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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter thirteen

“Wait buddy is your bride assfully and breastfully bless?”Xavier ask blinking his eyes innocently,

“WTF!!! “Ace scream annoyed knowing his two nightmare are finally here!!”

“What wrong he just ask you a question and you should answer why screaming as if you don’t understand his questions!!” Lucas said with a smirk,

“Ok to be sincere i don’t understand and how did you guys entered this mansion?”Ace ask already knowing how there entered,

“You know and you shouldn’t be asking that kinds of silly question well before i forget How long is your d**k now?” Xavier ask with a smirk,

“Damn it!”Ace rubbed his hair as he look angrily at his friends.

“What are you guys doing here as early as 10am you guys are meant to be busy by now?”

“Hey barbie chill!don’t you miss your friends?” Lucas ask blinking his eyes like a girl.

“Barbie so you don’t miss us ?ouch am hurt!” Xavier said holding his chest,

Ace threw two knife at both Xavier and Lucas but thankfully there dodge it “Are you guys nut? What would a business man be doing by this time of the day and why calling me that stupid name!?”Ace yell frustrated,

“We are here to see you it been long and we miss you barbie” Lucas said with a pout.

Xavier Ace and Lucas are actually close friends,

There are New york wealthiest youngest business men.

Xavier is known as a flirt he could f**k anything under the skirt no one would know he is a Trillionaire because he loves joking alot, He is really friendly and also an Hacker, , He is one of the best hacker in the world, A demi god on his own.

Lucas is also a business Man,Funny and really kind hearted the most Jovial, handsome, hardworking crazy , funny, talkative, care free he is the type that Joke alot and he is really friendly.

While Ace is actually the two opposite, cold hearted, Cruel, The most richest, The most handsome Snub alot, Always frowning, Most powerful, Despise women only his family he loves, Hardworking,.

“If you guys try to vomit any nonsense out i would bury the two of you alive”Ace promise,

Xavier and Lucas both shifted there know what Ace could do, he don’t go back on his words and there dare not annoy him when ever he threaten them,

“Thank God you guys came at the right time i need you guys help though I can do it by myself”Ace Said rudely

Alisa felt really scared walking through the lonely road,

Actually where she work is not far from her house, she only walk to work which saves her money.

She entered her house and lock her house door fast breathing heavily,

“Why do i feel like someone is after me?”she muttered breathing heavily,

“Gosh please i don’t want to die not now or ever”She prayed,

She sat down tiredly she can’t wait to stop this stressful work, she felt really weak,

If not for the pay she could have changed her work a long Time ago,

Her phone vibrated and she felt surprised,..

“Who could be texting me by this time of the night?”Alisa muttered,

“Hey kitten! Hope you have eaten?”An unknown number ask.

“Who could this be i don’t give strangers my number?”Alisa muttered,

“Please who are you?”She type scared.

“Ouch my heart you forget me so soon Kitten!It Actually Your Don”She read out feeling scared,

Don is actually the most notorious mafia leader at Australia feared by all,he could kill with only a snap of a finger, also the leaders of all drug dealers,He came to where Alisa work and took an interest in her but Alisa Refuse to give him her number without her knowing that whatever Don want he must have it no matter what the circumstances!!”

“Whattttttt How did he get my number Sir?”Alisa ask feeling scared.

“Well it just hurt to know you don’t know who i am,I am Don Alfredo and I get everything I want in a snap of a finger and you won’t be an exception!!”Don muttered coldly,

“Please sir am really sorry am not interested and Sir you should understand my Condition”Alisa muttered feeling Scared.

“And that is none of my business!! I want you and I must surely have you on my bed No matter your condition!!”Don yell Loudly and he disconnected the call

Alisa brought out her phone to search for Don Alfredo.

“Don Alfredo a mafia and a drug dealers”Alisa read out and she scream.

“I am doom!!”Alisa cried,

“Gosh my life is in hell how would i Cope, Am I not cursed to suffer in my life?”

” I know he is dangerous with the way he speak coldly how would I be able to make him understand that I can’t do this?”

“I promise to protect you no matter what”Alisa promise staring at her tummy,

Jessica felt really restless, she actually heard her Grandpa conversation with Her big brother and she felt really hurt knowing Her grand parents want her big bro to marry the girl that came to their house few days ago.

She don’t know why but she does not like the so called girl, Everything about the girl look fake and that one thing her big bro hated most.

“Let me track is location”She said bringing out her laptop, She is actually an Hacker, one of the best all thanks to Xavier who teach her everything about hacking.

“Wow good”She muttered getting the location her big bro is,

“Gosh let me write a short letter incase the maids entered my room”

Jessica sneak out of the mansion successful,who won’t know how to Sneak out when you have got a Dangerous big bro

she entered Ace mansion to meet Lucas and Xavier.

“Who do we have here”Lucas said with a smirk,

“Lucas ” Jessica scream happily running to hug lucas ,

“Hey my pretty damsel”Lucas called happily,

“Little barbie”Xavier called and Jessica felt shy,

“Dick head”Jessica called smiling,

“Little barbie can I get a hug” Xavier ask dramatically,

“I miss you so much dick head”Jessica said hugging Xavier,

“I miss you more princess but you never called to check on me?”Xavier said sadly,

“Am sorry”Jessica said hugging him more,

Jessica actually as a crush on Xavier for years now but too sad Xavier is a sex freak and he don’t believe in love.

“What are you doing here”Ace ask coldly eyeing jessica and she shiver in fear.

“Actually I came to check up on you”Jessica answered,

“By this time of the day ?you should have called me! how did you find out I am here? ”

“I guess”Jessica lied,

“You just lied little barbie”Xavier said holding her cheeks,

“Am sorry I actually track your location”Jessica said feeling scared her big bro would get mad at her,

“Don’t you dare try this next time be warned”Ace warned,

“Ace I think we should teach her a lesson she would never forget in her life”Lucas said with a smirk,

“Is there a need for that?”Xavier ask,

“Of course Ace come let me tell you what I have in mind”Lucas said dragging Ace hands,

“You are looking more beautiful today”Xavier muttered softly into Jessica ear and she blush heavily,

“Thank you”She said feeling shy,

“Am hungry how about you prepare dinner I miss your food so much?”Xavier said with a pout and Jessica chuckle,

“Ok let me go into the Kitchen and prepare you guys food”Jessica said standing up from Xavier lap,

She entered the kitchen blushing heavily, Oh lord! This is actually a dream to her, she saw her long time crush and the feelings is still there.

“He even said I look more beautiful”She said happily.


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