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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter twenty two

Jessica walk out of Xavier room her heart beating fast, she felt really scared and shy.

The scene that happened some minutes ago play on her head and she felt her heart beating fast.

She sat down at one of the Sofa and stare at Xavier sitting room it look really beautiful and big.

She decided she would confess to him about her feelings for him at least she would feel better even if he rejected her.

Xavier entered staring at Jessica from far, He felt really happy knowing she came.

Even if he tried to get mad at her it just so hard.

He walk up to her and sat down beside her staring at her but she felt really shy.

“What wrong why are you shy is it because of the kiss?”He ask teasing her.

“No”She lied looking away.

“You lie again, look at me”Xavier said holding her face.

Jessica tried her best to look away gosh she felt really shy and she Never regretted the kiss.

“Hey barbie you don’t have to feel shy it just a normal kiss”Xavier said with a shrug.

“Wait you call that a normal kiss you are the first f**king guy to ever kiss me!”Jessica yell almost in tears.

“Of course it a normal thing to me you know am a player and I have kiss many girls apart from you I don’t think there is anything special about the kiss”Xavier said licking his lips.

“I hate you so much I despise you with my life,You dare play with my feelings for years I have love you with all”Jessica yell angrily but before she could finish her words Xavier slam his lips on her and she felt shock,

She gasp and Xavier use that as an opportunity to dive into her mouth.

Jessica regain herself and push xavier away,

“You call the kiss nothing so how dare you steal my second kiss”She shouted angrily.

“I steal it because you told me the words have been waiting to hear” Xavier said smiling.

“What are you trying to say?”She ask shock

“What am trying to say is that am In love with you to the extent I can’t do without you,My love for you is unconditional and I just want you to be mine for life, You are the only girl that could melt my heart,You have always been my hidden weakness for years but I can’t continue keeping my feelings for you I have been deeply in love with you for years but I can’t take it anymore, I might not be the what you ever wish for but……”Xavier confess and before he could finish his words Jessica drag him closer by his collar.

Jessica slam her lip on him hungrily, xavier just stare at her in shock, she tried pulling away but seeing how Xavier is not responding.

Xavier pull her closer to his lap fast and took control over the kiss.

Her lips are too cute and it fitted into hers,

“Mmm She moan loudly,

“Touch me”Xavier commanded staring into her innocent soul.

Jessica use her hands to roam his body and he felt like burying his dick into her tiny pussy.

She is turning him on without knowing,he is a known player that can f**k anything under the skirt but he has never taste a girl as innocent as her.

He roamed his hand on her body and he found himself not getting enough of the kiss. He wanted something juicy than the hot moment. Raising up her grown, he pulled away and stare at her.

He smirked and moved his fingers to the surface of her pu**y and rubbed it gently and smoothly.

“Ouchhh. ” She moaned out and she pulled him closer to her hot self unconsciously. Feeling of pleasure overwhelmed her and she find herself wet. He’s Kissing an innocent virgin for the first time

He knows if he continues this she would lose the treasure she has been protecting for years.

He knew she was a virgin he has always make sure spy are always around her to report all her movement, because he won’t want to lose a Rare gem like her.

“I don’t care what the future holds but all I know is that You are mine” He whispered biting her ear softly.

Naomi dish out foods feeling scared and her heart beating fast,

“What the f**k is wrong with you why are you shivering!!”Don yell angrily.

“Nothing, Nothing sir”She replied shaking her head continuously.

“Dish out my food fast and get out”Don yell angrily,

Naomi shivered in fear and the Cup she was holding mistakenly slip from her Shaking hands breaking into pieces.

“How dare you!”Don scream angrily is eyes turning red,

“Am so rr y sir I swear it was not intentional”Naomi beg on her kneel.

“Get out! Go and kneel down outside right now you this Fool!”Don shouted.

Don hiss losing appetite for the food, It just that he is in a bad mood tonight and She just make him more mad.

“Why should she shiver or feel scared anytime am with her i would make her regret ever shivering at my front!”Don yell angrily.

He decided to stay by the window and watch how thunder would strike and the way rain would drench the hell out of her!.

Naomi walk out of his Dinning room and she shivered in fear immediately she saw the weather.

Thunder.she can’t stand thunder without feeling scared, she prayed He should forgive her before the rain would start or the thunder should not strike.

The breeze became colder and harder then a loud eruptive thunder followed.

“Arrgggg!!!”she scream loudly blocking her ears with her palm,

Thunder strike again and also with lightning.

“Arrgggg!!!”She scream louder kneeling down still blocking her ears.

The loud thunder continue continue coming and each time it did she shivered more feeling Scared.

The thunder continue striking and after some minutes it stop and the rain started.

The rain drench her and she shivered
,She continue shivering her teeth shaking till she lost unconscious.

Don ran out feeling scared for the first time in years.

He Ran outside and Carried her in a bridal style running inside his bedroom.

“Please baby we can settle this please just drop the gun”Manuel shivered staring at Kira,

“Keep quiet where is the document!?”Kira yell angrily,

“There is no document”Manuel cried shivering in fear.

“There is document and I need it now!”a voice said pointing gun at everyone of them.
Who could the voice be??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.