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?‍♂️Unexpected discovery?

Tags: Reincarnation, betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

Written by: Lois

Episode 4

“Sir this is the document” the secretary said dropping the files with a bow

“Okay, you can go” Gu mohan answered in a cold voice spinning is chair and tapping the table

If Meimei were here she’d recognize him as the man she bumped into at the airport

“Ling yingmei? Good! Very good” je chuckled

Seated at the topmost floor of the Gu cooperation the only largest company in china is GU mohan

Gu mohan, the eldest grandson of the Gu family, he is also the president of Gu real estate and corperation

Looking at the smiling face in the picture on top of the file he smiled gently

Just as he smiled his secretary came back in and was faced with his boss’s smiling face which scared him to death

“Sir..sir the directors are here for the meeting” he stuttered in fear

“Cancel it” Gu mohan said coldly still reading the file on Meimei


“Get out” Gu mohan said as a frown appeared on his face and the secretary breathed out in relief

“Where’s the president” someone asked the scared secretary walking out

“At least am not dead” secretary James said

“What happened”

“I saw the ice king smile” secretary james said and everyone held their breath

Who hasnt heard of the famous I king of the capital

Who was also their president, He’s arrogant, domineering and murderous

His name alone is enough to cause fear in people’s mind not to talk of the Gu family backing him up

Now they were told he smiled, the ever cold face ice king smiled, it seems they were in trouble..

Back to the president’s office

Gu mohan smile in content looking at her pictures and that of the kids

“It seems what happened five years ago was a blessing in disguise”

Thinking of what happened that night, his face turned cold

He had yet to find out the master mind behind the incident

That night, he was supposed to be discussing a business deal who knew he’d be drugged with aphrodrastic and a girl sent to his bed

Though he was aroused and filled with desire that night he was very clear minded and recognized the girl he slept with

What interested him was her courage

She dared write a note for him and pay him as if he were a host, it was humiliating

Then she ran away from the country, now she’s back she didn’t even recognize him when she bumped into him upon arrival

“Very well, there’s no way I am letting get away this Time” he smiled as he picked up the phone

“Accept vangaurd’s company proposal” he said to his secetary over the phone

“Yes sir”

“Let’s see how you’d escape” he sneered


At the same time at Meimei’s new mansion

Meimei glanced at the document in front of her and nodded in satisfaction

Her companys branch here in china was doing good

Just as she was going through other things the door open and someone bagged In

“How many times have I told to knock before entering” meimei scolded the happy looking Mira

“I lost count at 23” she rolled her eyes

“Why are you here” meimei asked

“About Gu real estate corporation” she said

“They rejected us again?” Meimei asked looking dejected

“They accepted, you are invited to meet the president of the company next monday” she said

“Why do i have to go? Dont forget we co-founded the company together” meimei said

“What? There is no way i am going to meet that ice demon, beside it was stated specifically that you should come” she saof dramatically

“He’s known as ice king, not demon” meimei corrected

“He’s a demon that’s what” she snorted

“Wait! What did you mean specifically stated” Meimei asked having a bad feeling about it

” why would I know, also remember the johnsons family banquet is on Saturday night be there, its about time you let your enemies know of your return” mira said walking out

“Why would they specify I come for the signing at GU corporation?” Meimei pondered
To be continued…..

It seems she will soon meet him ??


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