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Unbreakable contract
(Loving you is my wish but I am on contract “NO DATING” )
Episode 53
About one hour we have been looking for what to sing.. we couldn’t find any.
“Why can’t something just popped into my head” She said frustrated
” Because there’s not love emotional between us” I told her and she look at me.
” That’s just from your own view”

“Tell me that I am lying” I said and she blinked slowly.
” Okay. What can we do?” she asked
“Let allow love to flow between us. Let put the past aside and allow love to grow through us”
She looked thoughtful for a while
” Okay. Let give it in” She said and I smiled.
I free my mind and thought of when we are still together. The love flowing between us.. makes an idea popped into my head.
“How about this one?” I asked her.
“Let me hear it” She reply
I feel alive Evey time we met
You are like the all I need
This feelings, I never felt like this before
I want to convey what my heart is feeling now
Whenever I’m in love
Whenever I’m madly in love
Everytime I’m in love
has to be you
I sang and played the piano along with it…
She stood up and move closer to me… she rest her head on my shoulder and started singing.
Bon Na
You’re the destination
You’re the journey all my moments converge with you
Every paths I take leads to you
I have no where to go.. Because you will always be in my heart
She stop and I started singing again. She was rubbing my hair.
Min Joon
Whenever I walked without you
The earth slipped from under my feet

Whether life has anything else in store for me or not
But there’s one thing destined to be
I kissed her cheek. She sang again
Bon Na
Whenever I’m in love
Whenever I’m madly in love
Everytime I’m in love
Has to be you
She look at me and I smiled at her we both sang together.
Whenever I’m in love
Whenever I’m madly in love
Everytime I’m in love
Has to be you
We are both staring at each other… and slowly our face move closer to each other and like a magic, our lips met…
I capture her lips and started kissing her.. she reciprocate and the feelings was like before. She’s has this effect on me. I move closer to her and I held her waist while she wrapped her hand on my neck.
The kiss was getting tense.. I pulled back and stared into her eyes.. she looked away shyly. I kissed her neck and she moaned with her Yee widened.
“M-min Joon..” She mumbled.
“Please, sunshine.. I miss you” I muttered still kissing her neck..
” Let get out of here” She said and stand up. I followed and she lead me to her room..
I smiled inwardly. I can’t believe this! She face me as we reached her room and I waste no time in hungrily kissing her. The kiss was rough and tough. She started moving back and slowly she lay on the bed while I was on top of her.
Like a magic, our clothes are already on the floor.
After what seems like forever, I pulled out of her and lay beside her breathing heavily..
“You’re still tight, baby” I muttered.
“And you’re still the bad boy..” she reply.
I rest my head on my hand as I was staring at her.
“I miss you”
She smiled.
“I miss you too..
She checked the time and gasped.

” You have to be on your way now before Kathy comes back” she said and I frowned..
” Why? you’re my woman for cried out loud” I said sadly.
“Not yet.. now go” she stood up
“If now, why will you allow me to…”
” That’s because we have done it before and we both need it… and truth to be told, I miss you. Now get out” She said and I smiled.
” Okay. I’ll call you when I get home” I stood up and started wearing my cloth.
“Ah that reminds me, your phone is with Raymond. Let me get it for you”
” Nevermind, I’ll collect it next time..Don’t stress him” I told her and she nodded.
I move closer to him and kissed her lips before walking out.
I gasped as I remember.. oh my! Did it turn to pregnant?
“Bon Na, you’re pregnant?” Anna asked me
Tears welled up my eyes.
” Is it Min joon? ” Eun sang asked and I slowly nodded.
“No need to be sad babe, he will be happy to hear this” Eun sang said smiling
“Yeah. All the boys will be happy. Let not spoil the mood.. this is a good news” Anna ruffled my hair.
I smiled as tears rolled down.. Eun sang wipe it away.
“So, why are you coming back with my brother? Or are you guys…” I said and winked at Anna.
” Oh come on.. we are what? Eww.. your brother is not my type” She said rolled her eyes.
” You must be kidding me. You see a handsome guy with dignity and you said he wasn’t your type. You must be joking” Eun Sang said
” Anyway.. I like him but you know.. I can’t make the first move. Though he said he love one girl but he wasn’t ready to ask her out until he solve his family problem” Anna said and I smiled.
” And do you have any idea who the girl is?” I asked
” No.. maybe Sara, one of his btch” Anna said
“Well , okay”
Eun sang stood up.
” Guys, I need to go now. I’ll come back later. Take care of yourself, b
tch” Eun sang said and I smiled.
” I miss this part most in you..” I pulled her ear slightly.

