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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Alisa stare at herself and she smiles happily, she dress sexily and seductively just to impress her boyfriend,

Today is actually jason birthday and she is going to surprise him,

Jason is actually her first boyfriend and her future husband,

Jason has been the best boyfriend she could ever ask,They’ve been in the relationship for the past four years and he’s been patient enough not to have asked for her body.

That night, she was ready to give him her body to show him how much she loves and appreciate his present in her life.

She walk out of her one room apartment locking the door she actually share the room with her closest friend mia,

She got to Jason house to meet the biggest shock of her life.

Jason was in bed with her another woman
……. Not any woman but her best friend, She felt shock, she stare at them in shock not knowing what to do,

Jason!!!! She scream feeling shock ,

“Alisa? Jason called shock , “i swear I can explain “He said kneeling down,

Alisa ran out of the house and jason scream his name, he held her hands trying to stop her ,

“How dare you hold me with that your filthy hands!!” Alisa yell giving jason an hot slap,

“What did you ever ask for that I did not provide, i cloth you shelter you do everything to make you happy i never knew you were sleeping with my best friend at my back!! You know what ?it is over between us” she scream angrily,

“And you i don’t want to ever see you near any where close to me if you know what good stay away from me!!” She scream at mia

“Did you think i also like you? You are too foolish for my liking!! A rich spoilt brat, you want everyone to be like you no dear you are nothing but a fool and I would also warn you stay away from jason” mia shouted,

She cries her eyes out her heart was too heavy,

Luckily for her, a party was hosted in a nearby hotel.

She got to the party in tears, she drank so many glasses of alcohol till she got drunk.

An handsome guy appeared in front of her and she wave drunkingly She made a decision to loose her virginity to the handsome stranger,

They lougue a hotel room and had a one night stand,

When Alisa woke up he was gone, She doesn’t know who she gave her virginity to, she stare at the bed to see a little blood.

it actually jason fault….

Few months after the incident she discover she was pregnant with not a baby but two babies

Alisa was in need of money she lost her job and she was desperate in need of job after she lost her job

She applied for a job and was offered a maid job to the Trillionaire,ACE-KING, He is a cold hearted trillionaire feared by all, He was unpredictable; his expression always cold and blank. No one could ever tell what was on his mind.

“….Love look at me.”

No sir i can’t!!

He sighed moving closer to her.

“What wrong love?”

“Am not your love!! Am your maid.

No you are not my maid!! you are mine, you are my love.You are my are my missing rib…”

Are we ready for this grab your popcorn and ride on with me ??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.