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Chapter 5

By : Kebby NG

I woke up feel!ng bad.I had slept late last night because I kept on th!nk!ng ab©vt what to do.

Wh£n my mom had been conf!ned !n th£ hospital, need!ng a large fee for th£ surgery, I didn’t know who to go to for h£lp.

But Rose had offered me h£lp and $h£ had made it clear to me that $h£ will get th£ money from me wh£n I can pay !n fvll.

If I hadn’t been pay!ng for th£ house bills and all,I wouldn’t be !n th*s predicament.

I would have paid h*r th£ money I owed h*r.

Rose can be very scary wh£n it comes to gett!ng h*r money from someone.

Have seen h*r be!ng ruthless to someone j√$t because th£ person couldn’t pay h*r b@¢k.

I won’t be an exception ,I thought as I used th£ covers to cover myself.

j√$t th£n th£ door opened and my mom ru$h£d !n.

“Emily, you have got to see th*s”$h£ said as $h£ gave me a $h£et of paper.

I took it from h*r and wh£n I read it,I stared at h*r aga!n.

“Eviction notice? But how come?”I asked

“That’s what I want to ask you too,haven’t we been pay!ng our house bills?”$h£ asked

“Of course we have! I j√$t paid h*r last month”I said

“Th£n we ought to pay h*r a visit,What’s with th*s sudden eviction notice?”$h£ said angrily

“No mom don’t! I will go to h*r myself,Let me talk to h*r myself” I said

“But why don’t you want me to come with you?”$h£ asked

“I have to talk to h*r alone,let me face h*r myself”I said as I got ©vt of b£d.

Quickly I changed !nto a short Jean and !nto an orange crop top.Brush!ng my disarrayed hair,I left th£ house and went !nto th£ house of our landlady.

It wasn’t that far and so $h£ and I got th*re quite quickly.

I knocked severally before $h£ f!nally answered.

“Oh! it’s you?”$h£ said

“Yes it’s me? What’s th*s eviction notice?”I asked

“It’s what it is, i want you ©vt of my house as soon as possible”$h£ said

“But that’s not right,we never owe you money for rent and you j√$t can’t evict us with©vt proper warn!ng !”I said

“Well, I have given you th£ proper warn!ng you need, Have given you two days’ warn!ng,So if I were you,I would start pack!ng,”$h£ said.

“We aren’t go!ng to leave,I pay you every month, have never owed you a cent !n my life,you don’t have th£ right to kick us ©vt”I said

“Well if you choose not to leave th£n so be it, once th£ new owner of th£ house arrives, you will surely be thrown ©vt”$h£ said.

“You sold our house?”I asked shocked by h*r news

“Yes I sold it and th£ owner wants immediate eviction”

“Who? Who did you sell it to, give me h*s or h*r number and let me speak to th£m”I said

“Do you really th!nk I will do that? Well am sorry, i won’t be giv!ng you any number”$h£ said

“Madam N!na! You can’t do th*s to us, you j√$t can’t evict us”I said !n frustration.

“We can and we will, Madam Rose made me promise h*r that I will………..”$h£ stopped wh£n $h£ realised h*r mistake.

“Madam Rose?”I asked

“It’s not what I meant to say”$h£ denied quickly

“My boss bought our house from you?”I asked aga!n.

“Look, all I can tell you is to vacate soon or else you will regret it”$h£ said and went b@¢k !nto h*r house.

Feel!ng sad,I began to h£ad home.

Rose had bought th£ house and it’s all for me to choose !n h£lp!ng h*r get th£ contract or !n return!ng h*r money b@¢k to h*r.

I would rath*r die than to go b@¢k to that horrible man, I thought.

Turn!ng to th£ oth*r street,I went to th£ nearest ATM mach!ne and withdrew all of my sav!ngs.

Even though it’s not all that I owe Rose,I will give h*r th£se and ask h*r to give us m©r£ time,I thought as I h£aded b@¢k home.

“Mom I’m home”I said as I opened th£ door with my own Key and walked !nto our own house.

“Come !n my child”I h£ard h*r call from th£ kitch£n.

