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💥 Unbreakable contract 💥 💦UNREJECTABLE… – Becca Library club
💥 Unbreakable contract 💥


(Loving💖 you is my wish but I am on contract “NO🙅DATING”💞)

🍧BY 🍧



🥀Episode 52🥀


Mr Kim point of view

I kept shooting at them and hiding in the car to avoid bullets. My men had succeeded in killing some of the men but the others were still shooting.

I brought my head out of the window once more and shot the front of the car. The bullet hit the driver and he died. The car began to swerve right and left then began to tumble and somersault. I shouted with joy and told the driver to speed up.

Berry’s point of view
My father and I arrived at the place where we kept the boy. He was very pleased.

“We have to get rid of that boy to get back at Mr Kim. That boy must not live, father” I said and he nodded

“You are right. I will order one of the men to kill him. Let’s see how things will go”

As we were walking forward, my father burst out laughing and said
“Perfect! Everything is going perfect! Mr Kim thought he was smart but he is not smarter than me. Hahaha” he laughed

“Yes father. He’s no match for you” I said and we entered where Raymond was tied up.

“Oh, such a handsome boy. Look at how cute he is” my father exclaimed and Raymond jumped as he heard his voice. His face was covered

“Who is there?” he asked and we laughed
“Don’t worry boy. We’re here to take you away” my father said and I laughed

“Yes, take you to go and meet God” I said and we laughed.

Raymond started to cry and I removed his blindfold. I shouted at him to stop crying

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any sound from you!” I screamed at him

“Leave me alone! I hate you so much!” he yelled and began to kick his legs.

“What a feisty boy” father said and shook his head
.“You are so ugly, ahjumma!” Raymond cried out and I gasped in surprise

“Stop calling me ahjumma and I’m not ugly!” I scolded and he cried even more

“I want my mummy! I don’t want you! Eomma!!! (Mom)”

“Shut up, idiotic boy!!” I screamed again and scoffed. I dislike this boy. He reminds me so much of Bon Na.

My father called one of his men.

“I want you to finish off this boy. He’s no use to me anymore” he said and I smiled at the boy

“Bye bye, Raymond. I’ll see you in the other life” I said as the man came to stand beside me to shoot Raymond.

I moved backwards as he raised his gun to Raymond’s head. Then BANG! He pulled the trigger.
I began to laugh but was surprised that Raymond’s eyes were still open. The man suddenly fell to the floor and I saw blood rushing out from his neck. I screamed and ran back only to hear another gunshot again. My father groaned and fell to the floor.

“Abeoji!!! Abeoji!!!” I screamed and ran to him. He was lying lifeless and wasn’t moving. But he still had a pulse. I began to cry.

Mr Kim and some men emerged into the room and I gasped. Our own men in the room began to shoot them and they shot back. I was so frightened.

“No, I can’t let them catch me” I said to myself. I ran to the dead man in front of Raymond who was still crying, I carried his gun and began to run away.

Mr Kim shouted at one of his men that I was getting away.
“Get her! Get her now!” he screamed but I didn’t care to look back. I continued to run out.
The men started running after me and shooting. I became scared and turned to shoot at them. One of the men got hit in the shoulder and stopped running after me. I laughed and was about to jump through a window when a bullet met my shoulder too. I screamed and dropped the gun. The pain was terrible.

I still manage to jump the window and ran out. I kept running till I reached my father’s car. I entered and drove off with my shoulder bleeding terribly.

Mr Kim point of view

“She escaped?! Why did you let her escape? Ahhh!” I screamed and hit my leg on the wall angrily. My men bowed their heads and didn’t move. I breathed in
“I will catch her… I’ll definitely catch her. Thank God her stupid father is dead. She will be the next” I said with a smile

I looked at Raymond who was crying bitterly. His face was now very wet and red. All the blood had moved there. I smiled at him sweetly

“My dear, why are you crying? Don’t you know I came to rescue you?” I asked him and touched his face

“Kamsa….kamsahamnida” he said in tears. It meant thank you

“Don’t worry. You will be reunited with your family soon, okay” I said and he nodded his head

“Take the boy to the car” I told my men and they nodded and untied Raymond. One of them carried him on his shoulder and went outside with him.

“Let us go. We have a deal to make” I said and we left the place.

I was so happy that I got Raymond back. The president and his stupid daughter thought they could outsmart me but I am wiser.
Now, I will make sure I get those documents from Min Joon and have them signed before releasing Ray. And if Min Joon doesn’t agree with my deal, then he should get ready to kiss his son good bye. Because I will not let anything get in my way.

Bon Na point of view

Eun Sang entered the room with a bag and I sat up immediately. She and Anna greeted each other by hugging before she came to me.

“Is that my Kimchi?” I asked as they finished greeting
“Yes. It’s still warm so you have to eat it now” she answered with a smile. She brought out a plate from the bag and dished rolls of kimchi inside then put chopsticks beside them. She gave it to me and I began to eat happily.

A nurse came in and smiled at me.
“How are you doing, Bon Na?” she asked
“I am fine” I answers and continued to eat

“Eun Sang, it’s not your shift, what are you doing here?” the nurse asked
“Bon Na is my best friend” she answered

“Wow. Great… Then all of you will be happy to hear this news” she said and lifted up some papers in her hand.

“What news?” Anna asked
“That Bon Na is six weeks pregnant according to the test results here”

My plate slipped off my hands immediately

By Princess Becca


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