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Chapter 50

Th£ call to h*r parents proved to be fruitless because $h£ wasn’t th*re with th£m.

I tried h*r number aga!n and still th*re was noth!ng, I called th£ receptionist to ask if th£y had called th£ police only to be told that we had to wait for twenty four hours before th£ police could start look!ng for h*r.


frustrated, I went to th£ door want!ng to go to th£ police myself to make a report but i was surprised to see my secretary by th£ door
“What do you want, am !n a hurry!”I said to h*m

“Well I only came to tell you ab©vt th£ flight your wife booked th*s mor. ……..”

“What dId you say ?”I asked

” I said that your wife asked me to book h*r a flight for th£ island, I thought you knew” h£ replied and angrily I ₱v||ed h*m by h*s shirt

“I never knew and why would you do such a th!ng with ©vt contact!ng me first?” I asked

“I thought you knew,$h£ made it clear that you knew ab©vt it that is why I booked th£ flight 0 “h£ said

“I never knew and how could $h£ leave with ©vt tell!ng me “I said

“Do you want me to book you a flight too?”h£ asked and i nodded

“And do that quickly, I need to be on that island with h*r”I said th!nk!ng of my moth*r threat which still hanged @r0vnd

A while later,I sat !n th£ first cl@ss seat while th£ plane flew right to th£ island.

I still keep on th!nk!ng ab©vt why $h£ left th£ city to go b@¢k to th£ island.

Is it because of our argument, $h£ could have wait so we can talk it ©vt, as soon as I see h*r, am go!ng to give h*r a piece of my m!nd.

As soon as we got to th£ island, th£ car drove me straight to th£ estate and i didn’t wait for th£ car to park properly before runn!ng !nto th£ house !n search of Emily .

I got to th£ study expect!ng to see my mom or my fath*r but I was surprised to see David th*re

“Oh you are b@¢k!”h£ asked

“Yes i am,have you seen my wife?”I asked

“Why did you run away and why did you come b@¢k or better yet wait, let me guess, you ran away because you could not h@ndle Th£ th£ company bankruptcy and th£n you are b@¢k for your wife?” h£ said

“Am not !n th£ mood for your nons£nse David,have you seen my wife?”I asked

“Well I saw h*r h£ad!ng to your room. Earlier” h£ said

I turned to leave but h£ ₱v||ed me b@¢k and I stared at h*m

“j√$t leave h*r alone!”h£ said

“Leave who alone?”I asked gett!ng pissed off by h*s reaction

“$h£ is distress as it is, I knew some th!ng would have happened for h*r to come b@¢k to th£ island with ©vt you and see!ng you th*s way Clearly proves my thought”h£ said

“Th!nk what ever you want, right now, I have to speak to my wife”I said as I turned to leave aga!n

“Don’t hurt h*r Cade, leave h*r while you can now?”h£ said

“j√$t shut up and m!nd your Bus!ness,whatever happens b£tweeΠ my wife and I will keep on stay!ng b£tweeΠ th£ both of us , so j√$t buzz off and stop be!ng annoy!ng”I said and ₱v||ed my arm from h*m.

Quickly I took th£ stairs two at a time h£ad!ng for th£ b£d room

I got up stairs only to see Isabel and before I could walk past h*r, $h£ ₱v||ed me !nto a hug

“Is it true!is it really true?”$h£ asked

“What is true?”I asked as I ₱v||ed h*r away from me

“That you didn’t get married, that you never married that girl “$h£ asked as $h£ tried to hold me but I m©v£d away aga!n

“You are wrong I…….”

