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WAKING UP UGLY – Episode 1


Waking Up Ugly👻😱
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller😲

💋 Chapter One💋

Beauty they say is the quality of being pleasing to the senses or to the mind. Seems they forgot to add eyes. Everyone loves what’s beautiful and wants to get engaged with it.
Someone who is beautiful is a pleasing feature.

Well, meet Beauty. A beautiful young lady and a world class model. Her smile alone could brighten a dull environment. She is tall in height and slender. She has a round face with small eyes and nose. Her lips were pink which match with her dark long hair.

Everything about Beauty is what they call perfect.
She was perfectly made.
“Have you sent the replies yet?”
That was Beauty asking. She was in her peaceful home doing some makeover, which was done by her assistant, Sally.

“Yes my lady. They’ve sent their reply and agree to do the job for two million dollars” Sally said scrubbing Beauty’s feet.

Beauty sat up and removed the cucumber from her eyes.
“That’s more like it. I can’t do a commercial for a million dollars” she hissed.
Suddenly, her butler walked into her spa room with a cup of juice.
“Here’s your juice my lady”

Beauty slowly collected it and gulped it down.
“Thanks. You may leave”

“Yes my lady” he said and turned to leave.
As he remembered something, he turned back and stared at Beauty.
“My lady, what should we prepare for your guest coming today?”

“Anything awful”

“Huh?” The butler and Sally asked.

“Just anything, leave me alone” she rolled her eyes and laid back.

“Yes my lady” he bowed and left again.

Sally smiled when she knew what was happening already.
“Another suitor coming tonight?” She asked.

“Yeah. Another bunch of idiot coming with his family” she added.

Sally was forced to smile. She wasn’t only Beauty assistant. She was also her best friend.
They’ve been friends since high school.

Sally completed the makeover and helped her pick an outfit.
“You know, you don’t really need to look all that pretty and that. You are just beautiful” Sally praised her.

“Yeah, I know. But I can’t look bad in anyway” Beauty replied arrogantly.

Sally was used to this. She has been arrogant to everyone since her childhood. That was just her behavior.

“Just take the green dress. I’ll wear that”
Beauty said staring at her phone.
She has tons of messages from her crush, business, suitors.

Beauty was all set looking beautiful and all that. Her mother was here already. She lost her father at a tender age. He died of a rare cancer.

Mrs Jones helped her daughter with the final touch on her hair.
“You are beautiful my daughter”

“Mom, we are just meeting with this anonymous person and his dumb family”

“Beauty! Don’t be rude” her mother said calmly.

“Mom, they are here because of my money or because I’m beautiful. Nothing else” she said and stood up to wear her shoes.

The green long sparkling gown fit her just perfectly, exposing her neck and some part of her laps.

Sally came into the room and announced that the guests are here already.

“We’ll be down Sally” her mother told Sally.
She nodded and left the room.

Mrs Jones held her daughter’s shoulder and stared into her eyes.
“Beauty, you aren’t getting younger”

“I’m just 23 mom” she rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Just accept them no matter their status”

“I’ll try” she said and shoved her mom. She went out of the room.

Mrs Jones shook her head and followed her behind.
As Beauty walked down the stairs, she saw them waiting downstairs. His whole family.
She proudly walked towards them and stood in front of them.

They were expecting her to greet them but Beauty didn’t.
She just stared at their faces one after the other.

“Fake gold. Old shoes. Fake smile” she murmured. She scanned them and saw that they were just living a fake life.

“Oh, my future daughter in-law is looking so dashing as ever” Mrs Dan said as she walked towards Beauty and hugged her.

Beauty felt disgusted and slowly pushed her off.
“Thank you. You all must be hungry. Let’s head to the dinning room” she said and walked towards the dinning room.

Mrs Jones smiled at the woman who had confusion written all over her face.

“Please come with us” she said and left.

“Don’t worry mom” Beauty suitor said and head to the dinning room.

His parents followed them behind.
They all sat and gisted about random things.
Beauty sat and enjoyed her food not interested in whatever they were saying.

“Yes, the wedding is going to be the talk of the whole town” Mrs Dan said smiling.

“My son has always wanted to your daughter’s husband. He always talks about how he would take care of her” his father added.

