VACATION IN OBUDU … (18+) … Part 1

STORY BY: © Nitefury

WARNING: This story is rated 18, contains strong language, pidgin English & Sex

After rounding up my NYSC program in June I got back to Lagos and got an ICT contract job in a firm a week after (thanks to Dolapo my friend and platoon leader back in camp and during the nysc scheme)..

By August i decided to pay my friend’s family in Obudu a visit. My job being flexible gave me the option of being able to work from any part of the country as long as i had my laptop, mobile phone and internet access.

So i went to see Dolapo (who i work under actually because she’s the manager and daughter of the big boss and owner of the firm) in her office to intimate her of my intention to visit my “second family” in Cross River State.

The Office
Secretary: Good morning sir
Me: Good morning Funmi, how are you this morning?
Funmi: I’m fine, thank you sir.. I guess you are here to see madam?
Me: Yes, hope she’s on sit?
Funmi: yes sir, give me a minute let me tell her about your presence.

she walks into the office
in my mind “omo see brezzz na, c d twins dey confident and proud, and she come,wear pink bra sef, ah dis girl wan kill me wit konji dia morning.. Ah ah ah, c her panty line for her skirt, is like na thong she wear o, if this babe go fit flash me her panties, my dai go bright wella” A second voice pops into my mind “you no go respect ur sef abi, se u wan lose ur job and u want funmi to fire her abi”?

Just then the door opens and Funmi walks out

Funmi: sir she’ll see you now..
Me: thanks love love ke? I smiled at her staring at her chest and reached for the door knob, arguing whether her bra size was 38C or 38D..

she smiled at me after following my gaze, i winked at her and she blushed.. ok na, make, i return from Obudu first, i go must sabi that bra size

You see I have this fetish for thongs (may the gods of our land bless the designers of those panties), bra (pink, red, and blue) that i prefer seeing a girl in a thong and bra than completely nude.. Also, slim and tall girls make me hard any time and place (call me perv, na u sabi).. I hate the sight of belle fat in girls and short girls? Don’t even,come,near me.. So you see, i’ve always known Funmi to be slim and tall (for a lady) but somehow i’ve always resisted the urge to give her a second look thanks to my sexual relationship with her boss, my boss Dolapo..

Dolapo on the other hand is chubby with serious melons, our relationship only started during our second week in camp when by chance i shagged in one of those shops at the mammy market.. It was supposed to be a one time thingy, but the babe actually ensured we were both posted to the same PPA (being the platoon leader and close to the platoon officer).. Although she has a Fiancé (one of those political arranged marriages) we kept on banging till we got back to lagos


Me: good morning madam
Dolly: good morning mad man.. smiling
Me: what’s up.? Didn’t know I’m now mad o..
Dolly: Na me u dey call madam? Wen u dey shag me from behind dey tell me to call u my daddy, u remember say i be ur madam for office?
Me: me? Shag? I’m a virgin o.. Dunno what you are talking about walks into her kiss and embrace as i squeeze her a$$ and felt her melons on my chest
Dolly: i’ve missed this.. You’ve been running from for two week now.. So this one that you are here, it means you want something?
Me: I’m not running from,you. You know where to fine me..
Dolly: I cant come,to your place na.. You should know this.. You want my dad to shoot you abi?
Me: God forbid me dying.. Anyways babes, I’ll be travelling by the weekend to Obudu.. I want to go spend the September with Franklin’s family.. I’ve delivered those software to Mr Kunle, every other thing would be done online..
Dolly: mood changes you wan go shag those Calabar asewo abi?
Me: this girl you get husband already, u no go allow me live me life? As a matter of fact Dolly, was actually coming to ask if you can tag along with me.. Since after service in June, you’ve been in this office.. Sweetheart, you need a break, we need a break from all this Lagos noice.. Let go to the Ranch, even if its for a week, you can return.. i said this while pretending to be giving her neck light massages And besides, Obudu is some 5-6 freaking hours from Calabar.. So I wont be meeting any calabar girl..


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