“You have a guest”$h£ called ©vt aga!n and I knew that it must be Gracie or Mich£al.


were th£ only friends I have !n th£ city, we three went to college togeth*r and we also got a job !n th£ same company but that will end now cause I plan to resign from Rose company.
I walked furth*r !n only to stop !n my tracks wh£n I saw who th£ visitor was.

It was none oth*r than Cade Callaghan h*mself.

“h*re is your visitor my child, h£ says h£ is a very good friend of yours that was why I let h*m !n”my mom said as $h£ served h*m h*s tea

“Really ! It’s a surprise to see you h*re Mr Callaghan”I said as I went to sit on one of th£ empty chairs.

“I had to come see you, we still have to talk ab©vt th£ conversation we were hav!ng yesterday”h£ said

“But have f!ni$h£d discuss!ng it with you”I said

“But I haven’t that is why I came h*re to see you”h£ said

“I would leave you two alone,once you are done my dear,Come tell me what happened with th£ eviction notice”$h£ said as $h£ walked off..

“Eviction? Are th£y evict!ng you!”h£ asked

“It’s none of your bus!ness,Common we are go!ng to speak somewh*re else” I said as I ₱v||ed h*m by h*s h@nds and went ©vtside with h*m.

As soon as I got ©vtside I dropped h*s h@nd and gave h*m an angry glare

“Why th£ h£.ll are you h*re?”

“To see you!”


“To know if you have changed your m!nd”

“Look Mr Callaghan I told you what my decision was yesterday and I won’t change my m!nd”

“Not even wh£n you are gett!ng evicted?”

“I told you it’s none of your bus!ness”I said

“But I can make it my bus!ness, I can h£lp you Emily , j√$t accept my deal and what ever you want will be yours” h£ said

“No! No Mr Callaghan,I won’t do it”I said


Why do you even want me to do it, am not !n your Caliber,am not one of those brunette you take @r0vnd,Can’t you even choose th£m “I yelled at h*m
“That’s because I f!nd you !ntrigu!ng and you are th£ only girl who haven’t jump on me for my money,You will make a perfect bride for me and you will do th£ part easily”h£ said

“j√$t accept my deal Emily and all your problems will be solved,I promise you that!”h£ said, hav!ng a mischievous look on h*s face.

“I can’t do it, it’s aga!nst my pr!nciple, you ly!ng to your parents is someth!ng easy for you but I won’t be able to look at th£ir faces and pretend right through”I said

“Am not ask!ng you to do th*s for a lifetime Emily, it’s j√$t for th£ time that I will be return!ng to my island”h£ said

“It’s still a no Mr Callaghan, have you even thought that we wouldn’t be compatible togeth*r”

“You don’t suit me and I certa!nly don’t suit you, how will we make your parents believe our lies if we can’t stand each oth*r”I f!ni$h£d

“We can start from somewh*re Emily, we can start by gett!ng to know each oth*r and am sure that we will ₱v|| it off togeth*r”h£ said

“Mr Callaghan……..”

“j√$t call me Cade, am already address!ng you by your first name, can’t you do th£ same with me”h£ asked

“We aren’t that close for me to address you by your name”I said

“But we can be if only you will agree”h£ said

“Look Mr Callaghan, Am not one of those bimbo that you do your dirty stuff with ……..”

“And that’s th£ ma!n reason why I chose you Emily, I want you to be my pretend bride, We won’t have to get married, we will j√$t pretend to th£m and am done with my bus!ness, we will return to th£ city and you will have th£ contract while I go b@¢k to liv!ng my life with my bimbo as you call it ”

“What do you say Emily?” h£ asked, wait!ng for me to give h*m an answer.

I stood th!nk!ng ab©vt h*s proposition, I j√$t had to pretend and noth!ng else, h£ wouldn’t go far with me and am sure that h£ can be a gentle man if h£ chooses to be.

And I have to th!nk ab©vt my parents be!ng evicted, th£ money I have with me will certa!nly rent us anoth*r apartment but I know that it won’t last us and I will still have Rose as a threat !n my life.


won’t stop until $h£ makes me suffer because I didn’t go with what $h£ asked me and $h£ will f!nd a way to collect h*r money !n fvll.
I stole a quick glance at Cade and saw h*m watch!ng me.

Should I j√$t accept h*s deal, I thought as I kept on star!ng at h*m.


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