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Unbreakable contract
(Loving you is my wish but I am on contract “NO DATING” )
Episode 48
Good morning… here is the news from big hit entertainment. The vote has been counted and the team that win is… MinBon’s couples.
From now on, their team name is MinBon’s couples. And their album will be released soon… this is from Seoul newspaper….
This is Oh Ha ni.
Dona point of view
“YES!” Mona jumped up happily. “I won! I won… yes!” She started dancing around..
I rolled my eyes.
“How is it possible? I thought Minbon JoonNa is ranking then why the suddenly change?”
” MinBon’s couples is the best name for their team” Jin na said and I eyed him.
” Are you supporting her or me?”
“No one. But what I know is that, I also supported MinBon’s couples” He said and I through him a pillow.
He was laughing. Mona stick out her tongue to me.
” Whatever, I won. I won the bet ..” she pulled my collar but I slapped her hand away.
The door flipped open and Jeremy walked in. His eyes was full of anger. He halted in front of Jin na
“We need to talk” He said coldly.
“Why? Is everything alright?” I asked.
“Jin na…” Jeremy called wit warned tone.
He stood up and followed him outside.
“What’s going on between them?” I asked and Mona shrugged her shoulder.
“Have you ever noticed that Jeremy and Min Joon attitude are the same. They have everything in common. Don’t you think so?” Mona said as she sat down.
” I think so also. Or are they related in anyway?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.
” Why can’t you ask them..?”
“You’re really rude. I am older than you”
” Says who? I am the elder here”
” I don’t agree”
Jin Na point of view
We walked to the balcony.
” Yes, what’s it?” I asked him. He seems serious and I know it won’t be good.
” Why did you do it?” he asked.
“Did what?” I asked curiously
“The broke up message from Min Joon to Bon na… you sent it” He said and I sighed. ” Why did you do it? Why is it has to be you? Really, why?!” He ranted.
” Biane. I know am guilty, I don’t have anything to say that apologise. I am really sorry. I wanted to tell min Joon but seeing how he behaves when he found out about Won bin… I got scared. I am really sorry. I regretted it” I said and he grabbed my collar.
” Cherry sent you, isn’t it? She offered you her body if you succeed. Isn’t it?” He said angrily.
I look down.
” How did she get to know that Min Joon is dating scarlett then. Because even none of us is aware”
” You know she’s my friend, she asked me about min joon’s love life and I told her everything. Though she doesn’t know scarlett then but she asked me to do anything to break them up in return for sleeping with her”
He released my cloth and move back. He chuckled.
“How many times have you slept with her?” He asked
” Jeremy?”
” Tons of time. She couldn’t have enough of me and always call me whenever she’s horny.”
I told him and bite my lips.
” I never thought you also could do this. I thought we are friends… how can you be so desperate? I am highly disappointed in you” He said and turned back.
He breathe out.
“She’s one month pregnant. She thought min Joon owns it but it can’t be. She was wounded by Berry and the baby is in critical condition, go and solve it with her. Tell her to erase the thought of min Joon owns the pregnancy or else… ” he turned back and look at me. ” You know what I’m capable of” With that he walked away.
I breathe out as I took out my phone. I dial Cherry’s number. She picked up.
“Hey cherry, where are you?” I asked her.
“I am in the hospital.. ” I hanged up and walked back to the office. I need to get to the hospital now.
Bon Na point of view
“Raymond, it’s time to sleep” I told him and collected his phone from him.
Min Joon got him a phone earlier Incase something like today happened again.
“Mom, give me two minutes” He said trying to take the phone back.
” No.. go and sleep. You’re going to school tomorrow” I told him
“No school tomorrow.. daddy said he is taken me out tomorrow” He said smiling.
“Oh really! But mind you, he is going to studio tomorrow and you must attend class also”
” He has cancelled his appointment… so do I. We are going out tomorrow” He sticked out his tongue to me.
I rolled my eyes.
” Okay. So, how about you sleep early so you won’t delay him tomorrow?”
” Yes. You’re right, mom.. kindly tell Kathy to prepare my cloth for tomorrow outing” He said
” You must be joking. Kathy is not your maid. She’s my manager” I remind him
“Thanks for reminding me. But she’s my maid till Esther is back with Grandma. So.. mrs Yi, kindly get out and tell her” he said pointing to the door.
I smiled.
” Wait? What did you just call me now?”
“Mrs Yi.. that’s my daddy’s surname right?”
” Who told you?” I squatter down in front of him
” I heard everything you and Grandma said the other day. And I also know that Min Joon is my real father”
” How?”
” Jeremy hyung told me… but don’t worry, he asked me not to tell him… so I won’t say anything. But stop keeping me waiting, mom. Tell him quickly” He smiled and kissed my forehead. ” Good night, mommy” He lay on the bed and cover himself with the blanket.
I stood up and walked out of his room. I closed the door behind me. Why will Jeremy told him? Is that his way of telling me that it’s time to tell min Joon? But how will I tell him? Will he believe me?
Min Joon point of view
I walked into the ward and saw her sitting up on the bed. Alice was beside her, feeding her.
“Min Joon.. ” She called as she saw me.
“You’re here…” Alice said and stood up. She gave her water before turning to me.
“What happened to her?” I asked Alice.
“Berry do this to her. She pushed her” Alice said.
I clenched my fist at the mention of Berry’s name..
“How did it happened?” I asked moving closer to cherry.
” I challenge her about the video she sent me. I scolded her pushing you into that kind of thing… I threatened to post the video on the internet.. but she was struggling to take the phone from me.. that’s how she pushed me” She said

