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🕵‍♂️Unexpected discovery💧

Tags: Reincarnation, betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

Written by: Lois

Episode 3

Meimei pulled her suitcase and looked up the sky and signed heavily

“Its been five years, I am back!”

In those five years she’d been abroad she completed two courses in business administration within a year started a business of her own

And a pretty good reputation within the us business circle

Apart from her business she hustled between jobs just to earn money

Signing again she swept her gaze at the two buns chatting happily and revealed a gentle smile

Not long after she left china and arrive abroad, she discovered she was pregnant while she was studying

She had been so shocked and flustered when she discovered she wasn’t pregnant with just one but two. But she gave birth to them decisivily and so far it has been her best decision

The two kids were now her only family it doesn’t matter if their father was unknown she’d raise them herself

It wasn’t surprising how her so called father actually adopted wanwan after her departure

They even got married

Ever since she left she had been following the news and had eyes over her former best friend and fiancee

Now she’s back that too with kids, she didn’t want her revenge to affect her children

Though her business has a large reputation abroad and had the image of a female domineering CEO

Few people knew her, her business was fun by her assistant and she goes out as the representative

It was only few people in the upper class society of the country that had seen her

She glanced at the kids looking around curiously as they walk out of the airport

“Ouch!” She rubbed her forehead and groaned in pain as she bumped into a study chest

“I am sorry” she quickly bowed to the person and ran after her children in front

“What an irresponsible mother you are” she scolded herself for getting lost in thoughts on the way

The man she bumped into was stunned and turned to look at the running figure

“Good, nice to meet you again” he said with a mysterious smile walking onward


“Mom! Mom! China is so beautiful, wow I really love this place” her little daughter exclaimed her eyes shining

“Yes its beautiful, but you have to stick to me so you won’t get lost” she reprimanded softly holding her to stop her from wondering about

Looking at her daughters attitude she couldn’t help but chuckle

It was obvious she got most of her attitude from her

When she was young she had always been curious and naughty though this little version of her was naughtier

Its a good thing she had and older brother

Thing about her first twin, she felt immerse headache

Because from the moment they could speak she discovered that her son was way too smart

And been too smart at times is troublesome

Her son, Ling yuhan, you preferred been called his English name Henry was serious looking and was too mature for his age

It made her wonder who he took after, his father?, no! Remembering the filtarious expression on the face on that night gave her doubt’s


Her ringtone brought her back to life

“Vivian where ate you have been waiting for ages” a loud angry voice sounded on the other side calling me my english name

“Really, every friend and good assistant I know would wait at the airport to receive their boss” Meimei retorted

“I am sorry but you were the one who sent me on an errands okay” she grumbled

“Its your work, that’s why you are paid” meimei said

“As if you pay me” the other side scoffs

“Really, you receive more than salary chick, where did the yearly dividend of your shares in the company go to” I asked

“But that’s me investing” she replied

“Alright its okay will be there in few minutes” meimei said

“Mom!” My little princess called

“Yes honey”

“Is that aunty Mira” she asked

“Who else? Shes the only one who would talk to her boss like that”my mouth twitched as Henry who has been silent since arrival suddenly spoke

It was no brainer that those two don’t get along

Henry complains of Mira’s stupidity, mira complains that henry was too smart, sigh they really can’t get along

Except lily my little princess
Her chinese name was Ling yuyao but she goes by her English name lily since she like lily flowers

“Ma’am we’re here” the taxi driver said and we alighted

“Thanks” I slammed the door and two my kids toward the house

“My cuties” Mira ran towards us staining Lily’s chubby face with wet kisses

“Don’t bother” henry ran away from her range

“I wasn’t coming for you” she snorted

“Help me with the luggage” I said

Thinking back to the time i met Mira in America, I smiled

Then it was my first year in school, when I just found out about my pregnancy

She had helped me along and contributed to my present success she came from a good family too

Even my company way built together with her

Even though she shrinked the main responsibility to me and chose to be my assistant instead

Well she’s my assistant in name because she certainly doesn’t work like one so i have another

She’s just a best friend recieving salary

Through the years our relationship has grown and it made me see the clear difference between sincere care and hypocritical care wanwan has shown me previously

I was really blind, meimei sighed

“Wow aunt mira this place looks pretty” lily said staring at that mansion Mira help me buy

“This is own house, so let’s go in” I said dragging my suitcase along

“Dammn I was really tired” meimei mutterd slumping to the couch as soon. As she entered why the ever enegertic lily was taking a tour of the house

Henry on the other hand was bickering with mira


At a entrance of a building opposite Meimei’s house two people walked out holding hands

“Yeqian, isnt that Meimei” Wanwan said stating at the fading silhouette

“No I don’t think so, since she left back then she won’t come back” yeqian shook his head

“She better not” Wanwan clenched her fist

To be continued……


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