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🕵‍♂️Unexpected discovery💧

Tags: Reincarnation, betrayal, love, hate and revenge.

Written by: Lois

Episode 1

“I really can’t anymore” Yingmei looked at her best friend drunkly as she hic up in daze

Qiao fengwan, yingmei’s Best friend pouted in disagreement frowning and said”but you clearly promised me we are going to get spent tonight”

“I didn’t mean this much’ yingmei said taking another sip

“Just drink more you are getting married soon you won’t be able to do it anymore” qiao fengwan persuaded

“Fine” she sighed smiling at her fiancee who’s seated opposite drinking as well

“You aren’t drinking” yingmei face her fiancee pointing drunkly at him

“I still have too look after you girls” he replied smiling gently

A couple of minutes later yingmei was dead drunk and almost unconscious

But her lack of security didn’t make let down her guard

She slumped over the table mumbling coherently

While Qiao fengwan and jiang yeqian, yingmei’s fiancee made way to another private room.

Few minutes they were gone the seemingly drunk ying me I stood up

Calling out for them as she discovered disappearance

Nearing the entrance of the private room she heard a familiar voice

“Are you sure its safe here” Jiang yeqian asked

“Yes your fiancee is drunk she won’t know” Qiao fengwan said tracing her hands on his chest

“She’s your best friend Though” yeqian said kissing her lips

“You are about to get married, but here you her fvcking her best friend..oh” she moaned as he left nîpple was beaten

Whereas yingmei finding the voice familiar she pushed the door open and went in

Though drunk she was clear headed at that moment as she watched her best friend and fiancee together

“Fengwan!! How could you” she yelled angrily

“Meimei its not what you think” yeqian cried anxiously as yingmei entered

“Yeqian calm down didn’t you always wanted to break the engagement” fengwan asked not feeling remorse about being caught

“I do but it’d be a different matter if she tells on us” he said

“Do you two even realize I am standing here” ying me I laughed but tears flew from her eyes endlessly

“It doesn’t matter it just save time and energy you found out” fengwan shrugged leaning intimately into yeqian arms

Jiang yeqian’s former anxious expression wasn’t there anymore it was obvious he was in support of fengwan

“To think I treated you both sincerely…ah this is really pathetic” she said with a self depreciating smile

She was supposed to be drunk but facing their betrayal she forced herself to face them

“There’s nothing you can do” fengwan mocked

“Really? You’d hear from my family tomorrow” yingmei said as she dragged out herself

“She’s going, its really going to be trouble if she Reports” yeqian was no longer calm at the mention of her family

“Relax I can guarantee it would be her tomorrow” fengwan laughed

Yingmei who had ran out was suddenly dragged into a room

At the smell of tge insense laced with aphrodrastic she was intoxicated and lured to bed

The next morning

” ohh…so bright” yingmei mutter at the flash of light

Several shutters of light was heard

She raised her heard in daze only to see several reporters and fengwan at the corner with a smug look on her face

“This is too much…you guys should get out” fengwan cried pretensiously chasing the reporters but giving them more room to take pictures

“I can’t believe the heiress of the Ling family has a messy lifestyle”

“Tsk tsk so shameless”

“To think she is getting married in few weeks time”

“I feel sorry for young master jiang”

People gossiped and yingmei cried hysterically trying to explain only to drop the blanket revealing her naked body to the whole world

“No no, I really didn’t this is a set Up” she cried desperately

“Yes yes its all a misunderstanding” fengwan echoed pretentiously

“Its her she did this” she pointed at femgwan trying to clear her name

“She’s obviously helping yet you’re accusing her” a stern voice said

“Mom!!” Yingmei’s eyes lit up only to meet the disappointed gaze of her parents

“No no this is really a misunderstanding” she cried anxiously

That day the trending searches on the internet was entirely on yingmei’s scandal .

It was the messy life of the only daughter of the Ling family

At the Ling family villa

Ling yingmei was her kneels begging desperately and trying to explain herself

“How could you” she yelled at her

“No mom I didnt” she broke as she cried

“You didnt? Then who did? You twin sister?” He bellowed in an angry voice

“No I really didn’t, mom dad you have to believe me please”

“Get out!!”

“No mom please”

“Out!! I don’t have a daughter like you”

“No, it’s all fengwan plan she set me up” she cried

“Now you are pushing blames” mother Ling was very angry .

“Guards drag her out she is no longer welcomed in this family” Mr Ling said.
Yingmei’s face pale instantly

“No you can’t do this mom believe” when cried

Fengwan who was seated smiked in happiness as yingmei was dragged out

“Uncle, auntie, I know ying me I was being willful please forgive” she begged glaring at the yingmei who was still struggling with the guard as she was dragged out .

“If only she’s as sensible as you I won’t have problems” Mrs ling said smiling her

Mr ling watched in daze as fengwan ran after the dragged yingmei


“Are you satisfied” yingmei stared emotioblessly at the woman who was once her best friend

It seems she never really knew her in the first place because this was a whole different person

“Ha..ha ain’t done with you” fengwan said staring the tied up yingmei

“What exactly did I do to deserve it from you” yingmei asked staring her in grief

“Your whole existence irritates me” she yelled

“That’s it? Just because you don’t like me” ying me I asked in disbelief

“This Is my business” she snapped

“I’ll make you watch how all that you own belong to me, your man your parents, achievements everything….no no you don’t own them it originally belong to me in the first place” she said and yingmei stared at her

Everything she was saying was inexplicablely nonesense but there was a point

“All this originally belonged to me in the first place” that baffled yingmei. What did she mean by that

Just like that she was locked up and tortured by fengwan for six months

There and then she explained all her schemes and achievement

Finally yingmei couldn’t take it more she got violent and spat on fengwan’s face

The following morning the headlines was greeted with sudden news of long yingmei’s death ..

She was found dead in a bathtub of an abandonded courtyard with her wrist slit

The news reported it as suicide but only the dead yingmei knew that fengwan was her killer

To be continued……

Hmm🤔😮 deep


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