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I tried to pull out of his arms but he held me back

“I thought you had left for good”he said as he held me tight

“I d……. ”

“Why did you leave with out saying a thing”he said as he let go to stare at me

“I had to be………oh my !”I said startled as he pulled me into his arms again

“I don’t want to know your reason ,am just glad that you are back “he said as he held me to him

Why would he be glad that am back, I thought as I pushed him away

“I will head to my room now?”I said

“Can’t you see it!”David said suddenly

“See what?”I asked

“Can’t you see that by being with Cade you will only suffer, can’t you see that he is unhappy and will also make you unhappy, you deserve some one better “He finished softly

“And who do you think that some one special could be?”

“I…..I….don’t know, all I know is that Cade is not good for you?”he said

“Why do insist that Cade is not good for me!”I asked

“I can’t tell you why,all I can say is that he is not worth you at all” he said

“Thanks for your advice”I said and walked into the house.

I got to the room and I refused Tracy help with unpacking my stuff and began to do it by my self and it wasn’t until I noticed some one watching me that I realise that Cade mom had been standing there looking at me.

“Where have you put my son?”she asked

“He is in the city don’t worry, he will be here soon” I answered

“Why do I feel that I shouldn’t trust you”she said

“Call him your self and he will certainly tell you where he is”I said

“You really are some thing, I thought that when you left, you won’t ever come back but you had to , why did you come back?”she yelled at me and I had the satisfaction of showing her the ring.

“What’s that?”she asked

“It’s my wedding ring, Cade and i got married yesterday”I said only to be rewarded with a slap

“How dare you marry my son”she said looking very angry

“We both love each other, I would say that at first we didnt feel any thing for each other, it was all fake but now, I love him more than any thing, I love Cade and we did the right thing by getting married for real”I said

“Can’t you see that you are ruining his life, you two don’t belong to each other, you never will”She said

“Why are all of you so sure that we are not meant to be? Why?”I yelled as I asked her this question.

“Who else have told you that you two don’t belong to each other!”,she asked

“Just tell me why you think Cade and I did belong to each other?”I asked

“Let Cade tell you himself”She said

“Does it have something to do with his past?”I asked wanting to know more about this huge secret they are all hiding

“Yes and it’s some thing very very bad!”she said looking like a venomous snake.

“If you love your self, you would leave this place and never come back!”she said and left the room

For a while I sat alone thinking about what she said to me and suddenly I made up my mind and went to the little house at the back of the house.

Since no one is willing to tell me,then. I will just have to confront my secret my self, i walked all the way to the house and some how I had a feeling that I have been there! Before.

Slowly I unlocked the door and went into the room and the memories that have been locked away began to flow in.

“Racheal!!!”I heard a voice and I turned only to see my self as a teenager running towards a lady.

“Mummy”the teenage me said as I pulled her close and hug her.

“I don’t want to be here mom, every one treats you bad and you take it all in”I saw my self standing by the chair talking to the lady

“You know we have no choice, we have no where else to go”she replied and the teenage me hugged her to myself.

“Racheal !!!!”On hearing that familiar voice, I fell on the floor thinking It will really happen to me but I saw my little self running into the house.

“Please don’t do this! Please Cade” on remembering that part, I looked up only to see Cade walking into the house.

He looked young too and he seemed to be his youth years.

“Nothing can stop me from having you tonight”he said as he walked in

“No! No! Please, no!”I said willing him to stop but I saw him walk towards her and not wanting to see the rest,I fled from the house and ran back to the mansion.

I stood by the wall and breath in a lot of times wanting to stop the tears that kept pouring.

It can’t be true, Cade wouldnt have done that,it must be my imagination,it can’t be him, I thought as I ran into the house.

I got to our room and stopped when I heard Cade talking along with his mom

“Try me, I have nothing to lose, if she dies, it will be better for us all, most especially me, I did most of it, I covered up how you raped her, I killed her real mom and I tried to get rid of her too but it seems like she doesn’t want to die “I heard his mom say and I gasped in his shock

So what I remembered just now is the truth,I thought as I stood by the door in silence listening to their conversation.

“Haven’t you done enough mom!am regretting what I did to her, I still regret it, don’t you even feel remorseful?” Cade asked

“Never, have never felt any remorse towards her or her mother, Racheal and her mom were fortune hunters, they tried to steal your father love from me and also tried to be a Part of the inheritance that should have been for you and Isabel, they had to die and if I were to do it again, If I had the opportunity right in front of me, I would certainly do it again”she Said a bit hysterical

She had killed my mom and then tried to kill me too.

“Then you have no choice mom, You will have to pass through me before you touch Emily , I won’t let you hurt her again” he said

“Says her knight in shining armour,you really are a fool, don’t you know that once she remembers, it’s prison for you and death for me”she yelled

“I know and that is why she will never remember, I won’t let her,I will start a new life with her away from this place,where it all began”he said And having heard enough,I ran off and went back to the house.

I can’t believe this, I just can’t believe that Cade and his family were the one who ruined my life years ago, at first I was raped and then my mom was killed and they also tried to kill me and the one who did it is none other than the family of the man I love so much…..I thought as I sat on a dusty chair feeling angry and shattered.

I was still thinking about what happened when Cade walked in to the house.

I didn’t know how I did it but I found my self smiling at him as he walk in.

“Why are you here Emily ?” He asked as I kept on smiling at him

“I came to see the house, have always wanted to see it”I replied as I kept on starring at the place where he ruined my life.

“It’s not a place that you should be in, now that you have satisfy your curiousity, let’s get out of here”he said coming towards me but I move away from him

“Emily?”he called softly

“Is it so easy for you?”I asked remembering the way he lied to me while knowing what he did to me

“What are you saying,let’s just go?”he said walking towards me but I moved away from him in fright screaming loudly ……….

“Emily ?”he called moving towards me again

“Stay away from me Cade”I said feeling scared more than ever.


“I said stay away you rappist……………..”I yelled and he stared at me in shock.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.