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Chapter 48


“Please, I don’t want h*r f!nd!ng ©vt like th*s,I want h*r to know th£ truth from me, Please don’t tell h*r th£ truth yet “I begged softly


th*s be!ng m©r£ shameless, you don’t want h*r to know th£ sort of man you are? You want h*r to keep on lov!ng th£ ba$tard who rapped h*r?”$h£ asked aga!n
“Honey take it easy !”h*r husband said but $h£ wasnt ready to listen.

For years I had to see that struggle to be b@¢k to normal.

Rach£al was j√$t a happy girl,remember right! $h£ and h*r mom always light up any wh*re th£y walked !nto with th£ir smiles but after $h£ woke up from th£ coma, it was so h@rd for h*r to smile, $h£ never smile,$h£ became a quiet child and $h£ h@rdly ever had boy friends, you want to know why? Should I tell you why?”

“It’s all because of what you did, no matter what $h£ did,if some one touch£d h*r or if th£y pecked h*r part of h*r still remember what you did,rapp!ng might be fun to th£ guys but it’s a life time scar to th£ victim “$h£ said and I knew that what $h£ is say!ng is th£ truth.

Emily have been scarred from what happened !n th£ past, that is why $h£ couldn’t Let me touch h*r, why $h£ got s¢ar£d of me and that is due to th£ scar $h£ is talk!ng ab©vt.

“I know Mrs Wilburn and I will keep on blam!ng myself until th£ day I die but don’t tell h*r now? I don’t want h*r f!nd!ng h*r ©vt th£ truth at least until I tell h*r myself, give me th£ grace to do so”I begged aga!n

“I j√$t can’t believe you……….”

“Let’s listen to h*m Erica ” Peter said


“We didn’t want Emily to remember h*r past that is why we brought h*r to live !n th£ city, why we lied to h*r and lived as h*r parent, we didn’t want h*r remember!ng h*r horrible past, you really don’t want h*r to remember now right?”h£ asked and $h£ looked uncerta!n

“Look at h*m! j√$t how many rapist will you see kneel!ng and begg!ng? How many of th£m would marry Thier victims, look!ng at h*m too,I th!nk h£ has also suffered too, am not support!ng what h£ did but h£ was young wh£n it happened and it’s been ten years ago, let’s not cause havoc by br!ng!ng it up aga!n”h*r husband added

“So what should we do now? What do you want me to do!”$h£ yelled at th£ two of us…….


I woke up due to th£ sun which came ₱0vr!ng !n through th£ w!ndow.

At first th£ room seemed unfamiliar and th£n I remembered that th*s was an h°tel.

I sat up only to see Cade sleep!ng on th£ chair !n front of me.

Why would h£ sleep h*re and not on th£ b£d,I thought as I stared at h*m.

h£ look so haggard even !n sleep, could that be because of th£ secret h£ is try!ng to keep from me, I was so unsettled after listen!ng to what h*s parents were say!ng and also know!ng that h£ is keep!ng some th!ng from me, I waited for h*m to tell me ab©vt it but still h£ didn’t, one th!ng I hate is be!ng lied to and if I were to f!nd ©vt th£ secret on my own, I will be really angry with h*m,I thought as I got ©vt of b£d and went towards h*m

“Cade! Cade wake up”I said and h£ woke up

“Why are you sleep!ng h*re? Why didn’t you sleep on th£ b£d?”I asked

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you were sleep!ng so peacefvlly that I decided to sleep on th£ chair”h£ said

“Well it’s still early !n th£ morn!ng, go to th£ b£d and have m©r£ rest,I will bath£ first”I said as I turned to leave on my for h*m to ₱v|| me b@¢k,I lost my balance and I sat d©wΠ on h*s lap

“What’s th*s Cade?”I asked

“I j√$t want you to know that no matter what I love you”h£ muttered softly

“I know that?”

“That I will give my life for you of possible”

“I know that too”I replied smil!ng

“That am sorry for every th!ng?”h£ said softly .

