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💥 Unbreakable contract 💥 💦UNREJECTABLE… – Becca Library club
💥 Unbreakable contract 💥


(Loving💖 you is my wish but I am on contract “NO🙅DATING”💞)

🍧BY 🍧



🥀 Episode 49🥀


Cherry point of view

I bowed my head in shame as I was crying silently. I never thought this could happen to me. I am ashamed to face Jin na.

“Can you excuse us?” Jin na said Alice.

“Cherry, I’ll be back.. just take it easy” She said before walking out.

Jin na walked up to me and sat down on the bed. He slowly raise up my chin. He wipe my tears off.

” why are you crying? Do you min Joon that much?” He asked with sadness.

“Not like that”

” Then what? Why are you crying? Or is it because of the baby? Don’t you want it?” I look at his eyes.

” Jin na..”

“Fine. If you don’t want it we could ab..” I pecked his lips.

” I want it. I am keeping the baby.. and I’ll give you a chance if you’re ready to take responsibility for it” I told him and his lips curved into smiled.

” Really? So, I am becoming a father soon” He said smiling.

I also smiled and nodded.

” We are going to have a baby” he hugged me. ” I love you, Jin na” I muttered

” I love you too, honey” He kissed me.

Min Joon point of view

“Daddy, I want this one” Raymond said pointing at the strawberry flavor.

“Please, can I have two strawberry shortcake” I told the man selling it.

We are in the amusement park… we have rude different game.. today was really fun. I felt relaxed with Raymond. I wish he is my real son.

“Here is it, sir” The man said stretched out two shortcake. I collected it and hand one over to Raymond.

“Daddy.. that man is looking at me” Raymond said hold the Hem of my shirt.

” Who?” I asked as he collected the shortcake.

“That man” I saw the man looking at us but as our eyes meet, he randomly looked away.

” Let go, Raymond” I hold his hand and walked

We keep walking as we reached doll station, Raymond stopped.

“Dad look.. it looks exactly like my toy horse” He said pointing at one toy horse.. places on a table.

“Do you have that kind of toy?” I asked him

“Yes” He nodded. ” let me show you on my phone”

He took out his phone and show me the picture. It was used as his wallpaper. He was in the bathroom holding the horse.

“Wow! It’s beautiful..” I commented. But wait, the toy look familiar. I have seen it somewhere before. “Where did you get it from?”

“My grandma made it for me. She said she gave the same to her both son” Raymond said.

” I have seen it before, where did I see it before?” I mumbled

” Do you like it? should I asked my grandma to make one for you?” He asked

” Alright..”

Mr Kim point of view

” Sir, we had found out about the girl..” Alex said

“Tell me in details” I sat down

“We caught one of her friend and she gave us her address.. She’s with the other guys, so that she won’t be able to Inform the girl” Red added.

” Hmm.. okay. I am glad that you’re here in Korea, I have a job for you also” I said slipped in my drink. ” So, how will you locate that girl now? I need Mrs Yi back before min Joon asked for his mother”

“This is the girl picture..” Alex said placed the picture on the table.

I place down my glass of wine and picked up the pictures. I raise my brows as I saw the girl.

“Is this the girl?” I asked again.

“Yes, sir. She’s the one that took Madam away” Red said bowing.

I smiled.

“Scarlett… is this your coming back at me? How dare you tackled with me? How dare you getting involved in my way?” I look at them. ” This makes my work for you easier.

“What do you mean, sir?” Alex asked

“This is the same girl I am looking for” I rest my back on the chair. ” She has a son.. I want you to kidnap the child” I told them.

“Which means, we can use that opportunity to kidnap Madam back. Isn’t it?” Red asked

” Brilliant.. and if you fail to bring back Madam, we can use the child to blackmail her. I hope you understand?”

They both nodded.

” Okay sir..” They both chorused.

“Be fast about the work.. before president outsmart us. Is that clear?”

They nodded. ” Yes, sir”

” Get on with it then..”

Bon na point of view

I was in the Big hit entertainment, talking with Mona when the door flipped open and Min Joon walked in with Raymond.

“Mommy” Raymond ran up to me and hugged me.

“Oh my baby! Do you have fun, today?” I asked him and he nodded rapidly

“Yes. We had a lot of fun. Infact, dad was the best” He said

“Oh so.. what of mommy? Does she have rival now?” I asked faking a frowned.

” Hmm… you’re both the best. No one is better than other. I love you both” He said and We all laughed.

” Hey Mona..” Min Joon waved at her. He bend down to me and kissed my lips. My eyes widened, in front of Mona!. “I miss you baby” He said as he pulled back

“Hm.. I’m lost here” Mona cleared her throat. “Are you two..”

“Do you have any problem with it?” Jeremy walked in.

Mona shook his head.

” To be sincere you are trying my patience. Can you imagine?” Mona look at me. ” He is exactly like Min Joon.. rude, belittle others. I’ll soon fire you” Mona said Jokily

Jeremy sticked out his tongue to him. He look cute.

” Jeremy… when is grandma coming back? I miss her so much” Raymond said pulling Jeremy’s hand.

” Don’t worry, she will soon be back. Okay?”

” Which grandma is he talking about?” Min joon asked.

” Huh?” Jeremy said.

” Is Bon na mother living with you?” Min Joon asked and laughed.

His phone started ringing.. he checked the caller and look at me.

“What’s it?” I asked him

“Em.. nothing. Excuse me” He said and move away from us to answer his phone.

” Raymond, you can’t talk about grandma in front of min Joon. okay?” I scolded him.

” Why? ” he question

” Stop questioning me and just do as I say”

Min Joon walked back to us..

” Sorry, I have to go now” He said

“Where are you going?” Jeremy and I asked together. We look at each other and smiled.