Beauty heard what they said and finally spoke up.
“Take care of me huh? What does your son do for a living? Can he be able to take care of me and not buy me fake gold and old shoes?”

The family stared at each other. They knew she noticed everything. She was from a rich family why won’t she be able to know what’s fake or original.

“Beauty, I’m Peter by the way. Sorry for not introducing myself to you earlier. I love you okay. And I can be able to take care of you very well. I’ll get promoted very soon in my job then we can live well. Or better still, we can stay in this your beautiful mansion”

Beauty smiled when she finally knew they were after her money.
A bride would always leave her own house and head over to her husband house. But he is deciding to stay in my comfort zone.

“I don’t like hiding things nor lying but j don’t think I can get married to you Peter”

The whole family stared at her especially her mom.
“Beauty? Why?”

“I’m sorry mom. Please excuse me. It nice having you around” she said and left.

“Excuse me too” Sally said and left the dinning room.

Mrs Jones stood up and smiled at them.
“I’ll be back. Please enjoy the dinner”
Immediately she left, they ate the food quickly. They chewed loudly enjoying every taste of the meal.

“Careful son, I brought a bag. Just out the food inside” Mrs Dan said and brought out a bag from her skirt.

“Yes Mom. I can’t let go of this meal. You know it’s been a long time since we ate this” he replied and stuffed the chicken into the bag and some other meal.
They also took some cutleries.

“Let’s go already. That’s enough” his father added and stood up quickly.

As they walked towards the exit, they heard Mrs Jones voice.
“Are you going already?”

They turned and stared at her.

“I’m really sorry about my daughter’s behavior. I apologise on her behalf” she said.

“Oh, it’s okay. Children will always remain children”

“Have a nice time. Drive safely” she waved at them.

“That’s if we had a car” Peter murmured softly.
They all laughed as they head outside.
Beauty changed her clothes and wore her night gown.

Her mom entered into the room to bid her goodbye.
“I’ll be going now”

“Yeah, bye Mom” Beauty kissed her mom’s cheek and laid in the bed.

“I’ll be going also” Sally said also.

“Yeah, just be early. Tomorrow is the shoot don’t let their two million dollars go to waste”

“Yes my lady” Sally said and left.

Mrs Jones blew her daughter a kiss before heading out of the room.

Beauty picked her phone and checked the latest news.
She has been nominated as the most beautiful model in the world.

A smile crept on her face. She has won so many award.
She quickly sat up when she saw that the king of the model industry will be part of the judges.

“Oh my gosh, famous Dylan” she yelled.

She smiled and laid back on the bed.
He doesn’t have any pictures on the net only half pictures that would show him looking down at his desk to show that he was working hard or a picture of his broad back.

She frowned and threw her phone on the bed.
She laid down to sleep.
Busy day tomorrow.
“Get the bags already!” Beauty yelled at the butler as she catwalked towards the car.
She doesn’t want to be late to the studio.

“I’m with the bags. Let’s go already” she kept the bag in the booth and sat in the front seat with the driver.

She stared at Beauty who was on her phone looking all stunning as ever. She wore black leather pants and black turtleneck long sleeve. She tied her hair to a ponytail.

“Guess what Sally?”

“What?” Sally replied.

“King of model industry industry is back!”

“Yeah, I also saw the news. I couldn’t believe it at first until this morning” Sally replied.

“Yeah, ladies has started flocking to his DM already”

Sally laughed loudly.
They arrived at the studio after an hour.
They welcomed Beauty like a Queen.

“Good morning Miss Beauty, please follow me while I take you to the makeup room” a lady said. She was part of the crew as it was boldly written at the back of her t-shirt.

“Yeah” Beauty said and followed her.

Sally grabbed the heavy bag and followed her behind.
She sighted someone and shit her eyes wide open.

She kept mute till she got into the makeup room.
The makeup artiste was already attending to Beauty when Sally walked into the room.

“Sorry, she doesn’t use other people’s things. This is hers”

The makeup artiste smiled weirdly and collected the box from Sally.
She went to the corner to keep her own things.

Sally walked to Beauty and whispered something into her ears.

Beauty instantly turned her neck and shot her a glare.


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