when I’m done having my bath.

They bowed and waited at the spot.

“Leo!!” Dylan called out.

“Yes master”

“Get Sally to her own room”

“Yes master. This way Sally” Leo said stretching his hand.

Sally stared at Beauty.
“If you need me, call me” she whispered as she followed him.

Beauty nodded and watched her leave.
She walked to Dylan and followed him upstairs.
He walked her to the room.

He got to the room and threw the golden door open.
Beauty mouth fell opened as she walked into the room.

“Holy shit!! Is this yours?” She asked.

He shook his head.
“No, it’s ours”

Beauty checked the whole room. She opened the bathroom door and saw it was just twice size of her own room.
She saw the closet and closed her mouth.

“Are these clothes mine?” She asked staring at Dylan.

He nodded and sat on the bed.

She went to the balcony and threw the door open.
It was just a beautiful site from up there.

A smile crept on her face.

“Do you like it?”

She heard a familiar voice from behind and turned to see Dylan standing opposite her.

“I love it. But I don’t understand. Who are you?” She asked walking back into the room.

“You will know when the time is right”

“Are you a prince?” She asked squeezing her eyebrows.

He laughed sarcastically.
“No I’m not”

“Hmm, okay. I’ll go take a shower now” she said heading to the bathroom.

He clapped his hands.
Elisa and Hana entered into the room and bowed.

“Go prepare a warm bath for my wife”

“Yes master” their chorused and went into the bathroom.

“They don’t have to” she whispered to Dylan.

“That’s part of their duties. They will also bath you”

“What? I can’t let that happen” Beauty yelled covering her body with her hands.

Dylan sighed.
“I have my own personal maids. They also bath me”

“Well, that’s you. I’m not letting anyone bath me” she said and head into the bathroom

Dylan threw himself to the bed.
Few minutes later, Elisa and Hana came out from the bathroom.

“She didn’t let us bath her master”

“You can leave”

They bowed and left.

Dylan was so tired. He was a little bit happy that he wasn’t alone in this huge mansion anymore.

Beauty came out with her hair dripping wet.
She sighted Dylan staring at her.

“You, go take your bath already”

“Okay” he stood up and walked towards her.

His eyes went down staring at her naked shoulder.
He chuckled and stared back at her.

He clapped as his maids entered into the room and went to the bathroom.

He went in after them.

Beauty frowned.
“How can he let those ladies bath him? Why do I care?” She asked herself and went into the closet.

She picked a beautiful black gown and wore it.

She went to her makeup table that was already filled with new makeup.
She smiled at them.

“What’s the need of this when I’m ugly?”
She asked and just comb her long hair.
Sally followed Leo to her room.
He threw the door wide open.

“Wow, my room is so cute” she squeaked.

“I’m opposite you so, don’t make any noise” he said jokingly.

Sally shot him a glare and stepped towards him.
She brushed her finger on his shoulder and went to his collar.
She pulled him closer to her and drew her lip closer to his ears.

“I’m not a lousy type. Now leave!”

He stepped back. She almost turned him on.

He gave a naughty smile and stepped out of the room.

She kicked the door close and threw herself on the bed.
“I love this place. I just have to spy on Dylan. Who the hell is he?”
Dylan walked out of the bathroom few minutes later. The maids followed and went out of the room.

He walked towards her wrapped in towel.
Beauty shook her head and diverted her gaze from him

He chuckled and picked him lotion from the table and head into the closet.

Beauty smiled at her reflection and stood up, checking the fitting of the cloth.

“Let’s go down for dinner”
Dylan said coming out from the closet.

She nodded and went after him.
They walked towards the dinning hall with the maids behind.

He explained every part of the mansion to her as they walked to the dinning hall.

“And finally… There’s the swimming pool”

A wow escaped her lips.
“I want to go swim after eating” she squeaked and kept on walking.

“Can you swim?” He asked.

“No, I’ll just play in the water” her reply made him laugh.

She frowned and went into the dining room.

The maids came and served the meals on the table.
Beauty was already drooling. She swallowed hard and wanted to dig into the food already.

They ate silently with Leo and Sally.
“You have a meeting tomorrow morning” Leo said to Dylan softly

He nodded his head and continued eating.

“What meeting?” Beauty asked because she heard what Leo said.

Dylan raised his head and nodded towards the exit for the maids to leave.

They all left except Sally.
She was so desperate to know who he really was.

“Why did you send them?” She asked softly.

Dylan dropped his fork.
“I know this may sound weird and strange but…”

“But what?” She asked.

He sighed loudly.
“It’s a secret Beauty. I want you both to keep it to yourself” he said giving a serious face.

Sally nodded and folded her arms waiting for him to speak already.

“Fine. I can keep a secret. Just tell me already” Beauty said.

Dylan stared at their face and stood up.
He feel so weird telling them about it but he just had to.

“I’m Dylan. King of modelling industry!”

Beauty was dumbstruck. She was feeling hot and slowly stood up. She felt her head spin immediately she heard that. She felt hot tears running down her cheek.
She didn’t know if it was tears of joy or just tears.

Sally placed her hand on her head with her mouth wide open.

Beauty walked towards him breathing hard.
“You are the one… Oh no!” She said and fainted.
Tbc ?


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