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Tracy’s barking voice resounded in my ears over and over again as i
walked towards the park my large travelling bag hung loosely over one
shoulder while i clutched the smaller bag containing the jewelries Tracy asked for.

Tracy was my over domineering, bossy and classy girl friend who always
wanted things to be done her way and no other way. Only her beauty
could match the her over domineering and rude attitude which was why i always managed to tolerate her.

“You promised you would be back last weekend now its tuesday and you
are not yet back. what are you still doing in lagos?”
Her voice rang through the phone when she called this evening.
“Baby am sorry my business partners shifted our last meeting

“And so? haven’t the meeting finished yesterday? now its tuesday and
you are still telling me about the crappy meeting eeeeehn sky?!!”
I could hear her heavy breathe through the phone buttered into a faint
sound of music and i could swear am sure she was in my house having insisted i leave her my spare key, she has been with it since last year and have somehow cut my tail shot when it comes to taking women home.

How could i when the thought of tracy barging in without being
announced kept haunting me, even Amaka my hot secretary at the office would have made a good catch but “The fear of tracy is the beginning of wisdom”.

“Sky are you sure you are not straffing all these dirty lagos ashawo” she sang again still sounding desperate and washy.
“Aaaah baby oo no na, am i mad?” I teased out to let the temper

“Biko don’t baby me, i have been here for 4days waiting for you and you keep telling me stories and babying me, mtcheeeeew” sounds like my tease work is working.

“Baby you don’t have to wait anymore, am taking the first flight early
tomorrow morning back into your arms, i even got you the promise white gold Burito necklace, the designers bag you love and the gold Rolex watch” I added to soften the horse more.

“Aaaaah baby really?”she shrieked “Thank you, i will be expecting you
to wake me up tomorrow with your kiss” She blew out chuckling.
I knew my magic had worked and the bull was tamed. It was 4:30pm, the
hotel room was chilly and stale nothing moved and i was alone.

“I think i have to go today with the night bus and ge to the east by
morning, whether na night bus or morning flight no be still morning i go
reach?” I thought loudly. As a sharp igbo boy it sounded good to me at
least i could save up to 20k for some other things if i take the night bus.

I grabbed my bag from the ward rope did a quick pack of the few clothes
i came with, carefully slipped the versarc bag, white gold necklace and
watch into the bag and zipped it, i wouldn’t want any stories that touch
they cost me 250k and Tracy would definitely have my head if any story
comes up with those not after she had fought tooth and nail for it until i
later bulged and promised to get them on my next trip to lagos.

I checked out of the hotel leaving a few naira tip with the hotel
receptionist who had lavished me with flirty eyes which gave me flashy
images of what i would love to do with those killing body of hers.
Hitched a taxi to the luxurious bus park and spend almost 3hours stuck
in Lagos traffic.

The bus park was buzzing with activities, agboro boys shouting
dragging people by the bag to corner them down to their own bus.
I held on to my bag tight feeling the package bulging slight from the
side, in a brisk unshaky strides i walked into the bus park heading
straight to pay for my ticket.

The large long bus shuddered slightly as the engine kept humming in a
singing manner, could see passengers sticking their faces out of the
windows looking down, it was almost a full bus.
I paid the ticket woman left the change for her, i needed to be on that
bus already as it was the last of the luxurious bus heading towards the
east that night.

Finding my seat in the pitch black night was almost one of Hercules
12Tasks, as i had to excuse many people to look under their board to
read the numbers. finally i relaxed at number 47 which complimented
the shaby number 47 written by the ticket woman which almost look
more like a 44.

“Good evening” A figure seating on my spot greeted, the shadowy light
that struggled to sip into the bus only showed a figure and no feature.
I flashed the light from my phone screen casting the silvery light all
She wore a blank face, large silky eyes and a very dark mascara,
wondered why she had that on in the night.

The complimenting glow of her skin from the light made her out to be
fair complexioned, Angelina jolie type of kpomo lips and a relatively
slim figure.
“Good evening how are you?” I said letting out a smile that i wasn’t sure she saw.
She adjusted her legs a bit to allow me pass to the inner seat beside the
window which bore my number, i slid pass her and dumbed my weight
hard on the seat heaving out a heavy sigh, clutching the bag tightly on
my laps. It was a long journey and i can’t take chances with this bag.
“Sir can’t you keep your bag on the compartment above?” she asked me looking intensely into my face.

“Aaaaah No, its fine dont worry dear. Thank you”
The bus roared and shuddered and sighed loudly as the driver caressed
it the way he knows how to do best. in about 15minutes time it roared
hard and taxied slowly out of the park, the journey had begun.

My phone beeped and it was tracy on whatsapp


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