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I have heard about sex in night buses as rumours and tales but it never
rang any bell to me but here it is happening in full 19D before, maybe i
might wake up and realize it was just a wet dream.

Her cold hands were wrapped smoothly around my s—t wanking it
gently as our tongues danced into each other and my hands now rubbing
her Kitty-Cat through the pant concentrating on the wet spot.

Her slight moans were buried into my mouth and i intensified the finger

She dove her hand into her purse and brought out a condom and handed
it to me still kissing me hard.

I sharply OFFed the condom pack with jet speed before she changes her mind.

The condom was on my d–k within seconds fitting tightly and
comfortably on it like a second skin.
I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up to seat on me, noticed as
she ran her eyes all around the bus as she noiselessly pulled her body
on mine.

She shifted her panties to the left and slowly lowered her waist into my
rock hard s—t which seemed to be shouting in anticipation.
My whole body went stiff as her Kitty-Cat slowly buried my d–k inch by
inch, a warm cold feeling, slippery but tight and gripped my d–k like its
fitted in it.

I closed my eyes hard, shut my mouth to avoid impending groans from
escaping, my breathing sounded like it had been amplified with a
microphone and i did my best to keep it soft and noiseless.

Her right hand were over her mouth and her left rested on my laps, my
two hands held her waist firmly and she slid gently up and down my

“Oh my goodness, this girl will give me a pleasure heart attack at this
young age” i muttered to myself.

The rhythm was steady and slow, my eyes were shut but sometimes
peeped open to scan the bus for the slightest movement or sound which
called for caution and a temporal stop for few seconds.
Her waist rolled round, up, down my s—t like she was rocking to a

The tempo intensified slowly, my body getting numb, a surge of alien
pleasure quaked my spine, my toes curled hard and my grip on her waist
got tighter, i subconsciously grinded and slammed her harder into me,
at this juncture i didn’t care what went on around me because my brain
was literally shut down.

Could feel my whole body convulse, quake and shake. d–k became
harder and stiffer as a heavy toll of orgasmic wave rushed into me.
I wriggled uncontrollably forcing myself not to let out the groan that
lumped hard on my throat as wads after wads of love fluid spurted from
my D and into the rubber.

She slid off me breathing heavily, i too bore a shaky breathing tempo as
i gently slid the fluid filled rubber off me and threw it out the window.
Replaced my semi-flaccid d–k back into my boxers which it happily

I pulled up my trouser and zipped up my fly wearing an evil grin feeling
like “Baba baaaaaaaad boy”
Her clothes were back to default within 60seconds she moved back into
me and placed her head on my chest, my arms went around her and i
closed my eyes savoring every ounce of post orgasmic bliss.***

“Oga, Oga wake up” A strong baritone voice called out from my dreams.
“Oga we don reach!!!”
My eyes weakly slid open, the blurry images registered little by little, the
golden baked sun bathed my face.

A very dark man stood over me looking down on me with a twisted face
that betrayed the contempt he held within.
“Oga wake up na, we don reach enugu na” He said again this time more
serious and a bit angry.

I opened up wide, looked beside me but lucia wasn’t there, nobody was
in the bus except for the man.

“When did we reach?” I asked him still recollecting my wits back.
He cast a stern look at me “Aaaah since last year weh we reach, you
were just sleeping like you deh your room”

I ignored him, proceeded to straighten my creased shirt, picked my bag
and place the hand over my shoulder again.

“Where is the girl that sat beside me?” I heard myself ask out.
The look on his face was definitely “This guy is mad” kind of look.
“which gal, everybody don comot since na” He said turning to leave.
Anyway nothing spoil shaa, maybe i might bump into her or something
cus i don’t even have her number.

My hands felt beside my bag she seemed smooth and straight instead
of the slight bulge it gave out the night before.
My eyes popped and i flew the zipped open, dove my hands into the bag
and checked everything, that was when it dawned on me the Jewel box
containing the gold and watch was gone, even the hand bag and the 20k
i tucked into the inner compartment of the bag.

“Jesus oooooooo!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted placing my two hands on my head,
shakily poured out all the contents of my bag over and over again but
reality was dawning on me, it was gone.

I rushed down into the park, few people were there most of them
boarding the morning bus, i searched around for any thing that may
resemble lucia that is if am even sure i will recognize her if i do. My
250k worth of jewelry and 20k transport awoof gone in a whim.

“God punish that devil of a girl” I cursed under my breath as the drove
towards my house. But looking at the bright side, it was the best
travelling experience i ever had except for this morning, and the angelic
devil gave me one of the best straff of my life, but tracy will be waiting
and expecting her jewelries.

“Now i have to go and face 2nd world war with Tracy at my house”
Sighed hard and melted into the taxi seat… Have learnt my lesson the hard way.


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