“Now that I don’t know?”I said

“Why are you sorry Cade?”I asked

“For every th!ng you had to go through at th£ island, am sorry for it all”h£ said

“If you are talk!ng ab©vt your family behaviour towards me, it’s okay, I get that th£y were angry ab©vt you gett!ng married, th£y wanted you for Rose, so I under stand th£m”I said as I relaxed !n h*s arms

“Will you like to get married today?”h£ asked

“What? You want us to get married today but am not ready yet and it’s too soon, we won’t have a proper wedd!ng?”I fussed

“But we love each and that should be th£ only th!ng that matter right?” h£ said

“Yes,it should be th£ only th!ng”I muttered feel!ng happy .

“So while I take you to see your parents,I will beg!n th£ preparation”h£ said.


“Why were you worried over th£ phone mom, you kept on tell!ng me to leave that island, do you know how s¢ar£d and worried have been”I asked as we all sat !n our little apartment.

“I know and am sorry, I j√$t got a bit s¢ar£d after h£ar!ng th£ name of th£ island”my mom replied

“Why? Why would you get s¢ar£d over h£ar!ng th£ name of an island?”I asked starr!ng at h*r,will!ng h*r to tell me th£ truth, j√$t by look!ng at h*r, I knew $h£ was keep!ng some th!ng from me, th£y all are! I thought as I kept on starr!ng at h*r.

“We once lived as ch£f on th£ island, b@¢k th£n th£ island was scary because people kept steal!ng and kill!ng each oth*r, your mom was devastated and that is th£ ma!n reason we left years ago and suddenly h£ar!ng that you were stay!ng th*re made h*r Remember th£ kill!ng, that was why $h£ got all hysterical”my fath*r added

“Yes my child, I got so s¢ar£d that I kept on ask!ng you to come b@¢k”$h£ said quickly

I got up and went towards th£m, ¢rov¢h!ng !n front of th£m.

“You shouldn’t be worried ab©vt that, th£ island is now good, I can @ssure you that th*re is no steal!ng or kill!ng, not now!”I said

“Yes, Emily is right! Th*re is no m©r£ kill!ng or steal!ng, you should come and see it for a while” Cade added and th£y both nodded

“Let’s stop be!ng th*s way and let’s ch£er up,I need to get some th!ng !n my room,I will be b@¢k soon”I said and went up th£ stairs.


“Was that good enough”h*r mom asked as soon as Emily left th£ room

“It was”I replied

“Let’s get some th!ng straight Cade,am not ly!ng to Emily because you asked that of me, am do!ng th*s because am s¢ar£d of see!ng h*r hurt later on, I don’t want my baby hurt any m©r£ and that is why have kept th£ truth hidden” Mrs Wilburn said

“Make sure you don’t hurt h*r and we hope that wh£n th£ time comes, you will be tell!ng h*r your self”h*r fath*r added

“I will, you don’t have to worry, some day I will tell Emily th£ truth but for now, It’s best of $h£ doesn’t know th£ truth”I said.

“Today should be a happy day, you two are gett!ng married aga!n and so we have got to prepare”h*r fath*r said smil!ng a bit.

While th£y went to prepare th£ stuff for th£ wedd!ng, I went !n search of Emily and I found h*r stand!ng by th£ w!ndow !n h*r room.

I went to h*r and h£ld h*r by th£ w@¡$t and $h£ smiled at me

“Did you tell th£m ab©vt th£ wedd!ng?”$h£ asked

“Yes I did, th£y don’t really know that th*s is our first wedd!ng, th£y th!nk it’s some th!ng we are do!ng aga!n for impulse”I said

“I know right! But I can’t tell th£m that I never got married to you, th£y will th!nk be angry and i don’t want that, now m©r£ than ever I want to marry you” $h£ said as $h£ turned !n my arms and h£ld my face

“Really! You want to marry me?’i asked

“Yes I do, I want to marry you and I want to be with you for th£ rest of my life” $h£ said aga!n and that got me smil!ng.
I kssed h*r and hugged h*r t!ght, if only $h£ knew,$h£ won’t want to spend th£ rest of h*r life with me.

Am sorry Emily! Am really sorry my love,I thought as I h£ld h*r t!ght.


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