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💥 Unbreakable contract 💥 💦UNREJECTABLE… – Becca Library club
💥 Unbreakable contract 💥


(Loving💖 you is my wish but I am on contract “NO🙅DATING”💞)

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🥀Episode 51🥀


Jeremy’s Point Of View

“Wait… Eun Sang! Eun Sang, please wait!” I screamed after her but she kept walking fast and eventually started to run. I began to run too and caught up with her. I held her and turned her around to face me

“Eun Sang” I called gently and she covered her face with her hands and began to cry. I was taken aback. Why was she crying? Why did she act angry? Did she know something?

“Babe, please…stop crying. What’s going on?” I asked and held her face in my palms. She stopped crying and looked at me. I began to wipe her yltears with my thumb.

“What is that lady doing here?” she asked angrily
“Who?” I asked, I wanted to be sure of what was going on.

“That lady on that bed. The room we just left” she answered

“My brother’s girlfriend. Do you know her?”

She was silent. She sniffed and nodded
“Scarlett” she said.

“Scarlett? Hmm, is there something you’re not telling me? Eun Sang” I demanded and watched her. She looked away from me and tears rolled down her soft, pinkish cheeks.

“She used to be my friend” she said
“Used to? Why are you no longer friends? What happened?” I asked

“She is evil. Because of her, my…” she stopped talking and began to cry again. I didn’t know what to do, so I let her cry. She cried for two minutes then stopped

“What did she do?” I asked as she had already stopped crying

“Because of her, my boyfriend got killed. She is the reason he lost his life” she stated and my mouth fell open

“Bon Na? No, she will never do such a thing. She’s not…”
“You don’t know anything, Jeremy” she cut me short and wanted to walk away but I held her hand

“Eun Sang, listen to me. Bo Na is going through hell right now. She is going through as much pain as you are going through. She no longer has you by her side as her best friend. And that is exactly what they want. They just want to ruin Bo Na” I explained and her eyes widened as she looked at me.

“Ruin Bo Na? Who wants to ruin her?” she asked and I breathed in and explained everything to her. She was so shocked that she covered her mouth and tears filled her eyes.

“Her son has been kidnapped? Oh my God!” she exclaimed and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“She wanted to commit suicide. It was her brother that rescued her. She would have been dead by now” I said and she began to cry loudly

“She is in so much pain right now. She needs her friend. Her life is in danger and she needs comfort. Please, come back to her. She needs you” I pleaded and held her hand. She wiped her tears and breathed in.

“Okay, I’ll be her friend once more. But I’m scared, what if she’s angry with me for leaving her” Eun Sang said and her eyes looked worrisome. She began to sniff

“Don’t worry, she’s a very good woman. She won’t be angry with you” I assured her.

“Let us go to her place” I said and the both of us began to walk through the hallway towards Bo Na’s hospital room.

We reached the room and we started hearing cries coming from inside. We entered and Bo Na was crying. She stopped immediately she saw us and the two women began to look at each other.

“Eun Sang” Bo Na called her gently. Eun Sang looked at her and her face turned red. She was going to cry again. I looked at Min Joon and nodded my head towards the door. He understood and the both of us left the room so that Eun Sang and Bon Na could talk.

Eun Sang point of view

I stood for a minute looking at her without a word, I felt bad. She was looking so pale and weak. Her leg was bandaged and her eyes were white.

“Eun Sang” she called me. Her voice was cracking which meant she wanted to cry too.

“Scarlett” I called her and I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I started to cry. She started to cry too.

“Chungwamnida… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry, Eun Sang” she cried and covered her face with one of her hand. I moved to her and shook my head

“No, it’s my fault. I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hating you when you’re the one going through hell” I said and cried even more
She held my hands and cried
“No, it’s my fault. If you were not known to care about me, they wouldn’t have tried to cause you pain. They only caused you pain because of me. If not, what is your business with them” she said

“I don’t care anymore. I miss you” I said and hugged her. She hugged me back and we stayed like that, crying for long before I remembered I have a patient to look after. I disengaged from the hug and looked at her.

“Look at how you’ve changed. You’re suffering so much” I said and she chuckled
“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine”
“Raymond will be found, okay?” I said and she nodded and wiped her tears

“I need to go to my duty post now. I’ll come back later. What should I bring for you? Are you not hungry?” I asked her

“I was not hungry but I want to eat your food now, so I’m hungry” she answered and we laughed

“Should I get you Kimchi?” I asked

“Yes, I want to eat your kimchi” she replied and I nodded. We hugged again and I waved at her and left the room. I saw Jeremy and Min Joon sitting on a long bench beside the door and discussing. Immediately they saw me, they stopped and looked at me.