” Why are you challenging her in the first place? Have you forgotten what she did to you the other time? Have you forgotten mine also? She’s a dangerous fellow. What if you’re wounded than this?” I said worriedly.
” She almost kill our baby” She cried.
“Our baby? Which baby?” I asked curious
She took my hand and placed it on her Tommy.
“I am pregnant, min Joon. I am pregnant” She said smiling as tears rolled down her cheek.
I quickly remove my hand.
“Pregnant? For who? Is your boyfriend back from Australia?” I asked and she frowned.
” What are you trying to insinuate?” She asked. “Are you kidding me? It’s our baby, min Joon. I am pregnant for you” She said
I chuckled.
” You must be drunk! Do you think am sick? Do you think I am mad or stupid? Do you think I am not aware of you dating Jin na? You must be joking. Apart from that, the day I had sex with you… I was drunk, cherry. And you of all people know that if I ever take a whole bottle of whisky.. I won’t be able to cum for almost 12 hours” she sniffed
“Have you forgotten? Now tell me how did the pregnancy become mine? That’s why I never freak when I had sex with Berry. She drunk me with whisky… she can never get pregnant for me. Neither could you! Do you even think that why is it only whisky I use to ordered whenever am in a party? Because Incase I made a mistake, it won’t result in pregnancy”
” M-min Joon…”
Tears rolled down her eyes.
” I am a man of quality. Cherry.. since you’re pregnant, we can go our separate way now. Please, don’t show your face in front of me again” With that I walked to the door and opens the door, stood there was Jin na.

He looked guilty. I tapped his shoulder.
“Go, your girl is waiting for you buddy. We are always one..” I smiled and walked away.
Yes! Cherry is out of my life. Now it remain Berry… I’ll soon… my phone started ringing. It was unknown number.
“Hello…” I said
“Min Joon…”
“Who is this?” I asked checking the caller again
” It’s me, Liliana. I am in Korea. Let meet” She said
“Lil.. what? You’re where?” I said surprised.
“I am in your father’s hotel. I’ll be expecting you” With she hanged up
What! When I thought I am free, another problem just bounced in. Since Seven years ago… why is she back now? What does she want?
Mr Kim point of view
I walked into the president’s house. He was tapping his feet on the ground. Berry was also sitting down holding a glass of wine.
“Good morning, president. You called me” I said and sat down. The maid fill my glass with a wine.
He turned to me and his face was full of anger.
“Are you aware that your Min Joon has a son outside?” He said
” What? Min Joon? Impossible!” I told him
“No, this is true and possible. I saw it with my own eyes. Do you know scarlett, his ex.. she’s the one. She’s with his child before she ran away. They both have a son now” Berry said and I slowly dropped the wine.
” No, it can’t be! How come! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!” I shouted.
” What are we going to do now? I want my daughter to born his son not any random girl” President said.
” What are we going to do now?” I asked
“We should kill he boy and wait till I gave birth to him” Berry said.

