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🕵‍♂️Unexpected discovery💧


Tags: Reincarnation, betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

Written by: Lois

Episode 5

“Listen up you two, I am going to the company and later in the day somewhere with your sister Mira so she’d be watching over you okay? Be obedient” Meimei said pointing at Mary the new nanny she employed

The two kids sat neatly on the kids looking at her with a innocent and obedient face

Their obedient looks made Meimei’s mouth twitch, she knows very well how demanding and frustrating this two are when left alone,

In front of her Lilly is talkative and curious, Henry is serious and silent behind her they were opposite, they were two naughty children

Thinking of the number of times she changed nannies abroad she shook her head helplessly

Apart from her, Mira is the only person capable of looking after them

“Follow Mary’s orders and don’t bully her” ‘I can’t change nannies her again’ she murmured silently and the two nodded

“Am ready let’s go” Mira said walking out of the room in a flashy outfit

“We are going to work not a date” meimei pointed out

“You never know when you’ll meet your mister right so look good okay besides we are going to get the dress for Saturday’s banquet” she shrugged

“Won’t you give me a goodbye kiss” Mira beamed at Lily

Forget it! I don’t even know the difference between her and the kids


At vanguard china branch office

Meimei parked here car and alighted

“You and Matt did a good job here” Meimei said glancing at the erected building as she spoke to Mira

“I have good tastes unlike someone” she rolled her eyes

“Whatever? Let’s go” I said

“Go over I’ll meet you I need to get something” she smiled

And I know she’s up to no good again

Despite the fact that she and matt get along well it didn’t stop being from pulling pranks on him once In a while

Thinking of Matt she signed

“Good day ma’am how can we help you” the receptionist asked as soon as Meimei entered the lobby

“Am here to see Matt Johnson” as soon as she mentioned Matt the receptionist face changed from her enthusiastic smiled to disdain

“He’s not around, how company isn’t in need of of workers” the receptionist said in disgust emphasing the last word

Meimei, glanced at the receptionist who was checking her out in disdain and smiled

Its isn’t her fault, she had never shown up here before and only a handful of the higherups of company recognizes her

She turned to give Matt a call, she didn’t blame the receptionist perhaps a few girls have come over to harass Matt before but are attitude has an issue

She shouldn’t have behave that way before finding out the clients intention

“Who’s that?” I heard someone ask

“Another one waiting to climb up the social ladder” the receptionist voice of disdain sounded in the lobby

“Did you find out what she’s here form?” The other person asked

“What else? Asking to see the president

“You didn’t even…”

“The president is here” the receptionist said and they hushed

“Good morning sir” greetings echoed whereas I watched as Matt walked towards me

“Good morning boss” he smiled


“Why didn’t you come up directly” he asked and Ling mei watched as the receptionist face turned pale

“Apparently, according to your employees I am here to seduce you” Mei mei chuckled

“What? Did you say that?” He faced the ashen face girl emiting coldness

“No sir I just….I…thought” the receptionist girl stutters in fear trembling

” even if you didn’t say am sure your attitude must have expressed your thoughts, go report to the HR and leave” Matt ordered coldly

“Worthly of a c.e.o” Meimei smiled

“Learned from the best” he shrugged

“Where is she” he asked looking around for Mira

“I don’t know” meimei shook her head

“Let’s head up” he said and I nodded

In the office upstairs

“Just give me that recent reports nothing much” meimei said glancing through the files in front of her

“You are being lazy again” Matt said sitting on the desk having dropped his cautious and respectful attitude of before

At least he knew to separate friendship from work unlike someone

“Am here” Mira walked in with three bags

“Speak of the Devil”

“Where were you” Mei asked

“Getting us food” she replied taking a sit before passing each bag to us

“I didn’t know our young master has been popular among girls” I turned to Matt eating the snack Mira bought

“Its all my moms fault” he muttered with a wronged expression

” seems there was gossip while I was gone” Mira said grining with a raised chin

“Your dear friend here was accused of climbing the social ladder” Mei said and mira started laughing

From there she explained all that happen

“That was funny” Mira laughed

“Ugh” Matt groaned and they were face with Matt’s face filled with pimples

“Pfft” I held my breath trying not to laugh

“What is this made off” Matt asked the uncontrolled Mira laughing

“Some vegies and eggs” she said

“Eggs? Oh no” Mei signed

“I should have seen this coming” Matt signed walking to his office lounge

Who doesn’t know that matt has great allergy to eggs

But mira decided to prank him with it so pitiful now he’s going to leave with a ugly face for two days

How cruel

“I’ll get back at you” Matt said walking back out in fury

“If you have the ability” Mira bursts in to laughter once more

“Meimei don’t forget my moms birthday banquet on Saturday, I need to go treat this” he said throwing a glare at Mira who was stivking ger tongue at him

Meimei laughed at their interaction, nothing’s changed they have been like this since I’ve known them

Matt is the son of Johnsons family whose banquet we’re going to

He chose to work in our company instead of his family’s company

And the relationship between Meimei and the Johnsons family is good too

Thinking of the banquet,

“I still have to prepare my gift for aunty” meimei said looking at Mira who was eating in relish

“True but first let’s go get your dress” she said burping

“Eww Mira!!!!”

“Sorry” she said with a sheepish smile


“Have you started?” Gu mohan asked over the phone

“Yes sir I started today and miss has gone out” Mary replied

“Good take care of the kids well” Gu mohan said with a smile

“Yes sir”

That’s good, Meimei didn’t even know he was keeping watch on her and the nanny she employed was from him too

“What is she doing” mohan asked the person who was watching her, who was Lucas one of his subordinate

“Miss Meimei..went”….

“Madam” Gu Logan said coldly

“Sir?” The young Lucas looked confused

“Call her madam, id marry her soon” Gu mohan said and Lucas’s mouth twiched

“She doesn’t even know you” he thought

“Madam went to her companys branch office with her friend and stayed with the branch president for few minutes before going to LV clothing brand to get her a dress for the johnson family banquet” he reported

“Who is the president of the branch office” mohan asked

“The young master of the johnsons family, Matt Johnson” lucas said and he felt the temperature of the place go down

“Good! Did the Johnson send an invitation” Mohan asked

“Yes Miss Gu shan said she’d represent the Gu family at the banquet” Lucas answered

“Tell her not to worry I’d go myself” Gu mohan said and Lucas was stupified

Who in the whole capital doesn’t know that young master Gu doesn’t attend banquet himself now he’s going? Miss ling mei is his turning point

“Yes sir” he answered

“Get LV to custom make meimei’s dress and mine, make it a couple outfit” Gu mohan said with a smile

“Yes sir”

“Love really turns one into something else’s, boss’s smile is creepy no wonder secetary James was scared” Lucas muttered as he walked out


“Lucas, help me pick up my clothes at LV” Gu shan’s soft feminine voice rang as soon as lucas picked the call

“Young miss boss asked me to tell not to worry about going to the banquet” lucas said

“Why” she asked in her usual haughty and arrogant voice

“Because he’s going himself” lucas replied

“What? My brother is going to a banquet?” Gu shan was surprised so she raised her voice

“Who did you say is going to a banquet?” Magrette Lee, mohan and Gu shan’s mother asked upon hearing Gu shan’s surprise scream

“My brother?”

“Really? Then he’s up to something, just let him go” Magrette said knowing her son so well he was better left alone to do whatever he’s up to

But hearing he was going to a banquet that wasn’t their family’s surprised her
To be continued……


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