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💥 Unbreakable contract 💥 💦UNREJECTABLE… – Becca Library club
💥 Unbreakable contract 💥


(Loving💖 you is my wish but I am on contract “NO🙅DATING”💞)

🍧BY 🍧



🥀Episode 50🥀


Berry point of view

“They are here, ma” One of my guard said. I turned it back with a glass of drink in my hand..

“Take me to them..” I commanded.

“Yes, ma” He lead the way and I followed him. We headed to the basement.

As I was about to reach the basement, I was hearing a voice crying. I smiled.

He opened the door and there he was tied to the chair with his eyes blinded.

“Good Job, guys. Dad will be happy to heard that you succeed before Mr Kim take any action.. ” I move to the boy.

” Untied him.. ” I commanded.

Two guys move closer to him and untied him.. they remove his blind.

His eyes flipped opened slowly. He was such an handsome boy. He really resemble Min Joon. But I can’t believe he is blind to see that he is his son.

“Ahjumma, who are you?” he said crying.

“Ahjumma? ” I scoffed. ” Are you kidding me? Do I look like Ahjumma (old woman) to you?” I scolded him

” Biane.. I want to go to my mommy. Where is she?” He said.

” Ah.. sorry, you won’t be able to see your mommy again”

” Why?”

” Because she’s dead”

” Kotume(liar). You’re lying Ahjumma” he burst into tears again.

” AHJUMMA ANNIA(I am not an old woman)” he flinched back in fear. ” You don’t have to worry.. because you will soon go and join her. Okay?”

He split into my eyes.. he kicked my Tommy and took his pace.

” Ahhh..” I cried out. “Get that little imp here” I shouted.

They caught him.

“Leave me alone.. I want to go to my mommy” He was struggling with them. I stood up and move closer to him. “You really resemble your parents alot especially your father. You’re stubborn..”

” I hate you, Ahjumma.. you’re a witch. A witch worst than Kathy” He said and I laughed.

” Kathy? Who is Kathy? Tied him down again and get him something to eat. My father went for a meeting, I’ll come back with him when he get back” I smiled at the boy. ” Enjoy yourself while you still can.. take care” With that I walked away.

Min Joon point of view

I walked into the hospital and ran to the ICU department.. I saw Jeremy and Bon Na’s family.

“Where is she?” I asked breathless.

Jeremy saw me and breathe out relieved. He shook his head.

“She’s still in the theater..” He said and I felled down in tears. How could this happened to her? How?

“This is your father’s fault!” I heard a voice and I looked up. It was Bon na mother. She was crying. “This is your father’s fault. Why won’t he leave my daughter alone? I know he is behind this..” She said crying harder.

” Why? Why will my father do this? Why will he want Bon na dead or why will he kidnapped her son?” I said trying to control myself. I felt like crying but I have to be strong.

“Why? Why? Do you know what she pass through just because he wanted her out of your life? Do you know how he killed her friend’s boyfriend just to make them hate each other? Do you know how he almost ruined my son’s life just to threatened her? DO YOU KNOW?! Now that you guys are back, won’t he try anything else just to get ride of her? WONT HE?!” Tears rolled down my cheek.

Did all this happened to my Bon na and I had no idea?

“B-but why will he kidnapped Raymond? W-why?” My lips are trembling.

” You don’t think know? You don’t know Raymond’s father?” She rubbed her temple. ” You! BECAUSE YOU’RE RAYMOND’S FATHER FOR GOD SAKE!” she shouted.

” W-what? What did you say?”

” Yes, you’re Raymond’s father… and your father knew it”

I look at Jeremy, he sighed.

” Is it true? J-jeremy, is it true? Is Raymond really my son?”

He move closer to me and touched my shoulder.

” Yes. Raymond is your son” He said slowly.

“It can’t be? How?”

“She’s already pregnant before she ran away from your father. She’s with your child then”

I smiled and tears rolled down.

” Raymond is my son! I have a son! Really, I have a son” I said happily. But my mood changed when I remember he has been kidnapped. ” Wait, my son has been kidnapped! He has been kidnapped by my father! I won’t spare him today” I stood up and started walked away.

“Min Joon” Jeremy called but ignored him.

Mr Kim point of view

I was in my study room with Alex and red.

