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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter five

“Wow she is really beautiful”Old granpa King said smiling,

“She has always been extraordinary beautiful right from a little baby”Master Lucian said,

“How about Ace it been a long time I last saw him,I know he would have grown into an Handsome man” master Lucian added

“Ace is fine always busy with work”

“Is he married now” Master Lucian ask,

“No but soon”

“Wow don’t you think we should set a blind date for those two” Master Lucian suggested,

“Wow that actually a nice idea I never think about it it would be a pleasure if Ace would fall in love with her”

“He would surely fall in love you should know Naomi on her own is a fallen angel”

“Ok i would talk to Ace about the date and tell your granddaughter she should looks natural, Ace admire natural beauty alot right from childhood so she should just put on a very light makeup” Old grandpa king advice.

“Ok i promise to tell her ” Master Lucian said happily,

“If Ace Can fall in love with your granddaughter i promise to reward your family handsomely”Old grandpa King promise.

“King are you serious or what? You would reward my family handsomely”Master Lucian ask shock .

“Yh i promise, that grandson of mine is too Cold hearted,Am really scared he might remain cold hearted for life, How did you expect me to make him marry he is getting old and I need to see my grand kids!!” Old grandpa said worriedly,

“Be rest assured i am sure he would change immediately he set his eyes on Naomi” Master Lucian said
Ace groaned immediately he was told Master Lucian is planning to make him and his grand daughter to be in a relationship

He was also told in full details that His grandfather has promised to reward him handsomely if the date was successful,

That old man would never stop frustrating him, one of the reasons he needs to leave the mansion as fast as possible,

He his trying is best to be patient, he needs to look for the his Rare gem he has a night stand with,

He knows if he tell old granpa King that he already has a girl in mind, He would continue frustrating him to bring her home,

All he can think of right now is keeping Naomi busy for now,he needs to come up with a plan on what to do to make her busy for like three months.

Those old men are just deceiving each other, How would he get married to a proud girl, he can never betray his princess

No matter how long it takes days, months,years he would surely wait for her!!

Alisa yawn tiredly sitting down on the only small chair in her small apartment,

She felt really tired and hungry today’s work was damn stressful,

She actually work in a bar, that the only work she luckily found, she needs money and she is new in this environment she accepted the work but never knew it would be a very stressful work,

It only because the pay is actually good that why she just have to continue the work

She brought out her diary tiredly,

“Hey best friend !!today was damn stressful but I got to laugh happily, one of our customer slept inside the restroom thinking it his Room Good night Best friend” Alisa read out smiling more,

She already conclude that after her baby is one month old she would go back from where she came from,

This place isn’t treating her well, she is just trying to be patient because of her pregnancy.

She remembered Her parents and sigh, she does not know why she has always been betrayed by her love ones,

First , Her little sister then her so called boyfriend who turned out to be her Best friend boyfriend and her best friend she trusted like a sister.
“Where are you off to mia by this time of the day?” Jason ask staring at mia

“As you can see i am off to the club!!” Mia shouted rudely,

“What about the baby who would take care of her”Jason ask shock.

“You of course who did you expect to take care of that thing you called your child!!” Mia shouted angrily,

“You dare called our child a thing how dare you!!” Jason yell angrily,

“I am off honey see you tomorrow” mia said walking off

“God I am dead” jason scream loudly.

He regretted everything,he wish he could change the hands of time, He was once greedy dating two best friends.

He lost a raregem all because of his stupidity!!!

He wish he could right his wrong, the once loving mia is now nothing but the party girl,

She actually changed, she changed in everything even her behavior,

This was not actually the once Caring mia he fell for

Well he could not call what he once feel for mia love, it was lust,

Alisa already told Jason that it till their wedding night she would give him her body, Jason could not wait and mia was giving him her body,

He has learnt his mistake and he is ready to beg for forgiveness, though he has not heard from Alisa right since that day she broke up with him.

Alisa is actually a raregem he has lost her once but he is ready to Find her and make her fall in love with him again,

Then there would get married legally, Jason smile thinking about how their wedding night would look like


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