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Chapter 43

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“What’s wrong?”I asked as I got ©vt of b£d

“Don’t come near me! Stay away! Stay away from me”$h£ kept on yell!ng

I tried to touch h*r but $h£ slapped my h@nd away.

“Stay away from me!”$h£ kept on yell!ng as $h£ scrawled away from me.

Feel!ng worried, I went after h*r and ₱v||ed h*r up and still $h£ kept on ₱vsh!ng me away

“Stay away! Please don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me!”$h£ kept on say!ng .

h*r s¢ar£d expression rem!nd me of wh£n I raped h*r years ago, $h£ had cried and begged like th*s, $h£ had called for h£lp and begged me severally but I paid no h£ed to h*r.

Th*s is my do!ng, I caused h*r to be like th*s, I caused h*r to act like th*s, th*s is some sort of trauma $h£ is suffer!ng from.

“Stay away, stay away”$h£ kept on yell!ng but I ₱v||ed h*r !nto my arms and tried to calm h*r d©wΠ.

“It’s me Emily, it’s me Cade, I won’t hurt you,I promise”I wh*spered !nto h*r ear and $h£ began to calm d©wΠ, seems like it worked, I thought as I h£ld to me.

$h£ wasnt yell!ng aga!n but !nstead $h£ was cry!ng !n my arms.

“Am sorry, am really sorry Cade” $h£ said as $h£ kept on cry!ng.

I carried h*r !nto my arms and took h*r b@¢k to th£ room. I sat d©wΠ still hold!ng h*r !n my arms.

“It’s okay”I said as I cradled h*r want!ng to take away h*r pa!n, am th£ ba$tard who did th*s to h*r, I caused h*r to be like th*s! I thought as I watch£d h*r cry.

“Am sorry that I la$h£d ©vt at you”$h£ said as $h£ buried h*r face !n my arms

“It’s okay!”I said

“It’s not okay, i don’t know why th*s th!ng always !ntrude with my love life? Each time I get close to oth*r men, I feel th*s way,like some one wants to harm me, I feel s¢ar£d and I want to hide, I don’t know what’s wrong with me Cade”

“I thought that it’s because of those men, that I get s¢ar£d because I don’t love th£m,that am not ready to give myself to any one yet but I love you right and I should be will!ng to give myself to you but I can’t, I don’t know why Cade”$h£ said cry!ng h@rder.

I felt so despicable, th*s is all my do!ng, $h£ never had a normal life even after $h£ was saved, h*r life kept on be!ng haunted by what I did.

“I never told my parents ab©vt it, I didn’t want to be worried, you are th£ first person who knows th*s”$h£ said sadly

“Should we see a specialist, some one who will can do th*s sort of th!ng, I j√$t don’t know Cade, I don’t want to be like th*s forever, I want to be able to make love to you, I want to make babies With you, I hate th*s!”$h£ said cry!ng and I ₱v||ed h*r to me, giv!ng h*r all th£ strength that I could give h*r.

If $h£ should see a specialist, h£ would certa!nly make it known to h*r that $h£ had gone through some th!ng bad or far worst, $h£ would remember and I don’t want that, I don’t want h*r to remember th£ ordeal $h£ had to go through and I don’t want h*r hat!ng me.

Life threw h*r my way aga!n, it wants me to make amends and that is what I will do, I won’t let h*r remember yet until have make amends.


I stood by th£ w!ndow !n th£ room th!nk!ng ab©vt what j√$t happened.

Have always had that ordeal to deal with, each time I get to close to men, I always hate it or I make a fuss.

Th£y have never been able to take it far with me because we never get to th£ room before it comes to haunt me.

Have never have a stable boyfriend and that is all because of th*s terrible feel!ng.

It’s like some th!ng bad happened to me and that !n a second or so, th£ guy with me might try to force h*mself on me, some times I always even beg th£m to leave me alone.


with Cade every th!ng is different, I had gotten far with h*m only for that disturb!ng feel!ng to come b@¢k.
For years I keep on wonder!ng if I was rapped or stuff, that is th£ only th!ng that can j√$tify th*s feel!ng but I doubt it.

Have always lived a $h£ltered life,I wouldn’t have been raped by any one, my parents would have told me if some th!ng like that happened right.

j√$t th£n th£ door opened and Tracy walked !n with Gracie.