“I was happy and excited wh£n Mom told me ab©vt your fake marriage to that girl, I can’t believe that $h£ is j√$t a fake you brought h*r j√$t to make me jealous”$h£ said

“Who told you that?”I asked

“Your mom did, you do love me but you keep on act!ng like you don’t!”$h£

“No!”I said softly

“No to what?”$h£ asked

“I don’t love, I never did and if I had pretend with Emily it was to make you and our parents see that th*re can never be any th!ng b£tweeΠ us and also am now married to Emily”I said as I m©v£ past h*r

“Married to h*r?”$h£ asked as $h£ h£ld my h@nd

“Is it for real now?”$h£ asked with tears !n h*r eyes

“It’s for real, I married Emily yesterday, we are now man and wife, no m©r£ pretence, I suggest you look for some one who will make you happy,Am not that person”I said as I ₱v||ed away from h*r and ran all th£ way to th£ b£d room but I didn’t see h*r th*re !nstead my mom was th£ one th*re

“Why are you h*re?”I asked

“Wait!ng for you of course?”
“Wh*re is my wife?”I asked

“How would I know,I never saw any one wh£n I came !n h*re”$h£ replied

“Mom stop mess!ng with me and tell me wh*re my wife is?”

“Well I saw h*r by th£ fields j√$t now”$h£ said I breath£ !n relief

“What! Did you th!nk i had h*r kidnapped or killed?”$h£ asked

“You could have done that, don’t try to act like a sa!nt”I said turn!ng to leave

“Wh*re are you go!ng?we have not f!nish talk!ng” $h£ said

“Well am done with you and I still need to f!nd my wife”I said

“If you leave th*s room th£n that girl dies”$h£ said and that made me stop

“What ?”

“You h£ard me, if you leave th£n I will have h*r killed right on th*s island”$h£ said

“You wouldn’t dare?”

“Try me, I have noth!ng to lose, if $h£ dies, it will be better for us all, most especially me, I did most of it, I covered up how you raped h*r, I killed h*r real mom and I tried to get rid of h*r too but it seems like $h£ doesn’t want to die “$h£ said

“Haven’t you done enough mom!am regrett!ng what I did to h*r, I still regret it, don’t you even feel remorseful?”I asked

“Never, have never felt any remorse towards h*r or h*r moth*r, Rach£al and h*r mom were fortune hunters, th£y tried to steal your fath*r love from me and also tried to be a Part of th£ !nh*ritance that should have been for you and Isabel, th£y had to die and if I were to do it aga!n, If I had th£ opportunity right !n front of me, I would certa!nly do it aga!n”$h£ Said a bit hysterical

“Th£n you have no choice mom, You will have to p@ss through me before you touch Emily , I won’t let you hurt h*r aga!n”I said

“Says h*r knight !n sh!n!ng armour,you really are a fool, don’t you know that once $h£ remembers, it’s prison for you and death for me”$h£ yelled

“I know and that is why $h£ will never remember, I won’t let h*r,I will start a new life with h*r away from th*s place,wh*re it all began”h£ said

“Don’t do that Cade, don’t take h*r far away, !nstead let us kill h*r, let’s f!nish h*r once and for all, $h£ has to die for us to live !n peace”$h£ said

“If you have been liv!ng !n peace for th£ past ten years,I haven’t been,so it wont be a new th!ng to me, I will only say it once mom, don’t touch Emily, leave h*r alone”I said and left th£ room.

I got to th£ field !n search of Emily and I found no one th*re.

But th£n I saw th£ lights !n th£ house And i knew that $h£ was th£ one th*re.

I ran q to th£ house and I found h*r sitt!ng on a dusty chair.

“Why are you h*re Emily ?”I asked and $h£ looked up at me to give me a smile

“I came to see th£ house, have always wanted to see it”$h£ said

“It’s not a place that you should be !n, now that you have $@t!$fy your curiousity, let’s get ©vt of h*re”I said go!ng to h*r to ₱v|| h*r ©vt but $h£ m©v£d away from me


“Is it so easy for you?”$h£ asked suddenly

“What are you say!ng,let’s j√$t go?”I said walk!ng to h*r but $h£ m©v£d away from me !n fright s¢r**m!ng furiously………..


“Emily ?”

“Stay away from me Cade”$h£ said


“I said stay away you rappist……………..”$h£ yelled and I stared at h*r !n shock. $h£ have f!nally remember th£ truth.


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