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My phone beeped and it was tracy on whatsapp

Tracy: Baby have you eaten dinner?
Me: Yes sweery am about to sleep now, you know i have a flight to catch
in the morning.
Tracy: Yes baby i can’t wait. How much did you get the white gold in
Me: Just 150k
Tracy: Woow baby and licia said she got hers for 120k, am sure she was
given a fake…laughing smiley

I rolled my eyes and caugha glimpse of the girl beside me watching
my phone.

Me: hahahaha abi, oya baby let me sleep now see you in the morning..
Goodnight, love you **Kissing smiley.

I couldn’t wait for her reply before slipping my phone back into my
pocket and looked out of the window watching as small cars raced along side the huge python of the road which i was in.

The winds slapped hard on my face causing me to blink faster than
normal, it smeared a soothing cold feel as the tarmac raced behind.
It was a very cold stale atmosphere, it was quiet only occasional coughs
was heard every now and then and the speedy rush of tyres on asphalt.

Turning towards her, she seemed busy fixed directly on her phone
working her fingers sharply through the keypad of the blackberry Q10
like a machine.

“So whats your name?” i asked trying to break the grave silence that had
engulfed us for hours now.

“Am lucia” she said placing her phone into a little purse she had.
“Hhmmm lucia am sky, so i guess you live in the east too?”
“Noo i live in lagos, just heading down to the east to visit my aunty who
just gave birth last week” she smiled out.

“Aaaaw thats so nice, congratulations” i said
“Yes oo we thank god for that” she added before i finished. “What about you?”

“Ooh me? i live in Enugu, i came on a business trip to lagos” I sang out,
the conversation helped eased my mind about the disturbing rumours of
armed robbery that is rampant during night journeys.
I talked with Lucia for about an hour getting to know some details about her; she was the third child in their family, schooled in Unilag and
studied Mass com which she showed evidently in her constructive
method of discussion in which we dabbled into many fields of life, i was truly impressed by her intelligence.

My alarm beeped to announce 1am, the whole bus was still except for
some that shifted and turned while they snored away on their seat. i
slipped my hand into my bag and fetched a can of Heineken.
“Do you care for some?” I asked her.

“Uuuuh, shaaa ok” she collected the can from me and took a gentle sip
from it while my throat flushed down large gulps of mine.
We talked more as we washed down the drinks, gentle laughs at some
dry jokes she threw, i seized every chance the brush my hand slightly on her body.

2am, the beer cans had run dry and i was feeling airy and a bit sleepy
but i had to stay awake for my bag, the boys i had seen in this bus is not
the type you would trust your bag with.
I felt lucia’s head gently slide to my shoulders, the passing lights that
sipped into the bus showed her to be closing her eyes.
Finally she had slept off and the best part was it was on my shoulder, at
least this could keep me awake as long i focus on the pound of flesh
that smeared on me.

My hand slid over shoulder clutching her arms gently, i relaxed my head
on my seat and savored the feel of her open arms on my fingers.
She kept twitching and adjusting until her whole frame was almost
buried inside my chest, “the closer the better” i grinned naughtily.

I felt her hand rest on my chest, she twitched again and her hands
started caressing my chest slightly inducing a goosy chill on my chest.
the caressing hands on my chest intensified with every passing second
making my hand stroke her upper arm faster in a subconscious reflex.
I could feel her hands working its way down my stomach taking the
goosy feel down with it which gushed down into my boxers this time as
she drew nearer towards my pubic region.

I closed my eyes and abandoned my body to the feelings that rushed
through me.
she pushed her body up into mine, could feel her breathing shakily and i knew her face was up on mine, my eyes slid open and bit enough to
catch her lips glowing in the shadows, i crashed my lips into hers hard
and fluidly taking them fully into mine.

My hand slid down her back pushing her deeper into me, could now feel
her cold hands grazing my crotch area.
I cast a desperate look around the bus, it was dark and nothing moved,
no voices were heard.

My right hand grabbed her boobs which were average sized and
definitely firm. she moaned into my mouth yanking at my belt.
Could smell alcohol in her breathe or was it mine?
My fly flew open in seconds and she buried her hands into it grabbing
my d–k with only my flimsy boxer standing between my D and total
Paradise, the bag on my laps had slipped down to the floor.

I slid down my boxers a bit allowing my D a total freedom to throb out
hard from prison.
my hands slid into her dress feeling her boobs inside the bra, i pulled
the bra down a bit and furiously pinched and caressed the bosoms like
my life depended on it.

I took my hand down her pubic region trying to open the button which
she took from me and opened it herself sliding it down her thighs.
Could make out the immaculate white G-string on her which sent my
D–k on a suicide mission, throbbing hard that i fear it might snap.


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