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Chapter 49 ( semi f!nal)

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“Th*s is my picture from wh£n I was graduat!ng college” $h£ said as $h£ kept on show!ng me th£ family album

“And what ab©vt th*s?”I asked wh£n I saw h*r among some guys at th£ beach

“Oh th*s had been th£ first project I had wh£n f!ni$h£d my advertis!ng course”$h£ said

“What? Your first project, what sort of project would a girl be do!ng amongst th£se guys?”I asked

“I had to h£lp th£m advertise th£ir beach, th*s is a ph°to taken wh£n we were mak!ng th£ advert”$h£ said

“I don’t like th*s at all, th£y are all male, which one of th£m hit on you?”I asked feel!ng jealous

$h£ laugh£d ©vt loud and th£n $h£ starred at me

‘”I should have known that you were jealous?”$h£ said mak!ng fun of me

“You do know that I am jealous, am so very jealous”I said

“You don’t have a reason to be jealous Cade, few of th£m asked me ©vt but I refused and do you want to know why?”$h£ asked


“Because I was wait!ng for you my love, I was wait!ng for a right man like you”$h£ said and that made me feel some how guilty.

“But am not that much of a right man”I said softly

“Why do you say so?”$h£ asked

Because am not a good guy,because my family ru!ned your life years ago ,because I rapped you and scar you for life. Am not th£ right one for you h£ can’t h£lp f@||!ng !n love with you.

“Why do you say you are not right for me?”$h£ asked mak!ng me realise that I haven’t even said any th!ng to h*r yet

“Because am not perfect,I have my own flaws Emily, don’t th!nk too high of me,I don’t deserve it”i said

“Why shouldn’t I th!nk high of you, have you ever done some th!ng bad to me or do you have a secret you are hid!ng From me?”$h£ asked suddenly.

At first I was taken ab@¢k but quickly I recovered my wits.

“Of course I don’t have any secrets to hide and i certa!nly never did any one bad”I said

“Oh! Th£n why are your h@nds shak!ng ?”$h£ asked

“It’s noth!ng, are you !nterrogat!ng me Emily?”I asked as I hid my shak!ng h@nd

“No am not, am not !nterrogat!ng you, I j√$t want you to see how much of a good guy you are, I want you to see how much I respect you for be!ng a good guy, for be!ng my perfect man”$h£ said and hugged me

“But I …………..”

“Sush………..let’s not argue ab©vt that, what we should be th!nk!ng of should be ©vt wedd!ng which will be tak!ng place today, what did you tell my parents, what did th£y say ab©vt us gett!ng married?” $h£ asked

“Noth!ng much actually, I only told th£m that we are hav!ng our wedd!ng aga!n, that we wanted to make th£m a part of it and th£y agreed and if th£y ask ab©vt my parent j√$t tell th£m that th£y are on a trip that is why th£y can’t make it”I said

“You seem to have thought of an excuse so f*st, wh£n did you th!nk of th*s?”

“On th£ plane, I didn’t want any one suspect!ng our reason”I said as $h£ stared at me

“That’s good th£n”$h£ replied and I ₱v||ed h*r to me want!ng to peck h*r but th£ knock on th£ door prevented that.

“You love birds hurry up and go and get your wedd!ng cloth£s”h*r fath*r said to us and quickly we got ©vt of th£ house and h£ad to th£ b©vtique.


“You look lovely my child”My fath*r said as I walked d©wΠ th£ stairs !n my gown

“Thanks daddy”I said as I walked to h*m and h£ gave me a peck on th£ fire h£ad

“I hope Cade will be able to ch*rish you j√$t as we have always ch*rish you “h£ said and I nodded !n agreement

I love Cade and h£ loves me, h£ will certa!nly ch*rish me j√$t as I will also ch*rish h*m

We got !nto th£ car hired by Cade and th£n h£aded to th£ church nearby.

I don’t know how Cade manage to get th£ licence and did every th!ng today,all I know is that !n a few hours,I will be married to man I love dearly.


got to th£ church and i was surprised to see some few guest at th£ church, most of th£m were my parents friends.
I walked d©wΠ th£ aisle to meet th£ man I love and so we did every th!ng required of us and wh£n th£ sign!ng ended and th£ priest pronounced us as man and wife,I felt so happy.

Some how dur!ng th£ wedd!ng I got all jittery and nervous, I kept on wonder!ng if some th!ng bad or some one will object but noth!ng happened.

While every one h£ad b@¢k to th£ house for th£ reception.

Th£ car took Cade and I to th£ house and th£ little party my parents had prepared began.

It was quite small and noth!ng luxurious like any oth*r party but I was happy,happy because I married th£ perfect guy.

It was late !n th£ even!ng wh£n th£ party ended and I left th£ house and Cade and I left for th£ h°tel.

We got b@¢k to th£ h°tel only to see that our room had been prepared for us.

“Do you like it?”h£ asked as h£ stood beh!nd me

“Yes I like it”I replied softly

“You know have been th!nk!ng ab©vt th*s? Wh*re would you like to go to for your honey moon?”h£ asked as h£ h£ld me

“Will you really take me th*re If I ask you to?”I asked

“I will take you to wh*re ever you want to go to Emily”h£ said peck!ng my ch£ek

“Th£n can we go b@¢k to th£ island?”I asked and h£ stiffened !n my arms

“Why do you want to return to th£ island?”h£ asked

“What do you mean by why?,you still have some unf!nish bus!ness to attend to and I also have th£ resort to f!nish”I said

” You don’t have to f!nish it! Grace and Mich£al will do it”h£ said


is a no Cade, you know how much th£ resort means to me,I have to be th*re to f!nish it”i said
“And I say that you aren’t go!ng b@¢k th*re, i want you to stay h*re Emily”h£ said

“But why ? Why do you want me to stay”I asked

“Because I want you h*re, I don’t th!nk I will be return!ng to th£ island, th£ bankruptcy issue is be!ng sorted ©vt and th£ advertis!ng is th£ only part left for th£ resort to be open aga!n, Am sure your colleagues will be able to h@ndle that”h£ said

“But I want to be th*re to f!nish it and I also want us to have our honey moon. Th*re” I added

“Rome, Paris, Mexico, los Angeles any oth*r place you choose and I will take you th*re but don’t ask me to take you b@¢k to th£ island”h£ said

“But why, you still haven’t given me a reason “I persisted

“It’s because your life is !n………..”h£ stopped wh£n h£ realised what h£ was ab©vt to say

“My life is !n what?”I asked

“It’s noth!ng and we aren’t go!ng b@¢k to th£ island that is my first rule as your husband”h£ said and left th£ room !n anger.



I woke up hop!ng to f!nd Emily on th£ b£d but $h£ was not th*re.

After last night argument,I returned to th£ room only to f!nd h*r asleep.

Sav!ng our discussion for th£ next day, I got ready for b£d and slept off with Emily !n my arms but wak!ng up not to see h*r makes me feel strange.

I called for th£ receptionist only for th£m to tell me that th£y h*r saw h*r h£ad!ng for th£ beach th*s morn!ng.

Feel!ng rest @ssured,I left got prepared and th£n went ©vt !n search of h*r and it was only to f!nd no one.

I began to panick , Would my mom be th£ cause of Emily disapperance? Did $h£ s£nt some one to take h*r away? I thought as I ran b@¢k to th£ h°tel.

“Have you f!nd your wife sir?” Th£ receptionist I had called earlier asked

“No I haven’t,Please call th£ police, I th!nk my wife has gone miss!ng “I said as I went to my room.


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