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Chapter 8

By : Kebby NG

Shocked at see!ng Brad aga!n made me stand still like a statue.

It’s been a year, a year s!nce h£ left me for h*s rich boss’ daughter.

Why is h£ even h*re? And what is h£ expect!ng from com!ng b@¢k !nto my life, I thought as I kept on star!ng at h*m.

“My love “h£ said and before I could stop h*m, h£ klzzed me.

I tried to ₱v|| away from h*m but h*s hold on me is too strong.

h£ let go of me and took both my h@nds !n h*s.

“Have missed you, you don’t know how much have missed you”h£ said and feel!ng so angry with th£ darn way h£ kssed me, I ₱v$h£d h*m away

“Get ©vt of h*re before I do someth!ng bad to you”I said

“You can’t still be mad at me, I only left you to make money for us” h£ said

“And did you make that money ?”I asked

“Yes, I did, I got a lot of money” h£ said

“Really? Th£n it’s best that you spend it on someone else, cause I don’t th!nk I want you or your darn money “I said

“Please Emily, you have been th£ only girl have ever loved”h£ said and I got so angry that I slapped h*s face

“Get ©vt of h*re before I do someth!ng worse to you “I yelled at h*m and h£aded b@¢k !n but h£ wasn’t ab©vt to let th!ngs go.

h£ came !n after me and h£ld me t!ght !n h*s arms.

“Let me go!”I yelled at h*m

“No, I love you and I won’t let you go, have realised my mistake Emily and I want you b@¢k ” h£ !nsisted

j√$t th£n a memory came to haunt me, I saw myself, a teenage me yell!ng for h£lp while a guy who was wear!ng a mask tore at my cloth£s and h£…….. h£……….I couldn’t get to see what h£ did because th£ door barged open and Cade walked !n.

“What th£ h£.ll is go!ng on?”h£ asked look!ng so angry

Cade’s angry face was th£ last th!ng I saw before fa!nt!ng.


I woke up to f!nd myself !n an unknown room, what happened and why am I h*re ?

I sat up only to see Cade by th£ w!ndow look!ng at me.

“What happen and wh*re am I “I asked h*m but h£ didn’t answer and h£ kept on star!ng at me with an angry look

“Who is Brad Clifford?”h£ asked and suddenly everyth!ng that happened came b@¢k to me

“Brad?”I said softly

“Yes Brad! Th£ man I saw had you !n h*s arms “h£ yelled at me

“It’s not what you th!nk, I can expla!n”I said

“You better!” h£ replied as h£ sat on th£ only $0f@ !n th£ room.

“Brad is my ex, h£ left me for a wealthy lady a year ago, I haven’t seen or h£ard from h*m until today “I said

“I got a different version from h*m” h£ said

“And that is?”

“Th£ both of you never broke up and that you had given h*m your cons£nt to get married to some else and that !n a year h£ will come b@¢k to you ” h£ said

“What! That’s a lie”I denied immediately

“Am not sure ab©vt that, is h£ th£ reason why you were h£sitant ?”h£ asked

“h£ is not th£ reason why! Ever s!nce I found ©vt that Brad was hav!ng an affair with h*s boss daughter I left h*m, I hate ch£aters and liars”I said

“Really? Are you sure”

“If you don’t believe me th£n get th£ h£ll ©vt of h*re, I don’t want to have a deal with a man who mistrust me”I said

“That will be impossible my love?” h£ said softly

“What do you mean by that?”I asked

“You have agreed to pretend to be my wife and I will see that you own up to it”h£ said and went to open th£ door.

A man with a briefcase walked !n giv!ng me a wide smile

“Who is h£?”I asked

“h£ is my lawyer, Mr James meet Emily”h£ said !ntroduc!ng us

“Why is your lawyer h*re?”I asked !nterrupt!ng h*m

“h£ brought our contract”

“What contract?”

“A contract that bonds you and I togeth*r”h£ said


us ? I thought you said it’s all go!ng to be fake?” I asked
“And it will, believe me wh£n I say that I also don’t want to be tied d©wΠ by a woman”

“Th£n what’s th*s contract all ab©vt?”I asked seeth!ng with anger

“Its a contract that will legalise that deal we made, a contract that will have a consequence if any one of us breaks it”h£ said and I stared at h*m !n horror

“What will th*s consequence be?”I asked

“For th£ benefit of you two, Mr Cade has decided to ₱v|| up a contract and th*s is what th£ contract says” th£ lawyer began

“Party B which is you Miss Emily must never break h*r word, $h£ must do as party A which Mr Cade says “.

“Party b must never resist any of party A advances, $h£ must ₱|@y h*r part dutifvlly and under no cir¢vmstance must $h£ question party A for what h£ does ©vtside of th£ir deal”

“That’s absurd?”I yelled at h*m

“Let h*m f!nish” h£ silenced me

“Party B must never be seen with oth*r man apart from Part A, If any of th*s fails to be done by Party B, Party A will take all get b@¢k h*s money and if party B can’t repay h*m b@¢k, $h£ will be s£nt to jail ” th£ lawyer f!ni$h£d star!ng at Cade to give th£ f!nal verdict

“Now is time for you to sign”Cade said

“I won’t be sign!ng, That is not a contract, it’s a blackmail”I said

“Call it whatever you want but all I need from you is to sign it”h£ said br!ng!ng th£ paper to me

“I won’t!”

“Th£n you leave me with no choice, James stop th£ f!nancial h£lp we are giv!ng to Emily mom and throw Emily fath*r !n jail, h*s daughter owes me a large sum of money and right now $h£ is Ill and $h£ won’t be able to take th£ blame h*rself” h£ said hav!ng a smirk on h*s face


are still wait!ng for James, go and do what I asked you “h£ yelled at James and James began to walk off.
Feel!ng totally defeated , I yelled at James to stop

“You w!n Mr Callaghan,I will sign th£ papers” I said and immediately it was brought to me and I signed it .

“Now all we have to do is to go to my island and start with th*s charade,”h£ said, giv!ng me a smile.

I gave h*m an angry glare !n return and I knew that my life will never be th£ same once th*s charade beg!ns.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.