Mama: Sitting on the chair in the laundry room waiting for the iron she wants to use to be hot, she taught of how her life has changed since she got to US for Omugwo. What have I done to receive all this ill treatment from Kamsi. ‘I took her like my own daughter and all she could do is pay me back the good I have done for her with evil. God, please see my heart and know that I do not have any bad intentions towards her. Please God! Forgive my wrong if there is any way I may have wronged her’.

Kamsi: Mama! Mama! She called out .Where is this old foolish woman? Mama! Mama! Mama! She called out again.
Mama: I have become a maid in my own sons’ house. Where did I go wrong in this house?
Kamsi: Mama! Mama!
Mama: ‘Yes Kamsi; she shouted ‘I am in the laundry room. She stood up, wiped out her tears and went to her’.
Kamsi: I have been calling you for so long. Why didn’t you answer me?
Mama: I am so sorry my daughter. I didn’t hear you call out to me.
Kamsi: Have you finished ironing the clothes I asked you to?
Mama: No my daughter but not to worry, I will soon be done with it.
Kamsi: Please be fast about it. You know you have to go buy some foodstuffs and when you return, you will prepare dinner for me and my husband. I want to eat goat meat pepper soup and Tochukwu’s room is untidy, you have to clean it up.
Mama: Okay, let me quickly iron the clothes and continue with the rest of the housework before going to the market.
Kamsi: ‘Please do and be fast about it’ she said as she walked away.
Mama: what kind of mess did I get myself into? In my own son’s house, I am been treated like a nobody. She sat down again and thought of how her life was seven years ago.

Mrs. Izukwu lost her husband to the cold hands of death few years ago, leaving her to cater for her two wonderful kids named David and Daniela. She sold all her prized possessions and did all menial jobs to ensure her kids were well taken care of and also go to school. Her work paid off when her first son, David came home one day with an employment letter in his hands. He gave it to his mother who was overjoyed at what she read.
Mama: At last my son, I am so proud of you. You finished school with a distinction in Petroleum Engineering and I am not surprised that you got a job immediately after service. I am happy for you.
David: Thank you Mama. All this efforts and hard work really goes to you Mama. Ever since Papa died, you have been there for Daniela and I. you have also become our Pillar and strength. I am so grateful for all the love and support you have shown us.
Mama: If I don’t do it, who will? Now that you have finally gotten a job, I hope you will be getting married to Kamsi soon. I really love her and I want her to be my daughter in-law. She is a good person and will be a good help-meet to you.
David: Mama, let me settle down with my job first before the talk of Kamsi comes in. Do not worry, I intend getting married to her but now is not the time.
Mama: When is she coming to pay me visit so that I can prepare special pepper soup for her. You know she likes it a lot.
David: Yes Mama. She always talks about how good your soup tastes.
Mama: I cannot wait for you two to get married so that I can come and carry my grandchild when I come for Omugwo.
David: Ah Mama! Easy joor. By the way, she will be coming here tomorrow. She told me last night that she misses you a lot.
Mama: I miss her too.I will be happy to have her after all; I am all alone in this house since your twin sister Daniella left for school.
David: When is Daniella coming home Mama?
Mama: I have no idea. She will be back once her examination is over.
David: Okay Mama, let me get going and get prepared for work on Monday.
Mama: Won’t you eat? Let me quickly prepare something for you.
David: No mama, No point. I want to leave already. The road is not safe for now.
Mama: Okay my son. Greet Kamsi for me.
When David got home that day, he met Kamsi in his house waiting for him.
Kamsi: Hello Sweetheart, how is Mama, hope you sent my regards to her?
David: I did. She sends her greetings and is expecting you tomorrow.
Kamsi: Alright. I tried calling her but her line was unavailable. Will try again later.
David: She was so happy when I told her that I got a job.
Kamsi: She should be. It is time for her to eat the fruit of her labour.
David: Yes it is. I will make her proud.
Kamsi: You have already. She is proud of you as I am too.
David: Thanks Dear.


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