“No! Never! I have waited for these days.. since all this year’s of waiting.. this is what we are gonna do. We will let the boy thumbprint the documents.. so after that, you can kill him and gave birth to min joon’s son” I said.
” I don’t agree with you. I won’t be the loser. If that boy thumbprint the documents, my daughter life will be in vain. She won’t have any share in the hotel. I don’t accept that. We must kill this boy and wait till my girl gave birth”
” You keep saying give birth… is she pregnant already?” I asked getting frustrated
The president throw a paper on the table. I picked it up and saw that she was pregnant already.
“So? You want me to wait for another 5 years.. no, I am against that. The boy will thumbprint the documents…”
” No, he will die”
” If you dare touch him.. you know I am dangerous, president” I scoffed.
” Are you waging a war against me?” he asked as he turned to me.
“You’re no match for me. You know I can do and undo. Until I’m done with the child, if you ever lay your hands on him… you will regret it for the rest of your life” I turned to berry. ” Girl, I can’t wait for another years anymore. I’ll grab this chance I had. The boy will thumbprint the documents.. go and keep your f**king pregnancy” With that I walked out of the room..
” Mr Kim…” President called but I answer him not.
Min Joon point of view
“Bye.. mommy” Raymond waved at bon na as he enter the car.
“Take care, my baby” Bon na blow kisses at him
I move closer to her.
“We won’t be late.. take care of yourself” I said and kissed her lips.
She hit my chest lightly.
“Raymond is watching us” She said trying to hide her blush.
” So, what’s new?” I kissed her lips again and she smiled. “Take care of yourself once again”
“And you too. Please, Raymond is in your care. And don’t come back late”
He nodded.
” Daddy.. let go” Raymond shouted.
Jeremy point of view
I was driving back to my house when I saw a familiar figure in front of a machine doll.
I step on the break and pulled over. I opened the door and get down from the car. I walked closer to the machine and like I assumed, She’s the one.
“Hey..” I tapped her Shoulder.
She turned and smiled as she saw me.
“Hey. cry boy”
I frowned.
“Which kind of nickname is that?” I said and she laughed.
“Sorry . I did not know your name and I thought of giving you one..”
“But that doesn’t suit a handsome guy like me”
” Eh.. who told you that you’re handsome?” she said furrowed her brows
” Are you kidding me?” she rolled her eyes. “Or am I really not handsome?” I whispered and she burst into laughter
“I am just kidding. You’re really handsome” She said hit my shoulder.

I breathe out in relieved
“Really? You mean it” I tried to hit my happiness. She admitted that I’m handsome.
” Yes. What are you doing here?” She asked changing the topic
” I am going home.. and I saw you. I thought I should stop to say hi”
” Are you living in this area?” She asked and I nodded.
” I am living around here to. Infact, that’s my house” She pointed at one mansion adjacent to us.
” Oh really? Mine is down the road by the right”
“You’re Jeremy right?” I nodded.
“How do you know?”
” You’re popular. Who won’t know?”
” What’s your own name?” I asked hoping she will tell this time around.
” Eun sang. My name is Eun sang” She reply and I felt joyful.
” Beautiful name ” I mumbled.
“Care for some coffee?” she offered.
“Coffee? Here?”
” No, we can go to my house.. or you don’t want to. I mean no harm” She said
” It okay. I’ll like to have some coffee”
She smiled.


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