TRUTH & DARE … (18+) … Part 1

After taking break from school, precisely a university student due to Easter celebration. I visited Ada to find her with Agbani playing whot(cards).

Ada, Agbani and I have been best of friends, unlike me those two saw me as their blood brother when we are not sharing same parents. So the friendship with those two have been a fruitless harvest for over three years, so tiring.
“Don’t touch that rice oohhh!”
Ada warned playfully, she can’t be serious when the worms in my stomach are protesting violently. I helped myself with the food and a glass of juice from the refrigerator that is one of the reasons I want to be her boyfriend Sha…
“Check up!”
Agbani exclaimed clapping her hands cheerfully, I admired both of them but I mean they can’t beat me in the game of men.
“Ladies, the champion wants to play”
I announced ceremoniously, quick to react was Agbani. Who was ahead of Ada in the game.
“Are you in or out”
Ada asked nonchalantly, I mutter yes slowly counting my teeth. The shuffling of cards got underway, and the truth and Dare game is pieced with it.
“Last card”
Agbani announced her last card glued to her boobs, Agbani is an ebony beauty. Slender in nature but wonderful breasts and ass, she is the figure 8 that is making the merry-go-round, I swallowed hard. Two cards are left with Ada and am having more of that with me.
“Kpo Po kpo!”

The knock on the door distracted the game but helped me push through with my plan, a little abracadabra I was left with just two cards.
“Go abeg, later”
“Ada, who was that?”
I was quiet all these while praying hard not to be the victim of this truth and Dare of a thing. Cards were counted and I was suspected to be a potential cheat, since it wasn’t proven I was left free.
“I dare you to slap, Vic”
I eyed Agbani furiously, she giggled and winked at me.
“Kiss him in a min.”
I nodded happily, surely patience is virtue. Neither are we wrong that a patience dog eat the fattest bone.
“Now you come”
Ada is fair in complexion with complete assets that can turn any gender bi-sexual, goddess of beauty to cap it all. My mammy water wife in the realm of imagination.
“I dare you to Twerk for me”
I stressed the me, the kiss was hot and cool. But what killed it was Ada ass twerking for me, we got into fights several time just to watch Ada twerk her inappropriate behind. But that dream came through with just a simple Dare.
“Let me shuffle”
I demanded, the cards were distributed by me and in the process the hidden cards were added. Shared, the cards were dropped on the board according to the game rule.
“Pick two”
“Pick four”
“Pick six”
The reversal landed on me, I went to the market to shop for cards. I wasn’t opportune to drop a card when I heard.
“Last card”
“And check-up!”
Without counting I was the loser.
“I dare you to off your shirt”
So easy, I did what Agbani requested for in a minute.
“I dare you to go back to Adamic nature” Ada said.
“You say?!”


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