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🕵‍♂️Unexpected discovery💧

Tags: Reincarnation, betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

Written by: Lois

Episode 2

“Ahh…hm” she groaned looking down at her naked body and suspicious marks on her body she was in daze what happened the night ago flashed through her eyes a face full of sweat, exceptionally clear eyes filled with desire staring at her.

Thinking about what happened she panicked but supressed it

It was no doubt she had gone through reincarnation

This time she won’t let it go wrong

It was no doubt that heaven was giving her chance to redo it

Everything that happened, the pains, the tourture, those eyes filled with undisguised hatred felt real, so she didn’t dare mistake it for a dream

Just that this time she woke earlier she knew what had happened and what will happen


“Its happening” Meimei signed

Hearing the sounds of knocks on the door she knew they were here, the reporters Wanwan had arranged

She rose up quickly

At this time she heard the sounds of running water in the bathroom

“Shît am done for” Meimei muttered dressing up quickly

Thinking about her past life, there was no running shower but anyway thats for another day

she counted a few bank notes from her purse and attached a note

“I’m sorry, this all I have, thanks for the night though your service was good” she dropped it by the bedside and dashed to the door

As soon as she slammed the door shut the man in the shower came out emmiting heat of a hit shower looking s3xy

“She actually ran away” he raised his brows and glanced at the few banknotes at the bedside

“She even let me money seriously?” He muttered then he saw the note beside the money “I’m sorry, this all I have, thanks for the night though your service was good”

“Ah funny she actually took me for a male host” he sneered anger swelling in him

“You want to escape after this, you can dream on” he said to himself packing the money and note


Getting out she was faced with the reported hungry for new pointing their mikes at her

She looked at them calmly before saying “what I do with my life is none of your business, and to the person behind this I am coming for you” I glared before turning to leave

“Shes so domineering” one person muttered

“Well as expected of an heiress” another said

“It didn’t changed the fact that she has a messy private life” someone said

Wanwan standing at the corner clenched her fists
This wasn’t the results she hoped for, what happened

According to her calculations meimei shouldn’t wake up now and her reaction was too calm

This can’t go wrong

There reportes were fast before Meimei got down the hotel the news was already abroad

Getting to the lobby of the hotel room she met her parents walking in

“LING! MEIMEI! How could you do this” Mr Long shouted angrily as soon as he saw her

“This is a damage to family reputation” Mrs Ling echoed

Meimei clenched her fist what great parents

Looking at the two approaching her, now she thought about it they have never showed geniue love or care for her they take care of her out of obligation and because she was an obedient child.

“Wow! What a great parents you two are? When you see the news the first thing to do was question your child without actually finding out what happened, so you don’t actually have any trust In me?” She chuckled Bitterly

Even though she convinced herself that they trust her a little their attitude shows it all

She might have been stupid in her previous life trying to explain

Every good parent will find out am the well being of their child when they hear they in trouble not conclude based on rumors

It was obvious they cared little about her

“Ahh..how hilarious” she signed

“Is this what you are supposed to say, did you know how this will…”

“Yes I know how it will affect your company, how it will affect your reputation, how it will affect your marriage alliance with the Jiang family” Meimei cut her father shut completing his words for him

“You..you” he pointed at her angrily

“Uncle, auntie” Wanwan pretentious voice was heard

“How perfect here comes the pretender” Meimei said sacastically

“Meimei, I know was wrong to bring you out to drink but I didn’t know you become wild after getting drunk and got with a host, I am sorry okay” Wan wan said softly sounding pitiful

“Haha” I laughed

“why didn’t I notice you were this pretentious in the past…sign I was really blind”

“Meimei what is wrong with you she was apologizing for what she did” mrs Ling said scolding her

“Why don’t I save you the trouble disown me adopt her and the marriage alliance still counts okay no need for pretence if you’d excuse me” Meimei said walking out

“Meimei you..this…this girl is really audacious” Mr Ling said angrily

“Uncle, auntie don’t get angry, meimei might not mean it” wanwan pacifed on the surface but was delighted

It was better if she was disowned

“All I have to do is to keep fueling the fire of their anger” she muttered

Meimei took a deep breath as soon as she got out of the hotel

First thing she did was go home and pack her things

She knew with wanwan around this would get ugly and she didn’t have power to fight her yet

She packed her things and booked a flight out of china

Even if her saying things to anger her parents won’t anger them enough to disown her packing out will plus wanwan pretentious act

Its only a matter of time

The engagement was bound to be canceled since its a plot between the so called fiancee and traitor friend

“Hmm” she signed as she got to the airport

“When I am back I’d be stronger and have the ability to fight wanwan”.

“This feels good” she exhaled sitting by the lobby waiting for her flight .

She checked her phone and found several missed calls from her mom dad, wan wan and yeqian

“Stupid pair of adultrous couple” she cussed

Then a notification rang, it was the news on internet

As expected it was the news of her various messy life the news of Ling coorperation stand on the matter and obviously Mr Ling disowned her

“That’s for the best”

“Flight 112 get ready to come abroad” the sound system said

“Well go bye to china for now id be back” meimei muttered as she walked into the plane

To be continued…..


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