“What? You mean President has already outsmart me? Sh*t!”

” He shot the girl and took away her son!” Alex said.

” What about the girl? Is she okay?” I asked worriedly. If she die, it will be difficult to accomplish my mission.

“We haven’t heard anything about her” Red reply.

“Hmm… ” The door flipped opened and banged against the wall. I tilt my head to the side and was surprised to see Min Joon.

“Min Joon? Why this attitude?” I asked as he walked closer to me.

He punched me and I fell off the chair. My men quickly held him.

I was shocked.

“Let go!” He shouted as he was struggling with the guys.

“Did you just hit me, Min Joon?” I asked as u manage to stood up.

“Uh, what will you do?”

“Leave him” I told the guys and they left him alone.

“How dare you do that to me?”I mumbled lowly

“How dare you try to chase Bon na out of my life? How dare you shot her? HOW DARE YOU KIDNAPPED MY SON?!” He shouted and I moved back slowly.

He is just like his father whenever he is angry. Once they lose their temper, it will be hard to control them.

But how did he know that that little boy is his son? This won be easy now..

“I did not kidnap your son” I said but he slammed his hand on the table..

” LIAR! STOP LYING ABUCHI(FATHER)! please, return Raymond to me. Please ” He begged as tears rolled down his cheek.

” I am not lying, min Joon. I am not the one that kidnap your son but I know the person” I told him

” Nugu(Who)? Who is it?”

” Berry..”

His halted.

” Berry?” He asked unsure and I nodded.

” Yes. He acted with his father permission”

“Why will they kidnap my son? why? Is something behind it?” He asked. “Or they acted on your wish?” He half smiled. “Is it because of the hotel? Do you want it that much? You want to take my son’s thumbprint without his knowledge. Huh? He doesn’t understand all this.. that’s a cheat. Infact, you’re a coward”

” Min Joon.. how did you know that it was your son’s thumbprint?” I asked surprisedly

He smiled.

” You’re not that smart, Mr Kim. Your documents is with me..”

I quickly ran to my locker and open the safe lock.. I searched for the documents but it was nowhere to be found. I glared at him.

“Where’s he documents, Min Joon? GIVE ME BACK THE DOCUMENTS!” I shouted

“Give me back my son.. you will have your documents back. You can’t complete it without the documents, right? And I know you need him alive, so I trust you won’t hurt him”

” Min Joon.. give me back the documents”

” HAND ME BACK MY SON! And you will have the documents back… I give you 12 hours.. or else?” With that he walked out and banged the door behind him.

I sat down… how did he get the documents? I was tapping my finger on the table, thinking.

“Do you know where the boy was taken to?” I asked the boy.

” Yes. We followed them”

” Prepared the car, we are going there”

“Sir, are we going to hand over he boy?” Red asked

” Just let get him first, after then I’ll decide”

Min Joon point of view

I was in my car, thinking. Why is my life like this? I have everything I want.. but I don’t have happiness. I don’t have peace of mind. I can’t do the way I want. I am just a game playing by the gamer! My life is a game. My mother was locked up while my father turned me into his puppet.

Because of an hotel! I rest my head on the steering as tears was dripping down.

Then suddenly.. I remember something.

Wait! Why did my grandfather can’t gave the hotel to my father in the first place ? Why does he have to have my son’s thumbprint before he can have access to it? It doesn’t make sense! His son must come first before me. No matter what wrong father did, grandpa still loves and cares for him. So, why won’t he give the hotel to him? Unless.. he wasn’t the owner

I turned on the ignition and drove away. I speed away…

After a while, I pulled over in the parking lot. I get down from the car and entered into my house.

“Welcome sir” I ignored the maid greeting me and walked to my room.

I headed straight to my wardrobe and took out the documents. I flipped it opened and go through it…

“Wait, Whose signature is this?” I mumbled. “This is not my grandfather’s signature nor my father. Then whose? I stared at it for a while.. it look familiar. Where did I see it before? ”

I close my eyes as I tried to remember it.. and am image popped into my mind.

Father.. do you like my signature?

Wow! It’s good but very visible.. try to hide what you written there…


So that it won’t be easy to forge your signature

what’s your own signature, father?

It’s.. like this

I stumbled back as I tried to remember. I was breathing heavily..