“Are you okay?” Jeremy asked and I nodded and smiled

“I will see you later, Jeremy. I want to go and attend to my patient” I said and he smiled at me

“Okay, bye” he said and I waved at him, smiled at Min Joon then left.

Min Joon point of view
After Eun Sang left, I went back to stay with Bon Na. She was really tired and wanted to sleep. I decided to massage her feet so I started. Few minutes after she slept off, two people entered the ward.

“Oh my, she’s already asleep” the lady said

Bon Na opened her eyes immediately and saw them. I was not happy because I really wanted her to rest.

“Anna… Oppa…” she called and sat up. They went and stood beside her

Bon Na point of view

“How are you feeling?” Joong Ki asked me. I nodded and smiled
“I am fine. Anna, you look sick” I said to my foster sister

“No, I’m not sick. You got me worried, that’s all” she replied and I held her hand

“I am sorry” I said
“Don’t worry, you don’t have to apologise” she said

“Min Joon” Joong Ki called. The two of them looked at each other and my brother sighed

“I want to tell you something… I was that driver that took her” he said and Min Joon’s eyes widened

“What? How dare you?!” he flared up and tries to jack Joong Ki’s collar but Jeremy held him immediately. He had just entered the room.

“What is going on?” Jeremy asked
“This man–” Min Joon said but Joong Ki cut him off
“Let me explain to you. I did that for a reason. I wanted to protect my sister. Do you know I was the one who saved her from suicide. If I didn’t save her, she won’t be here anymore” he blurted out and stepped back as a Min Joon was standing surprised.

After about two minutes, he breathed in and said “I’m sorry for flaring up. I just get too angry and tend to act stupid. I’m sorry” he apologized to Joong Ki

“It’s okay. I understand why you acted that way. You care about them” he replied

“What we need to really talk about now is how to get Raymond back” Jeremy said and we all became quiet. I was so worried about Raymond that my heart began to beat faster

“What if they hurt my Raymond? What if something bad happens to him?” I asked and began to cry. Min Joon walked to me and hugged me

“Don’t worry, I’ll get our son back. Our son will come back to us, okay?” he said and wiped my tears. I nodded and he held my hand.

“I think we should go outside and discuss. Let’s leave Bon Na to rest” Min Joon said and the other men nodded.

“I will stay with you, Bon Na” Anna said and I nodded. The three men walked outside and Anna sat beside me on the bed. I laid down and closed my eyes then prayed to God that nothing should happen to my son.

Min Joon’s point of view
We sat outside under a tree in the hospital premises and began to make strategies on how to get Raymond back.

“So, Mr Kim said it was Berry that kidnapped Raymond?” Joong Ki asked

“Yes… I already threatened him to get my son back or he will lose the documents”

“Berry and her father are very dangerous. What if they kill Raymond?” Jeremy asked and I shot him a very angry look

“How can you say something as stupid as tjat.? What will need now is encouragement and not something to make our blood boil” I scolded him and he sighed

“I’m sorry bro. I just wanted to say something that will make us do something fast. And what I said is true” he said and I ruffled my hair angrily

“Now that I know that he is my son, I can’t afford to lose him. I want to see Raymond and tell him that I am his father”

“He will be happy to hear that” Jeremy said

“We need to know where they are keeping him. That’s the first step. Then we will sneak in and rescue Raymond” Joong Ki said

“And how will we know?” Jeremy asked

“Let us go to the police and ask for security camera videos. We will try to trace their movement and raid the place with men” I said and they nodded

“Okay, let us go to the police” Jeremy said and we stood up to go.
He saw Eun Sang coming from outside the hospital gate with a white leather bag in her hand.

“Excuse me,I’ll be right back” Jeremy said and ran to her. He began to talk to her as we walked to the car. Few minutes later, he ran back to us and entered the car.

“She brought food for Bon Na. Eung Sang and Bon Na are friends again” he said and I started the car.

“Thank God. Bon Na really misses her friend” Joong Ki said and I drove out of the hospital premises.

Mr Kim point of view

I ordered some of my men to follow me to the place they were hiding Raymond. As we were going, we noticed a strange car was following us. Ever turn we took, the car took it too.
Suddenly, one man brought his head out of the window and pointed a gun at our car.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed and bullets started raining on our car. I brought out my gun and so did some of my men. Only the driver was concentrating on driving.

We all began to shoot at the car and more men were shooting at us too.
I already knew that they don’t want me to rescue Raymond

By Princess Becca


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