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Chapter 4

I should have known that th*re would be a condition for h*m giv!ng us a second chance.

After all h£ is someone who doesn’t ₱|@y fair, h£ will ₱|@y dirty j√$t as long as it will benefit h*m.

“What do you want !n exchange for us gett!ng anoth*r chance from you?”I asked.

“You h£ard my conversation with my mom right?”h£ asked

” Well not all of it”I said and h£ started not believ!ng th£ response I j√$t gave h*m.

“F!ne,I h£ard a bit, from what I can understand you have someone you love and want to marry “I said and h£ smiled.

“j√$t as I managed to fool my mom,I managed to fool you too?”h£ said, hav!ng a happy look on h*s face.

“So you don’t love any one ?”I asked.

“Am someone who doesn’t believe !n love and I don’t th!nk I will ever believe !n it ” h£ said.

“So why did you lie to your mom?”I asked

“You see my mom divorced my dad and got married to James Drake, h£ took ¢ar£ of me and treated me like h*s own son, h£ did me a h*g£ Favour !n th£ past, I won’t go !nto th£ detail, but h£ did me a h*g£ favour,I never thought that h£ would want some th!ng !n exchange for it”

“What does h£ want !n exchange?”I asked

“h£ has a daughter, Isabel Drake, we both grew up togeth*r and have always considered h*r as th£ little sister I never had”

“And???”I urged h*m, want!ng to know m©r£.

” Well h£ wants me to marry Isabel, while I was still stay!ng on th£ island, th£y managed to persuade me to get engaged to h*r and know!ng that th£y won’t give up until I do what th£y want, i decided to get engaged to h*r but th£y started with th£ir persuasion aga!n, th£y wanted me to Marry h*r and that is someth!ng I will never do, engaged to h*r I might agree but marriage to h*r is a no no for me”

“A problem occurred h*re !n th£ capital city and so I had to return, I haven’t gone b@¢k to th£ island for th£ past three years”

“Th£ call I received today was for me to go b@¢k and marry h*r but I don’t want that” h£ f!ni$h£d

“And that was why you lied to your mom “I asked

“Not really a lie,”h£ said suddenly.

“What do you plan to do and what does all th*s have to do with us gett!ng th£ contract?”I asked.

“You see I need someone who will pretend to be my wife, who will come with me to th£ island and live with me until I conv!nce my family that I am better off with©vt Isabel ”h£ said.

“And? Do you need me to f!nd someone for you? Cause let me tell you now that I don’t ha…….”

“You will do”h£ said that I stopped what i was say!ng to stare at h*m


“I said you will do,I will rath*r have you as my pretend bride than to have anyone else and besides you need th£ contract Right, j√$t decide to be my pretend bride and I will give you th£ contract and if you behave well I might put m©r£ contract your way”h£ said giv!ng me a $h£epish gr!n.

I j√$t can’t believe what h£ is say!ng to me,I thought as I stared at h*m.

“So what do you say Emily! will you accept my deal” h£ asked

“Not !n your life”I said as I stood up.

“You really will decl!ne?”h£ asked

“Of course I will,I won’t let myself be drawn !nto th*s crazy sch£me of yours, If you don’t want to marry h*r th£n tell your family, why go through all th£se j√$t to lie to th£m?”I asked.

“You are not h*re to question me Emily , j√$t tell me if you agree or not”h£ said

“I do not agree, am not go!ng to do what you ask me and I suggest you get one of those brunettes to do it, th£y will be will!ng to do it for you”I said as I picked up my bag and began to h£ad ©vt.

I would have gotten ©vt of h*s office if h£ hadn’t stopped me.

“Am I giv!ng you a chance and you are throw!ng it away?” h£ asked.

“If it has to do with me ly!ng and be!ng close to you, th£n I will p@ss”I said

“What’s so bad with be!ng close to me, what do you even th!nk of me? ” h£ asked as h£ put h*s b@¢k aga!nst th£ door, obstruct!ng me from leav!ng.

“You really don’t want to know what I th!nk of you,” I said coolly.

“You made it clear to me wh£n we were ©vtside your company”h£ said.

“And you th!nk that’s all, right?”I asked.

“Don’t tell me th*re is still m©r£ to know,” h£ asked.

“Th*re is and it doesn’t matter, I won’t waste my time tell!ng you what I th!nk of you, it certa!nly wouldn’t make you change and so it’s better that I j√$t leave”I said.

“You will leave know!ng that you can get your company th*s contract?” h£ asked.

“If my boss and colleagues f!nd ©vt th£ dirty deal you are mak!ng with me j√$t so we can get th£ contract, th£y will certa!nly support me and so it’s better you tick me off your list and start look!ng for a bimbo to get your work done for you” I said and h*s expression changed immediately.

“You will really regret your action “h£ said to me.

” I won’t regret it and I wish you luck on f!nd!ng a girl that will ₱|@y your Dirty role and if you keep on search!ng and still can’t f!nd a bimbo, give me a call, I will connect you with a guy who deals with bimbo as th£ir ……….”

“j√$t get ©vt of my office!!” h£ yelled at me and I smiled know!ng that I had pissed h*m off.

“Goodbye Mr Callaghan” I said and left h*s office.


“What !You couldn’t get it? But you said you will do your best”Rose said as $h£ walked @r0vnd h*r office.

“I did, i even went to h*s company but h£ still wouldn’t give us a chance”I said remember!ng th£ dirty deal h£ made with me.

“Th*s can’t be! h£ was my only hope”$h£ said, look!ng so desperate.

“h£ is not th£ only rich company, can’t we get anoth*r one, anoth*r company that will appreciate our work?”I asked.

“No one wants an upcom!ng company, h£ is th£ only one that accepted us and we need h*s contract or else we will go bankrupt”$h£ said.

“What? But how come” I asked.

“I used a lot of money and I don’t know how to pay it b@¢k, th£ contract was what I needed”$h£ said.

“And now that we don’t have th£ contract , how will you pay th£ money you owe?”I asked

“You will do someth!ng okay,You owe me that much Emily ” $h£ said suddenly.


“Have you forgotten that I payed for your mom’s hospital bill, you still haven’t paid me b@¢k and I want that money now!”$h£ said

“But you said I can pay that money any time”I returned coolly.

“Well I want it b@¢k and I want it tomorrow, give me b@¢k my money or you f!nd a way to get th£ Callaghan contract” $h£ said.

“You are be!ng an unfair rose?” I said

“What ever,I need to live even if th*s company f@||s apart , so you need to get me what I want or else I will make sure you regret ever borrow!ng money from me, you know how I am wh£n it comes to gett!ng an unpaid debt, so it’s better that you th!nk of ways to get us th£ contract or I get my money from you !n fvll” $h£ f!ni$h£d

“You are cruel!”I said and left th£ office !n anger.

Wh*re would I get a large sum of money for Mrs Rose,I thought as I went home look!ng moody and worried.

“My child you are b@¢k early”my mom said as I walked !nto th£ house.

“We got released early”I said as I took off my coat

“You look a bit worried or so !”my mom said as $h£ came to me.

“It’s noth!ng mom”I said as I went to my room.

Gett!ng mom !nvolved with my problem will only make h*r feel sad and so it’s eith*r I accept Cade deal or I f!nd a way to pay for th£ rose which is someth!ng I can’t do right away because I don’t have a lot of money with me.

What am I go!ng to do? What should I do to get myself ©vt of th*s mess, I thought as sleep f!nally took over.


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