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“what do you even want?” he asked.
Oh, he doesn’t even look scared. She thought.

“what I want?”
What does she want?
She thought it better to make her life more interesting than it already was… so… she was gonna do what Emma says rather than what she wants.
For all she knows, he is Andre!

“go on a date with me.” She said.


She had cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Leukemia.
Chronic lymphocytic Leukaemia, normally seen in patients, usually around 60 or so and even her age and younger.

It develops from a type of white blood cell called B cells and it progresses slowly.
Symptoms may not show until maybe years for some patients.
Her CLL was aggressive and needed chemotherapy treatment early. But it was a little late for her when they discovered.

What? She had Leukemia?
Why wasn’t it found out early? Why?
With no early treatment, she was doomed!!

Normally an early stage treatment would make a patient last 5 to 10 years. But she had 3 to 5 years to live.
With various medications and also chemotherapy, she would at least manage to last 4 years. And with a miracle, she could last 5.
Jeez, it was heart crushing.

The hospital became her home.
She was given a room there to live indefinitely. She still remembered her dad’s gloomy face while decorating the room for her.

She eventually recovered a little, just like every other days, she found herself retiring to her former routine.
Her chats with him.

But when she told him she was sick and was gonna die, he kind of took it differently than she expected.
He asked her why.
And her reply was probably the last message on their chat till this day.

If he blocked her or something, she just doesn’t know because she could never find him again on social media.
But what really happened?

How sad. She cried for weeks. He was her best friend… well aside Emma.

She remembered how she cried uncontrollably when she started loosing her hairs because of chemo.
She then had to cut it. It was terrible.
She was never gonna make peace with Cancer or resign to fate. No way.

Eventually she stopped treatment 2 years later when she got her independence.
No matter the treatment, she would never be able to live as long as she wants anyway.
So why prolong the torture?

But that was a difficult decision to make nonetheless because she stopping the treatment, it means she’d have to die earlier than 5 years.

But she’d rather make peace with that. As long as she could do whatever she wanted before dying.

This is the story of a dying girl. Gracie.

And just like every dying person, she had her own wishes.
Infact she had a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she finally dies.


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