What’s that all about? Is that the small me? But who is that man? Why is his face blurry? I was calling him father.. but his voice doesn’t sound like my father. And I never thought I had that happy memories with my father.. so who is that?

My phone brought me out of my thought. I flinched as it started ringing…

I took it out and it was Jeremy. I picked up instantly

“Hello Jeremy” I said

“Where are you?” he asked

“I am somewhere…” I mumbled

” Come to the hospital now…” He said and hanged up.

I stood up hurriedly and ran out ..

Skip Time

I ran into the hospital and headed to the VIP. I saw Bon na name on the door.. I opened it slowly and entered.

“You’re here” Jeremy said and move closer to me.

“Bon na.. how Is she?” I asked and look at him.

He smiled and move to the side. I tilt my head to the side and saw her on the bed.

I move closer to her… Her leg was bandage. And a drip was fixed into her hand. I look at the doctor attending to her.

“How is she?” I asked him

“She’s fine. But the bullet penetrate into her bone and there was a little fracture… which means, it will take a while before she can fully walked” The doctor said

” But is she going to be able to walk, right?”

” Sure… she will be able to walk. Don’t worry.. excuse me” He bowed and walked out with the nurse.

I move closer to her and bend down beside her bed. I held her hand.

“I am coming, Min Joon. I want to attend to something”

“Where’s her family?” I asked him

” They went home to get her something to eat. They will soon be back” He said and patted my back before walking out.

I rest my head on the bed still holding her hand. Slowly her hand started moving in mine… i raise my head up and found her eyes flipped opened.

“Bon Na?” I called

She looked around and then back to me.

“M-min Joon…” she called

“Yes, sunshine. It’s me.. how are you feeling?” I asked

” Raymond.. they took him away. Please, find me my son” She said as tears rolled down her cheek

“Our son.. isn’t it?”

Her face changed.

” How do you know?”

” Why are you keeping it away from me? Why can’t you tell me? huh? Sunshine, why? Are you still angry with me? Are you still punishing me? You kept me away from meeting my son, why? Bon na, why? If you have told me about him earlier, I would have protect him more.. cuz I am aware of the reason he was kidnapped”

” Biane.. I am sorry, min Joon” She cried. I wipe her tears and kissed her forehead

Eun sang point of view

“Yes. I’ll go to the ward, now” I said to my superior.

” Alright, make sure you take good care of them, they are VIPs. They need special caring. Is that care?” I nodded

” Don’t worry, I’ll do my best” She tapped my shoulder and smiled.

I sighed as she walked away. She rescue me when I wanted to kill myself. She has been there for me since then. She sent me to school and got me a job…

“Boom!” I heard someone shouted behind me. I flinched and turned back.

It was Jeremy

“Really, Jeremy!” I scolded

“Hey babe” He smiled. ” Did I scared you?”

” Hell yes! You scared the sh*t out of me”

” Oh biane.. ” he winked.

” What are you doing here?” I folded my hand.

” My girlfriend is sick, so she’s receiving treatment here” He said and my face changed.

” G-girlfriend? You have a girlfriend?” I asked

” Uh.. do you want to meet her?” he offered

” Em.. no. I got some business to do” I said and wanted to walk away but he held my hand.

“Why? Are you angry?” He asked furrowed his brows

“Angry.. no. Why will I? You have a girlfriend, what’s there to be angry about?” I said and frowned.

He smiled.

” Are you jealous?”

I glanced at him. “Why will I?”

“Come on.. it’s my brother’s girlfriend. She’s sick”

“Oh really? Where is her ward?” I asked happily. Thank God, she’s not his girlfriend

” In the VIPs” He replied

“That’s exactly where I am heading” I told him

“Oh really? Shall we go together?” He asked

” Sure..”

We started walking there… after a while, we reached the place. He opened the door and I walked in while he followed.

“Hello…” I stopped as I saw who I never thought I’ll meet again.

“S-scarlett…” I called and she look at my direction..

“Eun sang?” She called..

I look at the guy beside him and it turned out to be Min Joon… I look back to Jeremy.

“What’s happening? Do you know her?” Jeremy asked.

I slowly opened the door and walked out.

“Eun sang..” Scarlett called but I ignored.

” Babe” Jeremy ran after me..




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