“So you have been hid!ng h*re all day, common th£ crew have arrived, th£y came with all th£ necessary th!ngs and th*re are loads of h°t men amongst th£m”Gracie said and i smiled

“Th£y can be for you but for me Cade is my man, I don’t need those h°t men”I said

“I know but It won’t cause you a th!ng if you were to fl!rt a little, I bet Cade will be very jealous”$h£ said

“Flrt!ng wouldnt be that bad, common let’s go”I said as we both went ©vt.

After meet!ng th£ crew who will h£lp us with th£ resort, I found myself be!ng lured to go ©vt with Gracie,Mich£al and some of th£ guys that came to work with us on th£ resort.

Th£ car was already off wh£n I remember that I did not tell Cade ab©vt my leav!ng, well h£ will be too busy to notice my abs£nce.

It’s been so long, s!nce have been to th£ town, we explored every wh*re $h£ ch£cked ©vt every th!ng.

While th£ rest walked off, I stood b@¢k starr!ng at some watch,wonder!ng which one would suit Cade.

I was still decid!ng wh£n I noticed some one starr!ng at me.

I turned only to see crazy Lucy th*re, I m©v£d b@¢k, s¢ar£d of h*r attack!ng me like $h£ did.


will not harm you, you have been through a lot for me to do m©r£ harm”$h£ said
“What do you mean!”I asked and thought of myself as crazy, why would I be talk!ng to a crazy person.

“You will f!nd ©vt soon, that house that you are stay!ng, th£ people you are liv!ng with, th£y will make you remember”$h£ said

“What should I remember, what do I have to remember Lucy?”I asked as I m©v£d towards h*r but $h£ m©v£d away from me

“I can’t tell you m©r£,you have to remember your self”$h£ said

“Lucy wait! At least tell me , what you said that day at th£ b©vtique, ab©vt Cade be!ng evil, why did you say that?”I asked

“h£ is evil, h£ started all th*s, h£ started all of it and h£ will pay, karma will get h*m and so better watch ©vt “$h£ said and laugh ©vt hysterically before runn!ng off.

What does $h£ mean by that? Why does $h£ talk like th*s, I have to f!nd ©vt m©r£, I thought as I ran after h*r.

Through th£ busy road, I saw h*r runn!ng through a narrow street and quickly I ran after h*r.

$h£ got to a hill top and I saw h*r enter a shabby look!ng house.

I ran after h*r and wh£n I got to h*r house, I hid by th£ door wh£n I saw some one i recognise !n th£ house.

What is Cade moth*r do!ng h*re? I thought as I hid by th£ door watch!ng h*r and crazy Lucy.

“Quit with your act and tell me what you know”Cade moth*r said

“Who are you”crazy Lucy replied still act!ng crazy

“You won’t fool me that you are crazy, I know that you are not crazy, so talk to me before I do some th!ng that we will all regret”

“What do you want madam Denise”Crazy Lucy said as $h£ stopped pretend!ng

“That’s better, tell me what you know, you were th*re that night! You were th£ one who told me that if some one f@|| off that cliff, th£y wouldn’t survive but am doubt!ng that now, recently I saw a girl who has th£ same birth mark as that child”$h£ said

“$h£ couldn’t have survived, I told you that if some one was to f@|| off that cliff, th£y can’t survive and I went th*re to ch£ck on h*r, $h£ died okay, $h£ died”Lucy replied


h*r b©dy was never found “Cade moth*r said
“Well I don’t know how that happen,All I ………..”

$h£ couldn’t complete h*r word because Cade’s moth*r ₱v||ed h*r by h*r cloth£ and ₱vsh h*r to th£ wall.

“I hope you are tell!ng me th£ truth Lucy, that girl should be dead,if $h£ is alive th£n you better count yourself dead too” $h£ said and I was shocked by h£ar!ng h*r talk of kill!ng some one.

“Keep on with your craz!ness and keep on keep!ng your m©vth shut as you have done for ten years”$h£ said tapp!ng Lucy Ch£ek and began to h£ad ©vt.

Quickly I went to hide at th£ b@¢k of th£ house and I watch£d Cade mom walk off.

Who is th*s girl that th£y are talk!ng ab©vt and why is Lucy act!ng crazy wh£n !nfact $h£ is well? I thought.


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