“Oh someone is missing him already” Mona said winked at me.

“I just need to attend to something at the hotel. See you later” He kissed my cheek and ruffled Raymond’s hair before walking away.

“Are you dating min joon?” Mona asked. I have even forgotten that she’s still here.

“Yes so? Are you crushing on min Joon?” Jeremy asked and she rolled her eyes.

” You’re sick, Jeremy” We all laughed.

Song Joong Ki point of view

I walked into the office and met the receptionist

“Goodday sir.. how can I help you?” She asked brightly

” I am here to see Mr John. Is he around?” I asked her.

“Mr John has not come to work since yesterday. Infact, his family couldn’t locate where he is” The girl said and I was confused.

” How come? Did he went somewhere?”

” No. But actually, his car was found last night because a road.. but he is nowhere to be found” The girl said again.

” I have been trying his number but it was going through”

” Same here.. the family has concluded to report him missing by tomorrow morning”

” Alright, thank you” I walked back to my car.

What’s going on? I hope he wasn’t kidnapped. Did he has a clash with anybody?

My phone started ringing… it was Mr John. I quickly picked up at once.

Hello.. where the heck have you been? ” I ranted

” You have to help me.. I was kidnapped” He said breathless.

” What? How? Who?” I asked worriedly

“Mr Kim kidnapped me.. he wanted to collect your parents properties for his partner. They are looking for you and your sister… ”

” Oh my God! Where are you now?”

” I don’t know.. please help me..”

” Okay. Don’t worry no matter what, just make sure you phone is switched on.. okay”

” Alright.. the torment is unbearable.. please”

He hanged up.

He was kidnapped. They are looking for me. Oh my, Bon na. I need to ensure her safety.

I turned on the ignition and drove away.

Min Joon point of view

I got out of the elevator and headed to her room which is room 207. I press the door bell and the door opened revealed her.

Her face brighten up as she saw me. She hugged me instantly.

“Min Joon, you’re here” She said happily.

“Why did you want to see me?” I asked as I pushed her away gently and walked in

She frowned and close the door.

” Come on, is it a bad thing to see my boyfriend?” She said and I scoffed.

” Your boy-what? You must be joking”

“Min Joon, aren’t you happy to see me?” she folded her hand.

” It’s a relief that you’re still alive and completed.. so what brought you back to Korea? Where’s your husband?” I asked and sat down.

She came closer to me and sat on my laps.

“We divorced” She rolled her eyes.

“What? Divorced? Why? when?” I asked surprisedly

Well, Liliana came back to Korea five years ago after scarlett left. She wanted to marry me but unfortunately, she met her male friend who proposed to her.. since I gave her to space in my heart, she accepted the guy and they both got married. But I can’t believe they are divorced now. I wonder what happened!

“Last week.. ”

“How did it happened?”

“Well, he cheated on me. I challenge him and he hit me. So, we divorced and I am free now”

” Hmm okay. But why are you here?”

She smiled and rubbed my chest.

” How about we get back together? I love you and you also love me.. what?”

“Who told you that I love you? ” I remove her hand away from me. ” Just go back to your country. This is not your place” I stood up.

“Is it because of her?” She said. Her voice was broken. ” Is it because of Bon na? I heard that you turned down many ladies Because if her. I heard that you love her so much. What does she have that I don’t?” She cried.

She’s crying already.

” She has everything you don’t have. Don’t waste your time and catch the next flight back home. Okay?” I said and walked away.

” Min Joon… please,.. min Joon, you can’t leave me” She shouted but Ignored her.

Why is it only me? Am I that handsome?

Bon Na point of view

As I was driving home, two car crossed my way and I quickly step on the brake. The door opened and four men came out of the car each. They pointed a gun at us…

“Oh my.. ”

“Mom, what’s going on?” Raymond asked fearfully.

” Get down..” They commanded as they walked closer to my car.

I quickly locked the car… They started shooting the car. It was bulletproof mirror.

“Oh my!” I screamed.

“Mommy!” Raymond cried. I hugged him quickly.

I took my phone out and dial min joon’s number… it was reachable.

They mean are shooting seriously… They stopped at one guy’s order. The guy walked closer to the mirror and brought out a big gun. He shoot the mirror, again and again..

“Oh my! What to do now?” If he shoot the same spot seven times, the glass will be broken…

“Who should I call now?” I was trembling with fear. Raymond is crying already

I quickly dial Jeremy’s number.

“Jeremy.. help me. We are attacked” I cried

“What? Is that not a gun shot?” He asked as he heard it also.

” Oh my! Aaaahhh” I screamed as the mirror was broken into pieces. My phone was dropped.

He opened the door and dragged me out.

He pushed me to the floor… another one took Raymond away from me.



“This is for stressing us… ” he pointed he gun at me..

” Mommy! let go of me.. mommy” He was struggling with those men.

I was crying and shaking…

“Raymond…” Then suddenly I felt something hit me.. slowly I fell down..

“MOMMY!!!” I heard Raymond last screamed as I hit the ground.

I watch as they took my son away…. tears rolled down my eyes….

I am driving when my phone started ringing. It was Jeremy.

“Jeremy..” I said

“Bon na was attacked on her way home” Jeremy said and my heart stop beating. I step on the break instantly

” W-what?” I muttered slowly. “How is she? I hope she’s not wounded. What of Raymond?”

” She was shot?”

” Shot? Oh my!”

“And Raymond….”

“What Happened to him?” I asked hastily

” He was…”

” TALK TO ME, JEREMY! WHAT HAPPENED TO RAYMOND FOR GOD SAKE?!” I shouted. everybody stared at me.

” He has been kidnapped!!”




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