” Anna, see you later” Eun sang said and walked out.
Min Joon point of view
We are in the process of tracking the CCTV camera when my phone started ringing. I checked the caller and it turned out to be my father.
“It’s my father” I voiced out.
“Your father?”
” Mr Kim?” Joong Ki and Jeremy uttered while I nodded.
“Picked it up” Joong ki said
I picked it up and out it on speaker.
“Hello” I said
“Min Joon, your son is with me.. ”
“Really? Where is he now?” I asked hastily
“Listen to me, if you want your son back, being me the documents” He said and I froze.
” Father? Why? Why can’t you hand over my son quietly…?”
“Ahaha..” he laughed. “It’s impossible. The hotel must be mine. If you want your son Alive, bring me the documents within 48hours” Then he hanged up.
My phone buzzed and I checked it.. it was a message from my father. It’s an address.
“He has sent the location” I told them.
“Let make a plan then.. we must outsmart him this time around” Joong ki said.
Berry point of view
I winched in pain as I pulled over at the parking lot. I get down from the car and fell on the floor.
My security eyes widened as they saw me..
“Mr Lady…” They shouted and rushed to me..
They carry me up and took me inside.
“Let call the doctor” One of them said
“No, you can’t call the doctor. Just get the instrument here and remove the bullet. I am in pain” I said as I groaned.
I took my phone and dial a number.

“Hello…” I said.
“Berry.. where have you been?” he said
“Bryan.. can you come to my house. We need to discuss” I told him.
” Okay, I am on my way” He said and I hanged up.
Bon Na point of view
I was in the hospital room pressing my laptop when I suddenly come across min joon’s sextape with Berry.
I smiled.
I started editing the video.. and after thirty minutes, I posted it.
“I am a bad girl” I mumbled.
Kathy walked in
“Hey Bon na” She said and Min Joon mother walked in with Esther.
“Omma!” I shouted and tried to stand but winched in pain
“Oh my.. are you okay?” She ran up to me. “You should stress yourself, honey” She said and I smiled.
“I just miss you. But why are you here? What if Min Joon see you” I said worriedly
” That doesn’t matter. How did you expect me not to come when I heard that you were shot.. and Raymond was kidnapped? It can’t be!” She sat down beside me.
” How are you, feeling ma?” Esther asked
“Thank you. I am fine now” I smiled.
“So, how far about Raymond? Any news?” Kathy asked
“They guys did not update us on anything but I bet he will be okay. Don’t worry” I said
” Oh my poor Bon na. We are supposed to be console and assured you that he will be back but you’re the one assuring us. Don’t worry, he will come back Alive and healthy” Mrs Yi said and I hugged her.
Berry point of view
“What? You mean President is wounded?” Bryan asked and I nodded.

“So, where is he now?” He asked again
” One of his men called me earlier and told me that they have took him to he hospital. I was waiting for you to come so that we can go there together” I told him.
” Then what are we still waiting for? Let go…
We reached the hospital and walked in with the men that called me. He was wounded also. He was shot in the arm.
“How is my father?” I asked him.
“He is lifeless. He is in coma” He said and my heart sank
We entered his hospital room and tears rolled down my cheek as I saw my father. He was on breathing machine. Ventilator was connected to his body. The doctor halted as he saw me.
“Miss berry, welcome..”
“How is he?”
“The bullet penetrate into his heart. We have remove the bullet but there’s a hole in his heart. We are waiting for him to be conscious before we will carry out the operation” He said.
I clenched my fist..
The news came up in the TV.
This morning, president was attacked and was shot in the process. He is in coma right now… the police are still looking for the attackers…
This afternoon, a video sextape was posted on the net. It was a video of the celebrity Princess berry and an unknown guy, who happens to be the president daughter. They uploader was unknown… and here is the sextape…
My eyes widened. The video shows my naked body and how I was banging min Joon. But Min Joon face wasn’t show, infact nobody will ever thought that it was Min Joon.
“Is that not you?” The doctor asked. I was ashamed..
I quickly took my pace and ran to the door and opened the door, I started walking fast.
“Berry..” Byran called but I ignored him.

All the people started staring at me.. oh my! They are watching the news also on the TV. apart from the TV, the video was posted in one platform. It cannot be deleted.
“That’s her…”
“She’s shameless”
“I can’t believe a celebrity like her could go wild”
” She’s ugly”
” I don’t like her before”
“She doesn’t even got good body”
I couldn’t take t anymore as I started running away. I reached outside and enter the car… Bryan also open the door and entered.
I started driving away..
“How did that happened?” Byran asked.
“Only one person will be able to do this… Bon na” I mumbled as I hit my hand against the steering.
” Bon na? Is she the one?” Byran asked

“Only her and Cherry got this video.. and I have put cherry in her place which left Bon Na”
” Can she do this?”
” I’ll show her. She’s dead already”
“What do you think we should do?” Bryan asked.
“Do you know the hospital where she is?” I asked him
” Yes. I heard from one of the maid at the hotel.. why?” He asked me..
“Let pay her a visit” I smirked..


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